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April 14, 2010

In today’s news about Buchenwald…

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Today I read this about Buchenwald on this web site:

“A crass case in point was Buchenwald, one of the more infamous Nazi camps, where hundreds of thousands had been incarcerated and upwards of 50,000 perished, some in the most sadistic fashion, from Jews who were gassed to priests who were crucified upside down. Americans liberated Buchenwald on April 11, 1945.” (more…)

African-American soldiers who “liberated” Buchenwald

So many American soldiers have claimed that they were “liberators” of a Nazi Concentration Camp that the US Army and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have gotten together to make rules regarding which soldiers can claim the honor of liberating a camp. Only soldiers who arrived within 48 hours of the first soldiers to enter a camp can claim to be liberators. That means that only the 6th Armored Division and the 80th Infantry Division are the official liberators of Buchenwald.

African-American soldiers from Headquarters and Services Co. of 183rd Engineers Combat Battalion, 8th Corps, Third Army arrived at Buchenwald on April 17, 1945, too late to be given the honor of being liberators of Buchenwald. Among these soldiers was Leon Bass. (more…)