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April 29, 2010

Who entered Dachau first on April 29, 1945?

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Several American soldiers claim to have been the first person to enter the Dachau concentration camp on April 29, 1945. Private First Class John Degro, the lead scout of I Company, 3rd BN, 157th Infantry, 45th Division, says that he was the first American soldier to enter the camp. Col. Howard Buechner, a 45th Division Medical Corps officer, quoted Degro in his book “Dachau, the Hour of the Avenger”:

“As lead scout, I shot the lock off the gate and entered the compound. There were 32,000 inmates, screaming, between hugging and kissing us. The stench was unbearable. We backed out the gate, let a few inmates out and gave them weapons. We cleaned out the guard towers, took knapsacks off of the dead SS and threw them over the barbed wire into the compound.”

First Lt. William J. Cowling, an aide to Brig. Gen. Henning Linden who was the deputy commander of the 42nd Division, wrote a  letter to his family on April 29, 1945 in which he claimed to be the first soldier to enter the Dachau camp, along with some “newspaper people.”

Marguerite Higgins, a reporter with the New York Herald Tribune, filed a news report on April 30, 1945 in which she wrote that she and Sgt. Peter Furst were the first two people to go inside the Dachau concentration camp. Furst was a reporter for the US Army Newspaper called the Stars and Stripes.

You can read the full story here.


  1. The Weismann quote is taken completely out of context. Who is the ‘enemy’ to whom he refers ? Obviously it is the Axis.

    Comment by paul — May 5, 2010 @ 6:58 am

  2. Amazing how Holocaust deniers are so skeptical about the gas chambers, but so certain about their own “unbiased” arguments!

    Comment by paul — May 5, 2010 @ 6:56 am

  3. Why do you post something that is not a reader’s personal comment, but an entire article copied from some irreputable website on the net?

    Just giving the URL is sufficient. If people want to go there and read it, they can; at least they know where it came from.

    I’m surprised you allow this kind of abuse. Are you afraid of John? Is he someone whose identity you know?

    Comment by Sceptic — April 30, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

    • I do not know who John is. When a poster just gives a URL of a web site, that triggers a spam notification to me and the post does not go up until I approve it. By posting an entire web page instead of a URL, the post goes up instantly without approval. This is the second time that John has put up the same web page about the Jew Hitler. I don’t agree that Hitler was a Jew, but John is entitled to his opinion.

      Comment by furtherglory — April 30, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

  4. Hitler was a Jew, working for the Jews.

    In April, 1939, Ambassador William C. Bullitt, called me to the American Embassy in Paris. The American Ambassador told me that war had been decided upon. He did not say, nor did I ask, by whom. He let me infer it… When I said that in the end Germany would be driven into the arms of Soviet Russia and Bolshevism, the Ambassador replied: “What of it? There will not be enough Germans left when the war is over to be worth bolshevising.” Karl von Wiegand; reported in the Chicago Herald American, April 23, 1944.

    Having the Jew Hitler run Nazi Germany had many advantages:

    When Germany attacked France, Heinz Guderian made blitzkrieg come true. By constantly disobeying orders and relentlessly driving his men and tanks as far as they could go, he wrecked havoc, far beyond the expected front line. His disregard for orders amid the fog of war, meant that the Jews in the Nazi high command were not immediately able to intervene, to prevent, Guderian’s quick and stunning victory.

    Guderian advanced an astonishing 250 miles across enemy terrain in only eleven days. Then, on May 24, with his Panzer forces at Gravelines, only ten miles from Dunkirk, Hitler himself, ordered that the tanks were to halt. Guderian’s forces were within hours of capturing more than 300,000 of the best-trained professional soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force, along with some 100,000 of France’s best-trained and equipped men. Guderian read the order with disbelief. His commander, General von Kleist, stated that on receiving the order, “I decided to ignore it, and to push on across the canal. But then came a more emphatic order that I was to withdraw behind the canal. My tanks were kept halted there for three days.”

    By having Hitler order Guderian’s tank divisions to sit on their hands while Dunkirk was evacuated, the Jews were able to prevent the complete and utter destruction of the French and British armies, thus keeping alive the possibility of a two-front war. However, although the Jew Hitler was able to rescue some 335,000 men, all their tanks and equipment were lost.

    When outraged German generals demanded to know why they were being prevented from forcing the complete surrender of the defeated armies, the Jew Hitler prattled on about his admiration for the British Empire and its importance as an essential element of world stability. Hitler did not explain why it was so important to let the hundreds of thousands of troops escape immediately, rather than say, to capture them, and later release them after having extracting various concessions. Indeed, how could he? This incident alone, should have given Hitler away as the enemy, however, the Germans, naive to such monumental deception, kept obeying orders, and in the end, it was only thought that Hitler was insane.

    German aircraft had hit Allied air bases in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands, destroying large numbers of planes on the ground, and crippling air defenses. Although large numbers of planes had been lost, the evacuation at Dunkirk enabled most of the British pilots, who had been based in France, to escape and fight another day. In fact, the number of planes lost, turned out to be much less important than the number of pilots, and potential pilots, that Hitler had rescued.

    Although, Britain was now open and defenseless, the Jew Hitler refused to attack.

    The Jew Hitler refused to even feign an attack on Britain, in order to draw the British navy to the channel, where it could be obliterated by aircraft.

    So, after refusing to take out Jew controlled Britain, the Jew Hitler attacks the Soviet Union, deliberately setting up the dreaded two-front war.

    Yes, to reduce the pressure for an attack on England, the Jew Hitler attacked Germany’s major ally, the Soviet Union. Why attack your ally, rather than the helpless Britain? The answer is obvious.

    The German attack overwhelmed the Soviets. Army Group Center achieved a stunning victory against the forces opposing it, and was positioned to strike at Moscow in the immediate future. Now that it appeared that Moscow was sure to fall, the Jew Hitler single-handedly saved the city, by ordering Army Group Center to stop its advance and turn south (a decision opposed by all his generals). The Jews were willing to accept any loss, to save Moscow. Once Moscow fell, the war in the East was over.

    The war had gone exceedingly badly for the Soviets and there was a fear that Japan would attack from the East, at this time when the Soviet Union had no way of defending itself. It has been speculated that (the Jew) Roosevelt deliberately goaded the Japanese into war with the United States, in order to prevent this outcome.

    Also, a Japanese-American war could be usefully used by the Jew Hitler, as a pretext for a declaration of war against the United States, and thus allow the United States to participate directly in the European theater. But how could Roosevelt be sure that Hitler would declare war?

    On December 11, 1941, the Jew Hitler declared war on the United States, using the pretext of the Tripartite Pact, even though Germany was no more obliged to declare war on the United States than Japan was obliged to declare war on the Soviet Union, which Germany had been fighting since June 1941. Japan never declared war on the Soviet Union.

    The Jew Hitler refused total mobilization of the German people, even though the munitions factories cried out for manpower and all his enemies had long since recruited woman into the work force. The Jew Hitler never bothered to use half the potential German labor force. Even though Goebbels called for total mobilization early in the war, Hitler was able to prevent this until it was too late.

    On November 19, 1942, when the Soviet 5th Tank and 21st Armies launched their counter-offensive northwest of Stalingrad, the Fourth Panzer and 6th Armies were in grave danger of encirclement, unless they broke out immediately.

    To ensure the 6th Army would be trapped, the Jew Hitler ordered that it should not attempt to break-out, but should hold their ground and fight to the last man. The more dead or captured Germans, the better.

    The 6th Army’s senior officers complained that unless they broke out immediately, their army would have to be supplied by air for weeks, if not months, which appeared to be an impossible task.

    However, the Jew Hitler insisted that the Luftwaffe could sustain the Sixth Army from the air. The Luftwaffe commanders in the field, were unanimous in their belief that this was not possible. Only the Luftwaffe’s commander in chief, Göring (another Jew), similarly stated that it would be possible.

    When Zeitzler challenged Göring as to whether he even knew what tonnage needed to be flown in every day, Göring spat back, “I don’t, but my staff officers do.” Zeitzler summarized what would be necessary and Göring retorted, “I can do that.” Zeitzler told him he was a liar. With this, Hitler replied “The Reichsmarschall (Göring) has made his report to me, which I have no choice but to believe.”

    Thus, the Jew Hitler closed the trap on the 6th Army.

    To ensure the 6th Army was doomed, the Jew Hitler arranged that 250 of the vitally important Ju 52s be used to transport 81,000 German troops to Tunisia. The Tunisia campaign had little strategic value and no chance of success. But, more importantly, it ensured that the 6th Army could not be supplied by air and would thus provide the Soviets with a great victory.

    Von Richthofen reported: “Of yesterday’s 47 Ju 52s, 22 made sorties (into the Stalingrad pocket); of today’s 30, 9 made sorties. We flew in 75 tons today, instead of the 300 tons ordered by the High Command, which is not possible with the few Ju 52s available.”

    More than 150,000 Axis soldiers, most of them German, were killed or wounded at Stalingrad and another 108,000 were captured.

    This apparent madness, caused significant opposition to Hitler. Ulrich von Hassel held secret meetings with British and American officials, and hoped that a successful coup would translate into an honorable peace treaty. This, however, was not part of the plan, so the Jews had Roosevelt declare that only an unconditional surrender would be acceptable (January 1943). Thus, they saved their man from any coup, and he was free to continue his destruction of the German people.

    The Jew Hitler tells the Soviets an attack will occur at Kursk. The Jew Hitler delays the attack for more than four months, until the Soviets had built defensive lines, eight deep. The Soviets concentrate 1,300,000 soldiers with 3,600 tanks, 20,000 artillery pieces, including 6,000 76mm anti-tank guns, and 2,800 aircraft in and around Kursk. An attack anywhere other than Kursk would be fatal for the Soviets, but the Soviets seem to know that the attack will come only at Kursk.

    To incur the maximum possible number of German casualties, the Jew Hitler orders German troops to attack, as promised, at Kursk; to attack the most heavily defended lines ever constructed.

    The Jew Hitler is amazed by the supermen of the elite SS Panzer Korps Liebstandarte, who, in the south, break through all eight defensive lines and take on the reserve Soviet tank battalions.

    Less than two weeks into the offensive, worried that the Liebstandarte might win the battle for the Germans, the Jew Hitler strips this elite group of their tanks and sends them to Northern Italy, where they sit on their hands for some months before returning to the eastern front. The pretext of the Sicily invasion, was used.

    Before the Normandy invasion, Rommel stated the obvious; that the western tank divisions must be based close to the Atlantic coast. These tanks were necessary to stop the invasion force once it had penetrated the beach defenses. If the tank divisions were based too far from the coast, Allied air power would prevent them from reaching the critical areas, or delay them, until it was too late.

    Understanding this, the Jew Hitler based many of the tank divisions, half way to Paris.

    In an attempt to justify this stupidity, the Jew Hitler stated that one of his commanders, Gerd von Rundstedt, was of the opinion that the panzers should be formed into large units near Paris, where they would wait, allowing the Allies to extend into France, before cutting them off, and that Rundstedt’s (crazy) opinion must not be ignored. Of course, Rundstedt was another covert Jew.

    Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the Jew Hitler formed a strategic armor reserve, which could only be released for action by his authority. Early in the Normandy invasion, the Jew Hitler refused to commit any of the forces from the reserve, using the pretext that his staff were afraid to wake him. Later, he used the pretext that the real attack was not to be at Normandy, where the bombs were dropping and the troops landing, but would come in the Pas de Calais area.

    Before the war, German scientists discovered the nerve gases Tabun (1936) and Sarin (1938). To manufacture Tabun, a large industrial complex was built at Dyhernfurth an der Oder, with some 30,000 tons of Tabun eventually being produced. It was weaponized and stored at various locations in Germany and Poland, with a major storage area at Krappitz, some 80 kilometers from Auschwitz. Of course, the Nazis never used the nerve gas, Tabun, to mass-murder Jews at Auschwitz, simply because the Nazis never mass-murdered any group at Auschwitz.

    Even though the use of these thousands of tons of weaponized nerve gas would have won the war for Germany, the Jew Hitler refused to give the order to use it, and it remained in its storage areas untill captured by the Allies.

    The Germans had been the first to discover nuclear fission (which is the basis of uranium and plutonium atomic weapons) and before the war, were undisputed leaders in this area. By directing nuclear scientists to research nuclear reactors, rather than nuclear weapons, the Jews in the Nazi high-command were able to minimize the chance that Germany ever developed atomic weapons. However, since research into nuclear reactors naturally leads to nuclear weapons, funding in this area was limited to three million Deutschmarks per annum, and, in 1942, the number of scientists involved in nuclear research was cut from 70 to 44. As far as it is known, Germany had no scientists working on nuclear weapons, at any time during the war.

    The Jew Hitler personally sabotaged German jet fighter development by insisting that a bomber version of the fighter be developed and manufactured. When it tuned out that without bombs, the bomber version, was still a very impressive interceptor, Hitler demanded that they be flown by bomber pilots. Since the bomber pilots did not have the necessary fighter pilot training to perform and survive this type of mission, this proved a total disaster, as desired.

    The British double agent, Eddie Chapman (Agent Zigzag), had the opportunity to kill Hitler in a suicide bombing at a Nazi rally. This he offered to do. However, the Jew Churchill (British prime minister) who had kept a personal interest in the Zigzag case, made sure that this opportunity to kill Hitler was rejected. Neither the British, nor the Americans, made any attempt on Hitler’s life.

    Hitler, Goering and Himmler, have close relatives currently living in Israel (Matthias Goering, the great-nephew of Hermann Goering, Katrin Himmler, the great-niece of Heinreich Himmler and Hitler’s nephew’s grandson).

    “We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory (Weizmann is alluding to Hitler and other Jew Nazis).” Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel.

    Comment by John — April 29, 2010 @ 10:12 pm

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