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April 6, 2010

Noor Inayat Khan executed at Dachau — fact or fiction?

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I would like to believe the story of Noor Inayat Khan, the brave “Spy Princess” from India who became a British SOE agent during World War II and was captured by the Gestapo in Paris.  I truly want to believe the story that Noor was tortured all night and beaten into a “bloody mess” by a high ranking SS officer at the Dachau concentration camp before he personally shot her in the head the next morning.  I want to believe it as much as the next person.  The problem is that there is no evidence whatsoever to support this story. It is pure fiction.

Noor Inayat Khan wearing British WAAF uniform

This quote about the death of Noor Inayat Khan is from Wikipedia:

On 11 September 1944 Noor Inayat Khan and three other SOE agents from Karlsruhe prison, Yolande Beekman, Eliane Plewman and Madeleine Damerment, were moved to the Dachau Concentration Camp. In the early hours of the morning, 13 September 1944, the four women were executed by a shot to the head. Their bodies were immediately burned in the crematorium. An anonymous Dutch prisoner emerging in 1958 contended that Noor Inayat Khan was cruelly beaten by a high-ranking SS officer named Wilhelm Ruppert before being shot down from behind.[9] Her last word was “Liberté”. She was 30 years old.[10][11]

9.  Basu, Shrabani. Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan”, Sutton Publishing, 2006, pg xx-xxi.
10.  a b Hamilton, Alan “Exotic British spy who defied Gestapo brutality to the end” in The Times, 13 May 2006, page 26

The Archives at the Dachau Memorial Site has no documentation whatsoever about the alleged execution of Noor Inayat Khan and three other British SOE women at Dachau.  Nor is there any record of these women even arriving at Dachau in September 1944. Everyone who entered the Dachau concentration camp had to stop at the gate and check in, but there is no record of any Gestapo men bringing these women into the Dachau camp in the middle of the night.

In spite of the complete lack of proof that any women were executed at Dachau, there is a plaque on the wall in the Dachau crematorium, where the bodies of the Noor Inayat Khan, Yolanda Beekman, Elaine Plewman, and Madeleine Damerment were allegedly burned.

Plaque on wall of crematorium at Dachau

The words on the plaque are:

Here in Dachau on the 12th of September,
1944, four young woman officers of the
British forces attached to Special Operations
Branch were brutally murdered and their bodies
cremated. They died as gallantly as they had
served the Resistance in France during the
common struggle for freedom from tyranny.

Notice the date, September 12, 1944.  Other sources, including the British Public Records Office, say that the date of execution was September 13, 1944.  The exact date is unknown because there are no records of the execution of these four women at Dachau or anywhere else.

Note the words “brutally murdered.”  If the four women were, in fact, executed at Dachau, it was perfectly legal under the Geneva Convention of 1929, which allowed the execution of illegal combatants.

The British SOE was a secret organization that was set up to aid and finance the French Resistance movement.  The French had signed an Armistice and promised to stop fighting.  They did stop fighting on the battlefield, but continued to fight throughout the war as illegal combatants.  That means that the British SOE, which was set up to help illegal combatants, was an illegal operation according to the rules of warfare. That’s why all the records of the SOE were kept secret for over 50 years.

The French resistance guerrilla fighters blew up bridges, derailed trains, directed the British in the bombing of German troop trains, kidnapped and killed German army officers, and ambushed German troops. They took no prisoners, but rather killed any German soldiers who surrendered to them, sometimes mutilating their bodies for good measure. The Nazis referred to them as “terrorists.” American school children are taught that the French resistance fighters, who fought illegally, were heroes.

Altogether, there were 470 agents in the French section of the British SOE, and 39 of them were women or 8% of the total. One third of the women died while in captivity or were executed. The male agents made up 92% of the total; 81 male agents, or 18% of the men, died while in prison or were executed. So why were the Nazis so mean to the women?  Why did they treat the women much worse than they treated the men?  Because that’s just the way Nazis are; they’re bad people, for no reason at all.

Twelve of the women SOE agents were allegedly executed secretly, but there were no records of these executions found after the war. All of the information about their deaths is based on hearsay testimony, or the biased testimony of male SOE agents who wanted these women to go down in history as heroines, and/or the confessions of SS men whose depositions, taken by British SOE officer Vera Atkins, were repeated in the courtroom. There is no documentation for these 12 executions whatsoever.

Altogether, there were 39 female British SOE agents who were sent to France and 13 of them never returned. Of the 13 female SOE agents who never returned, there were allegedly 4 that were executed at Natzweiler, 4 at Dachau and 4 at Ravensbrück, the women’s camp. The 13th was Muriel Byck, a Jewish agent, who died of meningitis on 23 May 1944, six weeks after she arrived in France.

The 12 SOE women who were allegedly executed had first been held in the Gestapo prison on Avenue Foch in Paris. Then all except Sonia Olschanezky and Noor Inayat Khan were sent to Fresnes, another Gestapo prison. Noor was sent to Pforzheim prison on November 27, 1943 after she attempted to escape for the second time.

Eight of the women SOE agents were gathered together at Avenue Foch and sent on May 13, 1944 to the civilian prison at Karlsruhe, including Odette Sansom who was later transferred on July 18, 1944 to Ravensbrück, where she survived; she was one of the eight SOE agents who were sent to Ravensbrück.

Four of the 8 female SOE agents, who were sent to Ravensbrück, were allegedly executed there, according to eye-witness testimony. Their names are Denise Bloch, Lilian Rolfe, Violette Szabo and Cecily Lefort.  Three of the women were allegedly shot, but Lefort was allegedly killed in the gas chamber at Ravensbrück, according to the court testimony of one of the prisoners.

Cover of book entitled “Spy Princess”

Before it became known that Noor Inayat Khan was allegedly executed at Dachau, the staff members of the Natzweiler concentration camp were put on trial by the British and charged with her murder.  When it was learned that Noor was allegedly executed at Dachau, the court transcript was changed so that one of the four women who were allegedly executed at Natzweiler was listed as “unknown.”  It was not publicly revealed that the transcript had been changed until many years later.

In January 1947, nine months after the file on Noor had been closed, British SOE officer Vera Atkins was given a letter written by Yolande Lagrave, a former French political prisoner at Pforzheim. Lagrave had been sent to Pforzheim prison in early 1944, two months after Noor had arrived; she claimed that she was the only woman prisoner to survive Pforzheim. According to Lagrave’s story, all the other women were taken out, raped and then shot; their bodies were buried on the prison grounds in a mass grave. For some unknown reason, Lagrave was kept alive and she was released when the Allies liberated the prison on May 1, 1945.

Lagrave began writing letters to Noor’s brother and others, in which she revealed that Noor Inayat Khan had left Pforzheim some time in September 1944, although the exact date was unknown.

Noor had been kept in solitary confinement at Pforzheim, far apart from the other prisoners, but they had managed to communicate with her by scratching messages on the bottom of their mess tins with knitting needles, according to Yolande Lagrave’s story. Each day, the women would look on the bottom of their mess tin at meal time to see if Noor had scratched a message when she had previously used the same mess tin.

In September 1944, Noor had scratched a message, with no date, which said that she was leaving. With this new information provided by Yolande Lagrave, it was then assumed by British SOE officer Vera Atkins that Noor had been taken from Pforzheim to Karlsruhe on September 11, where she joined three other women who were released on that date and sent to an unnamed concentration camp.   Note that the Karlsruhe records do not show where the women were sent.  They were most likely sent to the women’s camp at Ravensbrück.

On May 19, 2006 a documentary entitled The Princess Spy was shown on the BBC2 Timewatch program. In this documentary, about the life of Noor Inayat Khan, alias Nora Baker, records in the Pforzheim archives were shown with the name Nora Baker, her address in London, her birthplace in London, and the date of her transfer — September 11, 1944. Noor was actually born in Moscow, of an Indian father and an American mother. Were these alleged records faked by the British for their documentary? The mistakes on the records seem to indicate that they were fake.

The records shown in the documentary contradict the statement of Marcel Schubert, a prisoner at Pforzheim who worked as an interpreter. Schubert claimed that “the British woman’s name was never written in the prison register.” This makes sense since Noor had been classified as a Nacht und Nebel prisoner after she attempted to escape twice. The families of Nacht und Nebel prisoners were not told of their whereabouts; the purpose of this was to discourage resistance fighting.

Noor had revealed her name, and also two of her addresses, only to the other women prisoners by scratching this information on the bottom of a mess tin, according to Yolande Lagrave, who said that she had written down the addresses and sewn the paper inside the hem of her skirt. After the war, Yolande had attempted to contact Noor, but her letters were returned.

According to Sarah Helm’s book A Life in Secrets, Hans Kieffer, the man who had ordered Noor to be sent to Pforzheim prison, told Vera Atkins that he had no knowledge of her execution.  He broke down and cried when he was told that Noor had been executed at Dachau.

Here is a quote from the book entitled Spy Princess by Shrabani Basu:

The Pforzheim prison register shows that Noor was discharged from the prison at 6:15 p.m. on 11 September and driven 20 miles to Karlsruhe.  Orders had come directly from Berlin to move Noor.  She was now summoned to the office of Josef Gmeiner, head of the Karlsruhe Gestapo.

Just after 2 a.m. in Gmeiner’s office Noor met three other SOE agents, Eliane Plewman, Madeleine Damerment and Yolande Beekman.  She had known Yolande from her training days at Wanborough Manor.  All four agents were given their orders to leave for Dachau.  They were escorted by Gestapo officer Christian Ott and driven to the station in Gmeiner’s car.  At Bruchsal Junction they were joined by their second German escort Max Wassmer, and together they caught the express train for Stuttgart.  At Stuttgart they had to wait on the platform for about an hour for the train to Munich.

Josef Gmeiner said later that the orders to move Noor and her colleagues had come by teleprinter from Berlin.  One was addressed to his office at Karlsruhe and the other to the Commandant of the concentration camp.  Gmeiner’s instructions were to transfer the prisoners to the camp at Dachau.  The instruction to the Camp Commandant of Dachau ordered the execution itself.

It was midnight when they reached Dachau and they walked up to the concentration camp, where they were locked in separate cells.

The end came in the early hours of the morning.  Madeleine, Eliane and Yolande were dragged out of their cells, marched past the barracks and shot near the crematorium.

For Noor it would be a long, tortuous night.  According to two letters received by Jean Overton Fuller’s publishers after her book appeared in 1952, Noor was stripped, abused and kicked all night by her German captors. One of the letter writers was a Lieutenant Colonel Wickey, who worked for Canadian intelligence during the war and was Military Governor in Wuppertal in the British zone after the war.  Here he met a German officer who had spent time in Dachau.  This officer had been told by some camp officials that four women had been brought to Dachau from Karlsruhe.  He described the women as French but added that one had a darker complexion and “looked much like a Creole.”  The officers told the German officer that she (Noor) was considered to be a very “dangerous person” and to be given the “full treatment.”  Wickey then traced the German camp officer who had given the account and was told by him that Noor was tortured and abused in her cell by the Germans. She was stripped, kicked and finally left lying on the floor battered.

Captain A. Nicholson of the War Crimes Group of North West Europe was given the task of obtaining photocopies of the Pforzheim prison register.  He reported to Major N.G. Mott at the War Office.  From the sworn statement of the prison director, they learnt that Noor was removed from Pforzheim to Dachau in September. Major Mott then reported to Vera Atkins that Noor, along with three other specially employed women were removed to Dachau where they were executed the following morning, 13 September.

Note the date, September 13th.  The plaque on the wall of the crematorium at Dachau gives the date of execution as September 12th. It is hard to keep the dates straight when the story is based on hearsay from unnamed informants.

Noor Inayat Khan most likely died at Pforzheim prison. The other three SOE women were most likely sent to Ravensbrück, the women’s camp.  Ravensbrück was liberated by the Soviet Union and all the records from the camp were confiscated and never released to the public.  There was a typhus epidemic in Germany in the last days of the war, and the SOE women most likely died of typhus.

So why do the British keep promoting this fictional account of Noor Inayat Khan?  Well, it makes a great story.  Noor Inayat Khan was an exotic beauty with an exotic name.  The name  Noor  means “light of womanhood.” Noor’s father was Hazrat Inayat Khan, a leader of the Sufi movement, and her mother was an American.

Noor was a descendent of Tippu Sultan, a prince who had been an enemy of British rule in India. She has been described as “gentle, shy, musical, dreamy, and poetic,” and she “was noted for her kindness to animals.”  Noor attended the Sorbonne and wrote children’s books, including Twenty Jataka Tales, which is still in print.

Noor Inayat Khan

The story is that this beautiful, gentle Indian “Princess” was brutally beaten by a SS officer, who represents the stereotype of SS men as the epitome of cruelty. This is the age old story of good and evil.   The Allies fought the “good war” and defeated the evil Nazis. Noor Inayat Khan was fighting as an illegal combatant, and could have been legally executed, but she is the heroine who was “murdered”  by the evil Nazis.

You can read more about the story of Noor Inayat Khan here.

There was an announcement a couple of years ago that a film was being made, based on the book Spy Princess by Shrabani Basu.  The film was to be directed by Shyam Benegal.  I don’t know if the film has ever been released.


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  2. Vera Atkins name kept cropping up so i did a little research

    That might explain why her memorial seat is in the shape of the Star of David

    Comment by owainglyndwr1416 — November 8, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

  3. The narrative is identical.. This is so poorly written that it is a wonder anyone believes this drivel. I don’t trust witness confessions if those confession came about through coercion.

    Comment by owainglyndwr1416 — November 8, 2012 @ 1:20 pm

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  5. I am pleased to find this forum pertaining to Madelin khan. I have had an interest in her story since I saw a scrap of film on the net several years ago. I missed most of the show but it was about Miss Kahn, and portrayed a group of uniformed German officers dragging a naked woman out onto a concrete floored enclosure and throwing her down at their feet . It was daylight. I could not see her face for she was seemingly too exhausted to hold her head up. While she was crouched at their feet one of the men who was a carbon copy of Himmler, dressed in a gestapo uniform and tiny round spectacles,laughed and shot her in the back of her shaved head.

    I have not been able to find anything about that film, and what with the controversy over the incident could find nothing more about that scrap of film other than it was definitely not faked. It was shocking in it’s brutality. I hope someone can tell me more about it. If that film is authentic, the shaved head and the victims exhaustion tell a horrible story.

    Comment by ray provence — August 20, 2012 @ 11:20 pm

  6. I had thought that I wouldn’t receive any further posts from this site, and specifically upon this story, but to my amazement I have just received such an e-mail, which prompted this reply.

    Whilst I originally lambasted those who maintained that this lady was not executed, ( or worse ), by the Nazis, I now wish to recant.

    After giving the subject mature consideration, I am now persuaded that, in fact, the Nazis were an extremely decent, honourable and exceedingly merciful group of gentlemen who may be considered the German equivalent of the Knights of the Round Table … that they were, in fact, dedicated to doing good deeds … that they were, in fact, interested merely in the well-being and cultural improvement of …. er…. those other nationalities and cultures that … er … they found themselves amongst by dint of … er … being invited; such as the Poles, the Russians, the Belgians, the French, and a host of other people who … er … had requested the assistance of the Nazis.

    I fully appreciate, now, that the Nazis were absolutely NOT a murderous and evil bunch of thugs; that they were most definitely NOT the shit of the earth … that they did NOT, in ANY WAY, sanction the gathering together, transportation and then murder in a mechanised and industrial manner millions of people. In know now that this is a myth, an evil slander upon those Nazi gentlemen, who must have been deeply distressed at the rumour, innuendo and, frankly, utterly malicious farrago of lies regarding themselves.

    I know now that the Nazi party was in fact rather akin to the Freemasons; and that their sole intention was to improve the lot of everyone, including Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals … those with mental illnesses ..and other downtrodden people.

    I feel very foolish now for ever suggesting that anyone who in any way was an apologist for them, or who sought to point out what a thoroughly decent bunch of chaps they were, was in any way a piece of shit, a wanker of the nth. degree, or in any way rather ‘advanced’ mentally. I am sorry that I ever said that. I now believe that the Nazis should maybe be considered as the Second Coming; and that the tens of millions who died in WW2 were mere attention-seekers and headline-grabbers.

    I am therefore seeking to join a Neo-Nazi, Holocaust denying group, so that I can take a meaningful part in the promulgation of the beneficial social work which was started by the Nazis, but which was cruelly wrested from them by the criminal actions of nations and individuals who had no concept of freedom, justice and mercy.

    I can, of course, take a tertiary position, which is that the Nazis were indeed the filth and shit of the world, and that those who in any way attempt to mitigate their actions, crimes and horrors are, at best, a bunch of utter wankers; and at worst an extremely creepy group of people who laughingly, by dint of an apparent reasonableness, and a pseudo-historical and scientific analysis of the events and personages of the period in question, might consider themselves as intellectuals; when, in fact, the world knows that they are as bogus as the proponents of man-made climate change; and that they are, in fact, merely a bunch of fucking shits. I use the vernacular because it very aptly describes precisely what these Nazi-lovers are.

    Please accept my apologies for any typos; I trust that the comments above reflect my views. Of course, you might have a different view, and seek to justify the murder of industrial quantities of babies, children, men and women, the sick, the halt, Jews, those who, by dint of their homosexuality, possibly made the Nazis a little uncomfortable because of their own pecadilloes; those who had big noses, and those with whom they were just uncomfortable, or who they found inconvenient. It might be that you can rationalise Dachau, Treblinka, or Babi-Yar. Give it a whirl!

    David Neale

    Comment by David Neale — February 4, 2011 @ 11:20 am

    • Thank you for your comment. You must be an authority on this subject since someone apparently e-mailed you after reading my post about Noor. Since you know all about the execution of Noor, could you please share with the rest of the world the proof that she was executed at Dachau? What documentation do you have that proves that Noor was executed at Dachau? I’m sure that the staff at the Dachau Memorial Site would be very interested in any documentation that you have, and they would like to include it in the Dachau Museum. There is some discrepancy on the exact date of her execution. Can you at least tell us the exact date?

      Can you clear up this part of my post: “Before it became known that Noor Inayat Khan was allegedly executed at Dachau, the staff members of the Natzweiler concentration camp were put on trial by the British and charged with her murder. When it was learned that Noor was allegedly executed at Dachau, the court transcript was changed so that one of the four women who were allegedly executed at Natzweiler was listed as “unknown.” It was not publicly revealed that the transcript had been changed until many years later.”

      Maybe you can tell us why SS men were put on trial for the execution of Noor at Natzweiler and convicted, when she was actually executed at Dachau. However, no one was ever put on trial for executing Noor at Dachau? Why not?

      The term “Nazi” is a nickname for the National Socialist political party. I am happy to learn that you have “recanted” on your opinion of the National Socialist political party, also know as the NSDAP. What is your opinion of the Democrats and the Republicans in America?

      I don’t know what you mean by this sentence: “It might be that you can rationalize Dachau, Treblinka and Babi-Yar.” What do these three names have in common, in your opinion?

      Comment by furtherglory — February 4, 2011 @ 11:50 am

    • When I wrote my original reply, I didn’t realize that you had made comments on my blog in the past. I didn’t realize that you were using the word “posts” in your comment to mean mail, or in this case, e-mail. Now I understand that, because you commented on this blog post in the past, you got an e-mail, automatically sent by the wordpress software, notifying you that a new comment had been made. I thought, at first, that a friend had e-mailed you, because they had read this blog post, and they wanted you to comment. Sorry, my mistake. Using the word “post” to mean mail is typically British, so you must be British. That explains a lot. In America today, the word “post” means to put up a new article on a blog.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 4, 2011 @ 12:14 pm

    • Since you are an expert on the executions of the British SOE women, maybe you can explain why the men of the SOE were treated so well in the German concentration camps, while the women were tortured and killed. I wrote another blog post in which I compared the treatment of Albert Guerisse and the treatment of Noor Inayat Khan. You can read that post here:

      Guerisse was allowed to become the leader of the prisoners’ International Committee at Dachau; the camp was turned over to him when the guards left the day before the camp was liberated, yet one of the women SOE agents was allegedly executed at Dachau, even though she had been captured on the day that she landed and she had not had time to do any harm. Since you know all about the Nazis, maybe you can explain this unequal treatment.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 4, 2011 @ 10:02 pm

    • OH?

      Comment by ray provence — August 20, 2012 @ 11:25 pm

  7. you are a true priencess.I dont have words to praise you….may god bless your soul

    Comment by rahul — February 4, 2011 @ 4:00 am

  8. I see that you are widely read … well, on Amazon, anyway. You repeat what you read accurately, or almost so. It is in fact not only about the coding used by SOE and affiliates, but about the working of the SOE itself, and the part played by the book’s author.

    There are many, many pictures of children murdered by the Nazis; and movie film of people, (Jew? Slavs? who knows? Who cares, eh!), being led from trains to where they would be killed.

    I bet you wouldn’t have liked your children or other family members treated like that! Or …. anyway.

    The story regarding Noor is well enough documented to need no elaboration by me. Those who need the truth will be well advised to read further. The crap that you and your write, of course; I would fight for your right to publish your nonsense. (After all, many others did so, didn’t they).

    And your story beats mine, does it! Ah .. that’s what it is all about. ‘Mine is bigger than yours’, etcetera.

    Of course, Babi Yar, nasty Nazis, gas chambers, and etcetera, are all inventions.

    In fact, the Nazis loved children! They looked after themwith the greatest of care after their parents …. er …. weren’t gassed or shot … the children led an idyllic life, I suppose.

    I am tired of this, whilst you are obsessed. Not obsessed with the truth, or the determination of it.
    You live and breath Nazism and all of the shits that ran with it.

    Have fun with your reply; say whatever you will, for I shall not be replying.



    Comment by David Neale — November 17, 2010 @ 11:04 am

    • Can someone please post a photo of children with proof that they were “murdered” by people who were members of the Nazi political party? Could someone please refer me to the “documentation” that proves that Noor was executed at Dachau?

      You can see a photo of newborn babies at Dachau at

      You can see a photo of children at Auschwitz and babies being carried out of Auschwitz when the camp was liberated at

      Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

  9. Thank-you for your reply.

    Hitler had already stated his intentions for the world before WW2 began. Especially, he had outlined what he thought of Jews, in that wonderful, touching and beautifully-written book Mein Kampf.

    Quite plainly, you are a Nazi sympathiser. That is you right, I suppose, albeit I state this grudgingly; for all of those people Hitler and his Accolyte Shits would not have extended the same freedoms of speech that you enjoy today.

    Nevertheless, you are either quite mad, or bad, as they say; I suspect, from your use of the word
    ‘bleachers’ in the context that you used it, you are an American.
    Many Americans, too, died so that you could express ideas that those you idolise and lionise would have used as an excuse to put one against the wall to be shot. Or gassed! Or injected with something unpleasant! Or garotted!
    Or dissected whilst alive, without painkillers! Or raped repeatedly, by the SS and then shot through the vagina and left to die! What a cracker! Or been disembowelled and had your guts wound around your neck! I bet you’d like to do that to me … eh?

    The whole world is out of step. Only you hav the intellectual equipment and remarkable insight to be able to tell the world just how it was. Go for it! The more you do so, the more they will laugh and wonder at you.

    Keep it up! Keep us amused!

    I just hope that, every night before you drop off to sleep, you will have visions of those massive heaps of skeletal remains of men, women and children … children! …have you got children of your own?! …. that your precious Nazis murdered.

    It is important that you continue ranting so that the world can truly appreciate the real reasons why the Nazis and the shit that shouted for them, and still shouts for them, needed to be destroyed.
    I am not complacent. Human nature being what it is, there will always be those who are inadequate, only have one testicle, who feel uncomfortable in the presence of women, or who are generally just trull appalling human beings, to create a nuisance.

    Thank God, then, that there are those who would be able to handle them, cost what it may, thus to treat them rather like the stuff one would scrape from the bottom of one’s boot.

    Again, I beseech anyone reading all of this to read Leo Marks’ book “Between Silk and Cyanide” .. and also a book called Babi Yar, which also exposes the horrors of the Nazis, in this case against the Untermensch of Kiev.


    Comment by David Neale — November 17, 2010 @ 9:09 am

    • You wrote: “Or gassed! Or injected with something unpleasant! Or garotted!
      Or dissected whilst alive, without painkillers! Or raped repeatedly, by the SS and then shot through the vagina and left to die! What a cracker! Or been disembowelled and had your guts wound around your neck!”

      Do you have any proof that these things happened? Or any photos?

      You wrote: “… those massive heaps of skeletal remains of men, women and children … children! …have you got children of your own?! …. that your precious Nazis murdered.”

      Do you have photos of the murdered children? With proof that they were murdered by members of the National Socialist (Nazi) political party?

      I looked up the book “Between Silk and Cynaide” on It is about the codes used by the SOE. Is there anything in this book that would prove that Noor Inayat Khan was executed at Dachau? Does the book mention that Noor wrote down her codes in a notebook, which the Germans had access to after she was captured? Does the book mention that Noor was told to do this because the purpose of sending her to France was to allow the Germans to use her radio?

      I have not studied Babi Yar, but I have read about it. Elie Wiesel wrote that “geysers of blood” spurted from the mass grave at Babi Yar, long after the Jews were killed. That beats your story of SS soldiers raping women repeatedly and then shooting them through the vagina.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2010 @ 10:01 am

  10. Thank-you for your reply.

    I did indeed read the other posts in re. this issue.

    There are several comments in previous posts which are quite laughable. Indulge me, please;

    Ahhh .. this appears to suggest that you are the repository of the truth in this matter; that you are particularly enlightened. Hah!

    Really? Are you, (or whoever fed you this), quite serious? Do you truly believe that not a single woman was killed at Dachau?

    This is a real gem, and almost merits no response … but I will! The Germans move into France … they were not invited in …. murder Christ knows how man French soldiers and civilians, and the French government caved in and signed the Armistice.

    So the Germans, upright and moral, legally march into France and kill French people. All perfectly legal, of course, and decent, and proper, and reasonable.

    They expect the French to be just as upright and moral, and abide by the Armistice which has been wrung out of them.

    And then … just imagine! … some French citizens decide that they believe the Germans to be invaders with no right to be there …. the horror! … how dare those citizens fight the people who have murdered their mothers, father, children, cows, you name it … how immoral and criminal of the French!

    And the British set up this secret organisation, SOE …. the horror! … they should, of course, have invited a few Nazis to join, too, just to make it moral and above board …. but they didn’t, so SOE was illegal!

    I don’t know whether your board has been formulated for the weak-minded … maybe the Untermensch, you know, those the Germans called Sub-Humans, those pesky Russians who gave the germans such a sorting at Stalingrad. Maybe the Russian resistance was illegal, too … maybe the Russians weren’t really Sub Humans at all!

    No … most of the world knows the truth. You and your can bang on with your pseudo-intellectual ‘pursuit of the truth’, but most people know you all for just what you are.

    As for Noor Inayat Khan, she was not chosen on the grounds you suggested.

    Thanks, too, to the Nazis for murdering Violette Szabo; Nurse Edith Cavell in the previous war, and for all of the other tens of millions ….. TENS OF MILLIONS … who died at the whimsy of a bunch of shits in Germany.

    It takes a real man to shoot an unarmed, tied-up woman! By God, but were those Nazis real men, or what!

    God rot those who did this to all of these people.

    Thank Christ for those brave Germans, and there were many, who fought, in whatever way they could, against those shits.

    May I suggest that those who wish to know the truth about Noor Inayat Khan read further … and especially ‘Between Silk and Cyanide’, by Leo Marks. Read just how these women died.

    Thank-you, and apologies for any typos,


    Comment by David Neale — November 17, 2010 @ 5:57 am

    • You wrote: “Do you truly believe that not a single woman was killed at Dachau?”

      Dachau was a camp for men. Women were sent there, in the last days of the war, and then sent on to the sub-camps of Dachau; just before Dachau was surrendered to the Allies, the women were brought to the main camp from the sub-camps. There are no RECORDS of any women being executed at Dachau. Some of the women may have died during the typhus epidemic in the last six months that Dachau was a camp.

      You wrote: “The Germans move into France … they were not invited in …. murder Christ knows how man French soldiers and civilians, and the French government caved in and signed the Armistice.”

      France declared war on Germany in September 1939, but didn’t fight to protect Poland. Germany refused to fight against France after Poland was conquered. There was a “phony war” in which there was no fighting from Oct. 1939 to May 10, 1940. Germany finally invaded France in May 1940; killing enemy soldiers is not “murder.” The French government ASKED for an Armistice; the Germans did not force the French to “cave in” and sign an Armistice.

      You wrote: “So the Germans, upright and moral, legally march into France and kill French people. All perfectly legal, of course, and decent, and proper, and reasonable.”

      Yes, when another country, such as France, DECLARES war on your country, it is legal to march in and kill the people who have declared war on your country. France was not forced to declare war on Germany.

      You wrote: “They expect the French to be just as upright and moral, and abide by the Armistice which has been wrung out of them.”

      The Armistice was not “wrung out” of the French. The French lost on the battlefield and that is why they ASKED for an Armistice.

      You wrote: “…some French citizens decide that they believe the Germans to be invaders with no right to be there …. the horror! … how dare those citizens fight the people who have murdered their mothers, father, children, cows, you name it … how immoral and criminal of the French!”

      The Germans occupied PART of France after the Armistice. The Germans did have a right to be there; that’s what happens when a country surrenders. Germany is STILL OCCUPIED by America and Great Britain. The Germans did not start a Resistance movement to fight the Allied occupation.

      You wrote: “And the British set up this secret organisation, SOE …. the horror! … they should, of course, have invited a few Nazis to join, too, just to make it moral and above board …. but they didn’t, so SOE was illegal!”

      Yes, the SOE was illegal. That’s why the files of the SOE were kept secret for 50 years. The rules of international warfare state that after a country has surrendered, they must stop fighting. If another country helps a country that has signed an Armistice, that is illegal.

      You wrote: “As for Noor Inayat Khan, she was not chosen on the grounds you suggested.”

      Noor was the least qualified, according to her instructor. She had not finished her training, and she did not get high marks in her training courses. She could speak French, but her exotic looks immediately identified her as non-French. She was deliberately sent to be caught.

      You wrote: “Read just how these women died.”

      The Dachau execution spot did not have a bleacher section for spectators. There were no witnesses to executions at Dachau, so no one knows how anyone died when they were executed, except the SS men who were there. None of them confessed to the execution of Noor. There is no proof whatsoever that any SOE women were executed at Dachau or any other camp. If you can come up with one tiny shred of proof, please tell us what it is.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2010 @ 7:56 am

  11. Neale, you have no proof. While there is some indication and almost proof of the calumny between SIS (MI6) and the SOE and their wanting to protect Overlord (not Sicily) there is no indication that what you say is true. NOOR DIED HORRIBLY. “Least qualified”? Why? She spoke fluent French and was an excellent radio operator. She was intimately acquainted with Paris. Who, from Agazarian to any of the other women was “qualified” to be a saboteur? Other than language and radio skills, would you mind telling me what anyone needed but a feral sense of survival? She was betrayed by a jealous woman. The world would be a lot better off without any of you “alternative chic” idiots spreading your disinformation.

    Comment by Michael Scully — November 17, 2010 @ 5:20 am

    • What is your proof that Noor “died horribly”?

      She was sent to France in June 1943. The invasion of Sicily was in July 1943. However, she was not captured until October 1943, after the invasion. The original plan was to give disinformation to the Germans about Sicily, but it turned out that it was disinformation about Overlord (the D-Day invasion) that was given to the Germans over her radio.

      Noor had written down her codes so that the Germans could use her radio. Was she just stupid or was she instructed to write down her codes in a notebook so that when she was caught, the Germans would have the codes? She didn’t tell the Germans anything when she was interrogated, except for personal information about herself. When the SOE asked for some proof that they were communicating with Noor, and not with the Germans, the Germans were able to answer the questions correctly.

      You asked what was needed to be qualified as a saboteur? A spy needed the intelligence not to write down their secret codes and the common sense not to give personal information about themselves.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2010 @ 8:12 am

      • Further Glory,
        Could you please advise if you receive this mail…..

        Thanks. Tom

        Comment by tom — September 9, 2014 @ 2:41 pm

  12. And of course, despite your contention that there is no shred of truth in that this woman, (or any woman), was murdered by the filth of Germany, you will posit that she was not murdered there.

    Thanks to Hitler and the scum who supported him, tens of millions of people died in that war. In truth, the murder of a few more, or less, women makes little difference. What is so sad is that there will be, forever, half-wits who will still maintain that Hitler and his accolytes were, maybe, misunderstood.

    Hitler was a shit, as are those who would in any way apologise for the atrocities committed by the Nazis. I like the bit about the typhus epidemic … there is documentary evidence that German ‘doctors’ injected prisoners with typhus, (and much else).

    There was nothing good in the Nazis, but there will always be half-wits who will glorify some of the most appalling shit ever to be borne, which just happened to be German.

    And finally, amongst other gems in the rubbish I have just read, is this; “Because that’s just the way Nazis are; they’re bad people, for no reason at all.”

    Absolutely. They were the shit of the continent, the scum of this planet. Thank Christ that they were destroyed at that time; let the world hope that any further stirrings of the bitch that spawned them will be put down promptly.

    Of course, I may have misunderstood what I read above; maybe it is tongue in cheek, in which case, although in bad taste, I apologise for my stridency.


    Comment by David Neale — November 16, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

    • I have written several posts about the alleged “murder” of Noor Inayat Khan at Dachau. You have apparently read my other posts because you quoted from one of them. Noor was chosen by the British because she was the least qualified woman they could find to be sent to France as a spy. The motive for sending her to France was that the British SOE wanted to get one of their radios into the hands of the Germans. The plan was to have the Germans capture Noor and use her radio. Then the British would send messages to Noor’s radio, which would give the wrong information about the invasion of Sicily. The plan worked and the Germans never realized that the British knew the Germans were receiving the messages sent to Noor. Noor was deliberately sacrificed by the British in order to win the war. All this was kept secret for 50 years, and after it was finally revealed, the British made up for it by honoring Noor as a heroine. The British turned the story into a horror story of the Germans committing an atrocity by executing a woman spy. Their plan was, and is, to portray the Germans as the villains in order to exonerate the British. Your comment proves that their plan was successful.

      Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2010 @ 4:50 am

  13. They wouldn’t have necessarily been checked in if there were N&N. In fact, not at all. There are affidavits from the transport guards of the train rides.

    Comment by Michael Scully — May 4, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

    • Only Noor Inayat Khan was a Nacht und Nebel prisoner; the other three were not. You must be referring to statements made by Christian Ott and Max Wassmer, the Gestapo men who were interrogated about the four women who were allegedly brought to Dachau to be executed. They gave statements, not affidavits, because there was no trial. No one was charged with the alleged murder of the four British SOE women at Dachau because there was no evidence whatsoever that they were executed. You can read all about it on this page of my web site:

      Comment by furtherglory — May 4, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

  14. as a long term reader of your scrapbook pages thanks and congratulations on an interesting looking blog.

    Can I suggest that you use the “insert more tag” for your front page? This makes a neater looking front page

    You find it in wordpress on the edit post toolbar, top row, fourth from the end. Alternatively just put your cursor after the first paragraph of each post and press Alt Shift T.

    I look forward to future reading.

    Comment by littlegreyrabbit — April 6, 2010 @ 9:22 pm

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