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April 19, 2010

Tour guide compared Dachau to Japanese internment camp

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Today I read this on a blog written by a tourist who visited Dachau:

“It was about a fifteen minute ride outside of Munich, and I caught a train there this morning and was I Dachau around 11:00. I met a very nice American family on the bus out to the camp from Philadelphia and talked to them for awhile on my way in. I saw them again right before I left, and the dad had gotten into an argument with a tour guide who had compared the camp to a Japanese internment camp. He said he was going to write letters to the company she was with and the Dachau memorial committee. I told him to do it, and that he had done the right thing. That is an absurd and horrific comparison and I am glad I wasn’t the one who heard it.”

Funny, that’s the first thing I thought of when I first visited Dachau in 1997: Dachau is not like the camps that America had for Japanese-Americans during World War II. (more…)

It’s time to bring back the sign in the Dachau “gas chamber”

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The first time that I visited the Dachau memorial site in 1997, there was a sign in the corner of the gas chamber. The sign said in five languages that the gas chamber at Dachau “had never been used” or “war nicht in Betrieb.”  Since then, I’ve been back to Dachau several times; the sign has been removed and the Museum has been expanded considerably.  Visitors are now told by some of the tour guides that the Dachau gas chamber was, in fact, used to kill Jews. (more…)

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