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June 2, 2010

Joran van der Sloot is the prime suspect in a new murder case

Joran van der Sloot is the young man from Aruba who was arrested twice in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway five years ago on May 30th. Now he is the prime suspect in the murder of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez in Lima, Peru on May 30th.

Update, June 3, 2010

Last night I watched the Greta Van Susteren show, “On the Record.”  Greta is my favorite Fox News person; she covered the Natalee Holloway case every night for a year or more.  I learned these new details about the Stephany Flores case:

1.  Stephany Flores’s body was found on Wednesday (June 2nd), face down in Joran van der Sloot’s hotel room, with abrasions on her face and body and signs of trauma. She was clothed and there were signs of a struggle.

2.  Her father announced that she was missing on Sunday, May 30th. Stephany had gone out with friends on Saturday night. She drove her friends home around 2:30 Sunday morning, before returning to the casino, where she met up with van der Sloot, only to leave a few hours later.

3.  Stlephany’s father said in television interviews in Peru that he and his daughter had had an argument and that she was a young woman going out with her friends late at night and he was a protective father.

This morning on the NBC Today show, a cousin of Ramirez said that Stephany learned about Joran van der Sloot a month ago when she saw a TV special on the Holloway case.

I have written my comments at the end of this post. Here is what I originally wrote on my original post on June 2nd:

Tonight I was watching Bill O’Reilly on his show, The Factor, and he began the segment about the murder of Stephany Ramirez with these words: “That weasel Joran van der Sloot that got away with murdering Natalee Holloway…”

Then there was a commercial break and a commercial for the Broadview security company was shown.  In the commercial, a young woman is coming home after a date and her “ex-boyfriend” kicks in the front door with the intent of attacking her.

Then O’Reilly says, regarding the alleged murder of Natalee Holloway,  “Everybody knows he (Joran) did it.”  He mentions that Joran is the son of a judge and that’s why he “got away with it,” referring to the alleged murder of Natalee.  There is no proof that Natalee is dead, much less that she was murdered.

Of course, O’Reilly is not a news reporter; he is a news analyst, as he has said many times.  He is entitled to his opinion and I am entitled to mine.  I think Joran is innocent in the Holloway case and also this new murder case.

So far, the news about the murder is minimal but here is what we know so far:

1. Joran had been staying at the Miraflores Hotel Tac in Lima, Peru since May 14, 2010.  He was there for a poker tournament.

2. On Sunday, May 30, 2010, Joran was caught on tape in a video taken at a Lima casino; he arrived at the casino at 2 a.m. and Stephany arrived with some girl friends at 2:36 a.m. Joran and Stephany left the casino together in her car, and were in the car for 39 minutes.

Then Joran was seen by a witness entering his hotel room with Stephany at 5 a.m.  It was also caught on a video camera. Four hours later, Joran checked out of his hotel room.

3. Joran van der Sloot left Peru on Monday, according to an immigration registry.

4. Early Wednesday morning, on June 2, 2010, Stephany’s body was found in the room where Joran had stayed from May 14th to May 30th.  Stephany had been “brutally beaten” and had been stabbed multiple times; her body was wrapped in a blanket.

5. Stephany’s car was found 50 blocks from Joran’s hotel and there were wrappers for GHB, the date rape drug, found in the car.

So Joran checked out of this hotel room at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, left Lima on Monday and the body of the murder victim was found on Wednesday?  What kind of a hotel does not have a maid come into the room for three days after someone has checked out.  This was supposed to be an expensive hotel in an exclusive area of Lima.

If Stephany had been killed by Joran on Sunday, wouldn’t the body have started to smell before Wednesday?  Did Stephany stay in the room after Joran left and use the room for another tryst the next night? Was Joran set up to be charged with the murder of Stephany because he was never charged with the murder of Natalee Holloway?

What was Joran’s motive for killing a girl that he had just met? Did he have a knife on his person, while he was playing poker, so he could kill a girl that night? He was allegedly in the hotel room for four hours early Sunday morning.  Did he kill Stephany just before he left the room, or did he kill her immediately and then wait until 9 a.m. to check out of the room?

Going back to the Broadview commercial, here is my theory about what happened: Joran met Stephany in the casino, took her to his room, and then left her asleep in the room when he checked out.  Her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, or maybe her father, came into the room, and stabbed her to death because she was a slut.  Nice girls don’t go to a casino at 2:30 a.m. and leave with a stranger at 5 a.m. to go to a hotel.

Why were there date rape drug wrappers in Stephany’s car?  Why would Joran have needed to drug her if she was willing to go with him to his hotel room? Curiously, Joran was accused of drugging Natalee Holloway with GHB.  Why would he be so careless as to leave a wrapper in Stephany’s car.  This makes me suspicious that Joran was set up to be the patsy.

I wonder if the Lima casino video will show Stephany approaching Joran while he is playing poker and flirting with him.  The casino video in Aruba showed Natalee coming on to Joran and inviting him to meet her at Carlo’s ‘n Charlie’s that night.

My comments, June 3, 2010

The comparisons between this case and the Holloway case are uncanny.  Stephany had an overly protective father and Natalee had an overly protective mother.  Stephany’s father announced that she was missing immediately, just like Natalie’s mother announced her daughter’s disappearance to the press immediately.

Stephany went back to the casino, after getting rid of her friends, and then met Joran. Maybe she had already spotted Joran when he came into the casino at 2 a.m. and she wanted to get rid of her friends so she could pick him up.

In the Holloway case, there is a casino video showing Natalee coming into the casino all alone.  She joined her friends at a table where Joran was playing, but the friends completely ignored her.  Natalee made a big effort to get Joran’s attention, as shown on the tape.

A hotel employee saw Stephany and Joran enter his hotel room together.  Did the employee notify Stephany’s father who then took action to punish his daughter for acting like a slut?  Did Joran leave the room in a panic after her father, or some of his goons, entered the room?  Did he immediately realize that he was going to be accused again and that’s why he took a bus on a 1,000 kilometer trip to the border?

Or did Stephany deliberately go with Joran to his hotel room on the anniversary of Natalee’s death because she wanted to confront him and accuse him of killing Natalee Holloway?  Joran’s life has been completely ruined by the Natalee Holloway case.  Did he finally snap and kill Stephany because she  asked him about Natalee?


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  2. O’reilly is a straight up wingnut. Just like every other dildo at Fake News.

    Comment by Sean Campbell — June 2, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

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