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February 24, 2010

Alfred Naujocks and the start of World War II

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Who started World War II?  Well duh!  Germany started World War II, of course.  How could anyone not know that?  It was proved at Nuremberg, for Christ’s sakes.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the Nuremberg trials:

The first and best known of these trials was the Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal (IMT), which tried 22 of the most important captured leaders of Nazi Germany. Testimony was given from November 21, 1945 to October 1, 1946.

Note the date that testimony began: November 21, 1945

One of the charges against the “major war criminals” was Crimes against Peace, a new crime that had been made up by the Allies. The most serious Crime against Peace committed by the German war criminals was the unprovoked attack on Poland on September 1, 1939.

On the day of the attack, Hitler had gone on the radio in Berlin at 8 a.m. and said, “Since 5:45 a.m., we’ve been shooting back.”

What in the hell was he talking about?  Shooting back?  It was the Germans who fired the first shots.  Or was it?  This was something that had to be cleared up before the Nuremberg trial began.

Alfred Naujocks – German traitor in World War II

On November 20, 1945, a German traitor named Alfred Naujocks signed an affidavit in which he told all about how he had helped to perpetrate a fake attack on a radio station in Gleiwitz, a town on the German border with Poland. According to Naujocks, the Germans had staged this fake attack in order to have an excuse for starting World War II.

Naujocks had turned himself in to the Allies in October 1944. He was held in prison as a potential war criminal until World War II ended; then he was released.  Apparently no one thought about getting his story in writing in a sworn affidavit until just the day before testimony in the trial began.  Considering that Naujocks was a traitor who defected and went over to the side of the enemy, how much is his affidavit worth? Did he even write this affidavit himself?

There were 21 similar border incidents the night before the Germans attacked Poland, according to Wikipedia.  Were these incidents all faked?

The German people are famous for planning everything carefully; they leave nothing to chance.  You see, the Nazis anticipated that, in case they lost the war, the Allies might make up an ex post facto law called Crimes against Peace, so they wanted to be prepared to  prove that it was really Poland that had started the war by attacking a radio station the night before.

That’s why the Germans faked an attack by dressing up an inmate from a Nazi concentration camp in civilian clothes and planting his dead body outside the radio station while several Germans, dressed in Polish uniforms, went inside the station and terrorized the staff before one of them made a 3 minute speech in Polish over the radio.  The concentration camp prisoner had first been given a lethal injection to make sure that he didn’t survive, and was then shot several times.

Sorry, but I don’t buy this preposterous story.

What was the dead guy’s name? Is there a record of him being registered at any of the concentration camps? The attackers were wearing Polish uniforms, so why didn’t the Germans put a Polish uniform on the dead guy? Was this just an innocent bystander who was killed by real Polish soldiers when they attacked the radio station?

Of course, Naujocks never took the witness stand at Nuremberg, so he was never cross examined by the defense.  There were only 33 witnesses for the prosecution at the IMT; most of the testimony was by affidavit only, giving the defense no chance to cross examine.

The following quote is from the Nuremberg transcripts on December 20, 1945 when the Naujocks affidavit was read in court by prosecution attorney, Col. Story. Notice the date of the affidavit signed by Naujocks – November 20, 1945 – the day before testimony at the war crimes trial started.


I now offer in evidence Document 2751-PS, which is Exhibit USA-482. It is an affidavit of Alfred Helmut Naujocks, dated November 20, 1945. This affidavit particularly refers to the actual occurrences in connection with the Polish border incident. I believe it was referred to by the Witness Lahousen when he was on the stand:

“I, Alfred Helmut Naujocks, being first duly sworn, depose and state as follows:

“1. I was a member of the SS from 1931 to 19 October 1944 and a member of the SD from its creation in 1934 to January 1941. I served as a member of the Waffen-SS from February 1941 until the middle of 1942. Later I served in the Economics Department of the Military Administration of Belgium from September 1942 to September 1944. I surrendered to the Allies on 19 October 1944.

“2. On or about 10 August 1939 the Chief of the Sipo and SD, Heydrich, personally ordered me to simulate an attack on the radio station near Gleiwitz, near the Polish border, and to make it appear that the attacking force consisted of Poles. Heydrich said: ‘Actual proof of these attacks of the Poles is needed for the foreign press, as well as for German propaganda purposes.’ I was directed to go to Gleiwitz with five or six SD men and wait there until I received a code word from Heydrich indicating that the attack should take place.

My instructions were to seize the radio station and to hold it long enough to permit a Polish-speaking German, who would be put at my disposal, to broadcast a speech in Polish. Heydrich told me that this speech should state that the time had come for the conflict between the Germans and the Poles and that the Poles should get together and strike down any Germans from whom they met resistance. Heydrich also told me at this time that he expected an attack on Poland by Germany in a few days.

“3. I went to Gleiwitz and waited there a fortnight. Then I requested permission of Heydrich to return to Berlin but was told to stay in Gleiwitz. Between the 25th and 31st of August I went to see Heinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo, who was then nearby at Oppeln. In my presence Muller discussed with a man named Mehlhorn plans for another border incident, in which it should be made to appear that Polish soldiers were attacking German troops …. Germans in the approximate strength of a company were to be used. Muller stated that he had 12 or 13 condemned criminals who were to be dressed in Polish uniforms and left dead on the ground at the scene of the incident to show that they had been killed while attacking. For this purpose they were to be given fatal injections by a doctor employed by Heydrich. Then they were also to be given gunshot wounds. After the assault members of the press and other persons were to be taken to the spot of the incident. A police report was subsequently to be prepared.

“4. Muller told me that he had an order from Heydrich to make one of those criminals available to me for the action at Gleiwitz. The code name by which he referred to these criminals was ‘Canned Goods.’

“5. The incident at Gleiwitz in which I participated was carried out on the evening preceding the German attack on Poland. As I recall, war broke out on the 1st of September 1939. At noon on the 31st of August I received by telephone from Heydrich the code word for the attack which was to take place at 8 o’clock that evening. Heydrich said, ‘In order to carry out this attack, report to Muller for “Canned Goods.”‘ I did this and gave Muller instructions to deliver the man near the radio station. I received this man and had him laid down at the entrance to the station. He was alive, but he was completely unconscious. I tried to open his eyes. I could not recognize by his eyes that he was alive, only by his breathing. I did not see the shot wounds, but a lot of blood was smeared across his face. He was in civilian clothes.

“6. We seized the radio station as ordered, broadcast a speech of 3 to 4 minutes over an emergency transmitter, fired some pistol shots, and left.”

And then “sworn to and subscribed to before Lieutenant Martin”.


The following quote is from the transcripts of the Nuremberg IMT on August 27, 1946 when Dr. Hans Gawlik spoke for the defense:

DR. HANS GAWLIK (Counsel for the SD):

I shall now turn to Section B: Crimes against Peace (Statement of Evidence V of the English trial brief against the Gestapo and SD).

As a crime against peace the SD is accused of having staged so-called border incidents before the outbreak of the war to give Hitler an excuse for starting the war. The Prosecution, however, referred to only one border incident in which the SD is alleged to have participated. That is the alleged attack on the Gleiwitz radio station.

In this connection the Prosecution made reference to the affidavit of Alfred Naujocks of 20 November 1945. This is Prosecution Document 2751-PS. The deponent of Document 2751-PS, Alfred Naujocks, was heard before the Commission. On that occasion he declared that the execution of the attack on the Gleiwitz radio station was not included in the aims and purposes of Aemter III and VI.

The witness further testified that no sections of Aemter III and VI were used for the execution of that border incident in Gleiwitz and that the men who with him attacked the Gleiwitz station did not belong to the SD, Amt III.

The witness also stated that by the term “SD men” in his affidavit of 20 November 1945 he did not mean the members of any definite office of the RSHA; but common usage of the term “SD men” referred to RSHA members of all offices which were subordinate to Heydrich.

The witness further stated that he was charged with the execution of the border incident at Gleiwitz, not because he belonged to Amt VI and worked there, but that exclusively personal reasons were responsible for that decision. The witness testified that on the basis of the conversation he had had with Heydrich he had gained the impression that Heydrich would have given him that assignment even if he had not been a member of Amt VI and the SS. The order for the execution of this assignment reached the witness Naujocks not through the official channels of the chiefs of Aemter III or VI. The chiefs of Aemter III and VI had no knowledge of this action.

The members of the SD, Amt III and Amt VI, had no knowledge that the attack was carried out by Naujocks, a member of Amt VI. Particularly the members of the SD-Leitabschnitt which was in charge of Gleiwitz, and the outpost of the SD, had no knowledge of this activity and could not have had, because Naujocks had been forbidden to get in touch with any members of the SD whatsoever in that territory.

The statements of this witness have been reaffirmed by the witness Somman and through Affidavit Number SD-11, deposed by Dr. Marx.

I also submitted 215 affidavits for the office of the RSHA as well as for all territories of the SD-Leitabschnitte and the SD-Abschnitte, particularly for those situated in the regions of Katowice, Danzig, and Saxony. Those affidavits testify that the members of the SD during the critical time had no knowledge of the faked border incidents or the participation of the SD in them.


  1. So this guy rolls,becomes witness number one for the prosecution and is never charged with things he could’ve been charged with. Prosecution will do what they have to so they can win. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why Stalin was never hauled into court. When they attacked Poland the war had already started. If that’s the case then why would they attack Poland . They weren’t fighting with Germany . I thought hitler and Stalin already had a prior arrangement about Poland . Wouldn’t that make that a conspiracy of sorts. If I understand the meaning of crimes against peace,then Russia should be thrown in there too. This still don’t make good sense.

    Comment by Tim — June 14, 2015 @ 2:25 pm

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  9. “After the Polish declaration of war on Germany at 0.00 hours on September one the Polish state radio in Warsaw in a special announcement stated that Polish forces had opened fire along many points of the border with Germany and “We are on a victorious march to Berlin and will be there by the end of the week. German troops are retreating in disorder.”

    Is this true? Never heard this before.

    Comment by Kageki — April 24, 2011 @ 8:51 am

  10. The joke at Nuremberg needs to be seen in its historic perspective. The tribunal was obliged to follow a list of 28 articles.
    Atricle 19:

    The normal technical rules of evidence need not apply!!!

    Article 21:

    Proof of facts presented is not required if the judges deem it to be of “Probitive Value”

    Probitive value can only really be assessed after strict adherence to the rules of evidence and cross examination to test the testimony.

    The “Trials of Nuremberg” was nothing more than a pathetic, sadistic and tragic joke perpetrated on a defeated nation purely for propaganda purposes.

    Under rules such as theese a eunoch could be found guilty of impregnating every Tabby cat in the neighbourhood.

    The mass murder of 40,000 Poles comprising intellectuals, dissidents and Military Officers in the Katyn Forrest was blamed on the “naughty” Nazis.

    When the Soviet Union fell the KGB files revealed that the Katyn mass murders were carried out by the KGB’s predecessors, the NKVD. The Nazi Regime were innocent of the crime.

    Comment by Joseph Garrick — January 22, 2011 @ 7:50 am

  11. Neither Hitler nor any other official made use of the Gleiwitz incident to vindicate the attack on Poland. The attack came after a very long period of peaceful negotiations and dozens of German suggestions how the issue of the German minority in Poland could be settled peacefully. Hitler went even so far to acknowledge, even guarantee (!!) the Polish borderlines which had implicated a conflict with Soviet Russia. No other politician of the Weimar republic had ever made such proposals!

    If Naujock’s narrative would be based on facts, Hitler would have used it in his speech on Sept 1st. It was however no need to mention one single Polish attack. Dozens were perpetrated by the Poles between March 1939 and September.

    Poland’s militia had robbed vast areas of German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian , Belorussian and Cek territory AFTER the armistice in 1918, when a German army had already dissolved and the Russian armies were engaged in their civil war. The ethnic Poles were only some 50% in their state. The minorities (majorities in their area) were treated terribly by Poland, eg, 75% of the German minority was forced to leave their farms and villages and livelyhood 1918-1939.
    The atrocities against the German minority reached peaks unknown before in March 1939. Germas had to flee into the woods, alone 70.000 reached Germany and were brought to camps. How many fled to friends or relatives is not known.
    The Polish military shot with live ammunition at the Germans crossing the frontier and killed lots of them. Polish artillery shot at German (civilian) aircrafts heading to East Prussia. The Poles had prepared lists of all ethnic Germans and started to kill them in the first days of September 1939.

    Everybody in Germany and in Europe knew about these facts. Any additional false flag operation would not have been senseful.

    Comment by Dr. Gunther Kümel — January 21, 2011 @ 1:54 am

  12. There is an analysis of Hitler’s & F D Roosevelt’s economics + banking system and why these two men were in war, which was not necessary for their nations, on:

    Other reasons for WW 2: The plan of the Vatican ws modified accordingly: “The hegemony of Protestant Prussia had to be prevented——–, a Reich had to be reconstituted in which the Catholics would be masters.——To achieve this the polish people had to get involved into a war. The Polish Catholic church cultivated deadly hate against Germans during the pre-1939 years— Read it on:

    Comment by Front Messenger — January 20, 2011 @ 6:45 pm

  13. England certainly did not demand the withdrawl of Soviet Troups from Poland to make peace. They even did not declare war against the USSR. Furthermore many Germans were forced to sign affidavits and give testimony against other Nazis. See evidence to this on:
    Russia accused Poland if starting second World War on:
    Further reading to this:
    9/11 Revisionism + Just another Yankee, on:

    Between the WW’s + Genetics – Appeasement-Matters, on:

    Comment by Front Messenger — January 19, 2011 @ 9:54 pm

  14. Alfred Naujocks was not a traitor.
    He, like Hermann Esser, loved Hitler. But unlike Esser, Naujocks lived the life of the Nazi adventurer. Depicting Naujocks as a traitor would be like saying that anyone who bails out of a burning car in a traitor to the driver. The war was lost. Even Hitler knew that. He let Speer leave unharmed. It is abundantly clear that Naujocks was a patriot up until the end. Perhaps the end of his choosing, but certainly the end. For a man like Naujocks suicide was never an option. Only escape.

    Comment by Brendan — December 17, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

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  17. There is a video on the pretext of world war ii available on the net. It can be downloaded and reviewed here:

    Comment by Hektor — August 19, 2010 @ 10:26 am

  18. Yes,
    The Naujocks testimony is a hoax and I am happy to see that more and more people are not buying it anymore.
    I watched Alex Jones’ movie just this evening and he repeats the old story about “Operation Himmler”, which he probably had learned in high school.
    “On or about 10 August 1939 the Chief of the Sipo and SD, Heydrich, personally ordered me to simulate an attack on the radio station near Gleiwitz..Heydrich also told me at this time that he expected an attack on Poland by Germany in a few days…I went to Gleiwitz and waited there a fortnight”. The hoax is being revealed right here. The American interrogator “Lieutenant Martin” would not use the word “fortnight” or two weeks. The 99% of Americans don’t even know what it means. Also, Heydrich would not have an authority to stage some border incidents before Ribbentrop-Molotov pact would even being considered and was signed on 08/23/1939. A week later than Naujocks’ “fortnight” staying in Gleiwitz. At that time not only Heydrich, but even Hitler couldn’t know if the war would even happen, or agreement between the world powers could be reached. Russian-British-French negotiations were broken on 08/19/39 after the western powers played mind games. Their goal was to make Germany and USSR to fight each other, but Ribbentrop flew to Moscow and made an agreement with Russia. Naujocks or even Heydrich couldn’t know that would happen.
    SS Gruppenfueher Mueller offered 12-13 criminals in Polish uniforms and instead, brought only one in civilian clothes?
    And where are the pictures of that guy? Where are those newspapers and newsreels, which would support the claim of the German false flag operation? None of them ever existed.

    Comment by Gasan — April 13, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

  19. This actual war that took place was the Polish-German war and it was not the outbreak of WW2 as an act of intention especially by Germany. Anyone whom has studied the Versailles Treaty of 1919 and the persecution since then of ethnic Germans inside this newly created Poland could see this coming like a major thunderstorm. Those whom were looking for an excuse for war at that time were Britain and France whom were specifically selective in their declaration of war against specifically Germany. They had promised to come to Poland’s aid yet for some reason the USSR’s invasion of Poland did not apply. Hmmm therefore those whom declare open war must take responsibility for starting it.

    Comment by Sean — February 25, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

  20. Is the entire radio station “false-flag” that people continue to believe was perpetrated by the Germans really based solely on the testimony of that one man: Alfred Naujocks, who had been in Allied custody since Oct. 1944?!

    What a revelation. Please tell me what Aemter III and VI stand for. I guess they are departments in the SD?

    Comment by carolyn — February 24, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

    • Ämter or Aemter is the plural of Amt, which is the German word for office. Amt III was the original SD, except for foreign intelligence, which was under Amt VI. Amt IV was the Gestapo. Amt III investigated “enemies of the state” and the Gestapo arrested them.

      The SD was the Sicherheitsdienst, which was originally set up by Heinrich Himmler as the intelligence service of the SS and the Nazi party. In 1939, the SD became one of the 5 offices of the Reich Security Head Office, known as RSHA. Later, Amt VI was added; it was the intelligence service for investigating people outside of Germany. In 1944, the Abwehr, which was the army intelligence agency, was put into Amt VI.

      When the attack on the radio station took placed in 1939, the police were called, after the attackers left, and there were also reporters there who wrote about it in the press. So the basic details were known immediately, namely that a bunch of soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms had entered the radio station, fired some shots in the air and then one of the soldiers spoke for 3 or 4 minutes in Polish on the radio. It was only after Naujocks gave his affidavit on the day before the trial that anyone knew that the Polish soldiers were really Germans, including one who could speak perfect Polish. Naujocks was the only person who knew about the plot because, by that time, anyone else who would have been involved was dead.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 24, 2010 @ 11:49 pm

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