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June 17, 2010

People in the town of Dachau didn’t know what was going on in the concentration camp

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Nothing makes me more angry than reading a blog post that criticizes the German civilians who lived in the town of Dachau during the time that the concentration camp was in operation.  It seems that every recent visitor to the Dachau Memorial site, who writes about his or her trip, mentions that the people in the town must have known what was going on, but they chose to ignore it.  How come no one ever thinks that maybe the reason that the townspeople didn’t know about the atrocities in the camp is because these things never happened.


Dachau ovens had two sets of doors

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I’ve seen the crematorium at Dachau many times, but I didn’t realize until just yesterday that there are actually two sets of doors on the cremation ovens.  An engineer e-mailed me and told me that the pulleys above the ovens were used to raise and lower the inner doors.

Pulley and counterweight was used to raise and lower inner door of oven at Dachau concentration camp