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May 23, 2010

Jimmy Gentry, liberator of Dachau concentration camp

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Last night I saw a TV show about the Holocaust survivors who live in the state of Tennessee and the American liberators of the Nazi concentration camps who also live in Tennessee. Among the survivors who spoke on camera were Eva Rosenfeld and Hedy Lustig. Some of the survivors were in the Lodz ghetto until late in the war when they were sent to Auschwitz.  One of the American liberators was Jimmy Gentry who was with the 42nd Rainbow Division of the US Seventh Army during World War II. (more…)

New web site will challenge Holocaust denial

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Lawrence Rees, a well known British historian, is launching a new web site ( which will tell the true story of World War II and combat Holocaust denial, according to a news article which you can read here.

According to the article, “Among the main features will be timelines for four theatres of war; the Western Front, the Eastern Front, the Pacific Front and the Holocaust.”  (more…)