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June 22, 2010

Photos don’t lie, but liars use photographs to decieve…

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Yesterday I blogged about a Jewish American soldier, Irving Ross, who claimed to have taken a photo at Dachau, which was actually a photo taken at the Nordhausen sub-camp of Buchenwald after Nordhausen was bombed by American planes on April 3, 1945.  The photo, which is shown below, was published in Life magazine in May 1945.

Prisoners at Nordhausen were killed by American bombs

Notice the body of a naked man in the foreground which seems out of place because all the other bodies have clothes on.  It seems that this naked body was put there, with a little space between it and the next body, so that we can see how the Nazis starved the prisoners to death.

A couple of years ago, I saw a documentary movie entitled “The Ritchie Boys.” The following quote is from my review of this film on my own web site

Another misleading story is told in “The Ritchie Boys” by Morris Parloff, a Ritchie boy who was sent to the Nordhausen concentration camp to investigate the V-2 rocket factory there, a few days after the camp was liberated. In the film, Parloff relates that he encountered a Jewish survivor at Nordhausen who climbed up on top of a six-foot pile of ashes from the crematorium. Parloff was appalled by this and told the man to get down.

Parloff was overcome with emotion as he told how he decided to speak Yiddish to the Jewish survivors at Nordhausen, but he was so traumatized that the words wouldn’t come; he had completely forgotten the language. As an American-born Jew, he could not relate to the Jews he saw at Nordhausen; he was Jewish himself, “but not like that.”

The movie does not fully explain why one of the Ritchie boys was sent to Nordhausen. It was not to interrogate the Jewish survivors, nor to gather evidence of war crimes, but to arrange for getting everything out of the V-2 rocket factory and on its way to America before the camp had to be turned over to the Russians in July 1945 because Nordhausen had been promised to the Soviet Union, since it was in their zone of occupation according to the terms of the Yalta agreement. The British had also been promised a share of the loot, but the Americans made sure that they got there first.

The significance of Nordhausen is lost in the film because of Parloff’s story about a Jew standing on a pile of ashes. There is no mention of the rocket technology that America stole from our Russian allies after they made such a great sacrifice to win the war, or the fact that this was a violation of President Roosevelt’s agreement with Uncle Joe at Yalta. The documentary implies that Nordhausen was a “death camp” where Jews were murdered and then cremated.

During the war crimes trial of the Nordhausen staff, held at Dachau after the war, the defense pointed out that it took one to three months to train a worker for the V-2 rocket factory, and the Germans did their best to keep these prisoners alive, although it was a losing battle due to the severe conditions in the tunnels and the typhus epidemics that were out of control in all of the camps at the end of the war. The prisoners who worked in the tunnels were political prisoners from Buchenwald; they worked side by side with German civilians in the rocket factory. They were even paid a small amount of money which they could use to buy cigarettes and food in the camp canteen, or to visit one of the prostitutes in the camp brothel.

However, there was also a “recuperation camp” near the town of Nordhausen where the factory workers were sent to recover when they were too sick to work in the underground factory. In the last months of the war, Jewish prisoners who had been evacuated from Auschwitz were brought to this sub-camp of Nordhausen, which was called Boelke Kaserne by the Germans. A few days before the recuperation camp was liberated, it was bombed by American planes and around 1500 prisoners were killed. There were other prisoners who had died of tuberculosis or typhus and when the liberators arrived, there were around 3,000 unburied bodies and around 700 sick and dying prisoners who had been left behind when the camp was evacuated.

During the Boelke Kaserne segment in the documentary, a shot of the crematorium at Dachau is shown with bodies piled up against the wooden structure in front of the outside wall. Then another shot of some sick prisoners in wagons, which was taken at Dachau, is shown. This footage is from the film entitled “Nazi Concentration Camps,” which was made by Lt. Col. George C. Stevens a day or two after Dachau was liberated; it was shown during the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal. Christian Bauer obtained the film clips for his documentary from the US Archives.

Bauer now lives in Munich, 18 kilometers from Dachau. Surely, he must have recognized that this footage was taken at Dachau and not at the Nordhausen sick camp. Perhaps he used the scenes from Dachau instead of Nordhausen because so many of the bodies found at the Nordhausen “recuperation camp” had been blown to pieces by American bombs.

In the last ten years or so, lying about the Holocaust has reached epidemic proportions. Every World War II veteran and Jewish Holocaust survivor is out on the lecture circuit telling lies which are easily disproved.  They are aided by journalists, who report on the stories that these people tell American school kids, but neglect to point out that they are lying.


  1. Many tens of thousands Jews were victims of an “extermination program” from the air during WW2 —but Jews were not the target, they were merely some of what is now called “collateral damage.” All of the treks west by millions of civilians to escape the Russians were potential “death marches.” The real targets and the real victims of an extermination program were the Germans. So long as the women, children murdered were merely Germans—no need to apologize afterward. But if some of them were Jews, that had to be explained differently even if just to avoid lawsuits for generations to come. Hey, why not blame the Germans? What America actually did during WW2 was bad enough–but that such a country, even sixty years after the war, continues to see itself as a symbol of righteousness is beyond insane.

    America in WW2 committed the most despicable and cowardly rampage of mass murder in all of human history. If there were a God who gave a damn about punishing evil-doers, he would surely destroy America from end to end with flamethrowers. Perhaps such a judgment day will come.

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — July 13, 2010 @ 7:07 am

  2. Out of 11 million European/Soviet Jews , acc to the Nazi’s own “Wannsee Conference”, notes kept by Luther, some six million died. So that still leaves five million, of whom the over 3 million stem from.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 12, 2010 @ 12:54 am

  3. I’m sorry, I should have spelled “corroborated” correctly. I keep forgetting to edit before sending.

    Comment by Paulosilv — June 28, 2010 @ 9:44 pm

  4. *You mean “some prisoners”. The truly sick died, as is shown in many videos. There is one vid of people taken for emergency feeding, in which they died as their diet could not tolerate it after eating Nazi gruel. I think that is an established fact. Those “some prisoners”, who were they? Kapos, Germans, Jews? How long after liberation were the pics taken?

    *3.4 million Jewish survivors. I don’t know where you get that no. from. There were survivors of the camps because they were liberated before Himmler’s orders to kill all the prisoners could be carried out. There were probably hundreds of thousands who survived, plus there were a number who survived within Berlin proper.

    The Red Cross packages, did they go to Jewish prisoners, or to non Jewish prisoners? The Nazis treated different groups differently.
    *I have only seen one book, by Jacques Bacque, I believe is the name, that claims these Eisenhower “death camps”. I don’t believe that was ever corrobated, and if it were true, which it isn’t, then the US military would have records of the occupation. It would have been impossible, you know, with the world media focussed on Germany, to do such a thing after liberation. Frankly I don’t believe it.

    Comment by Paulosilv — June 28, 2010 @ 9:42 pm

    • There are two sides to the history of World War II. You have obviously read only one side. If you do a google search, you should be able to find plenty of sources for the figure of 3.4 million Jewish survivors who have received reparations from Germany. There were over 4 million Jews who applied for reparations but a million of them were turned down because they could not prove that they had been in a concentration camp.

      Comment by furtherglory — June 29, 2010 @ 6:57 am


    Prisoners were worked to death by order of Hitler and Hitler.
    “Their food consisted generally of about one-half of a pound of black bread per day and a bowl of watery soup for noon and night, and not always that. Owing to the great numbers crowded into a small space and to the lack of adequate sustenance, lice and vermin multiplied, disease became rampant, and those who did not soon die of disease or torture began the long, slow process of starvation. Notwithstanding the deliberate starvation program inflicted upon these prisoners by lack of adequate food, we found no evidence that the people of Germany as a whole were suffering from any lack of sufficient food or clothing.

    Comment by paolosilv — June 27, 2010 @ 11:50 pm

    • How do you account for the photographs that show prisoners in good health when they were liberated from the camps? How do you account for the 3.4 million Jewish survivors who signed up for payments from the German government after the war? What about the Red Cross packages and the packages that prisoners received from friends and relatives?

      The link that you provided is for the “Teachers Guide to the Holocaust.” Is there a Teachers Guide to how German POWs were deliberately starved by order of General Eisenhower?

      Comment by furtherglory — June 28, 2010 @ 6:50 am

    • Dr. Russell Barton, an English physician who spent a month in Bergen-Belsen after the war with the British Army, explained the reasons for the catastrophic conditions found there:

      “Most people attributed the conditions of the inmates to deliberate intention on the part of the Germans in general and the camp administrators in particular. Inmates were eager to cite examples of brutality and neglect, and visiting journalists from different countries interpreted the situation according to the needs of propaganda at home.

      For example, one newspaper emphasized the wickedness of the “German masters” by remarking that some of the 10,000 unburied dead were naked. In fact, when the dead were taken from a hut and left in the open for burial, other prisoners would take their clothing from them …

      German medical officers told me that it had been increasingly difficult to transport food to the camp for some months. Anything that moved on the autobahns was likely to be bombed …

      I was surprised to find records, going back for two or three years, of large quantities of food cooked daily for distribution. I became convinced, contrary to popular opinion, that there had never been a policy of deliberate starvation. This was confirmed by the large numbers of well-fed inmates. Why then were so many people suffering from malnutrition?… The major reasons for the state of Belsen were disease, gross overcrowding by central authority, lack of law and order within the huts, and inadequate supplies of food, water and drugs.

      In trying to assess the causes of the conditions found in Belsen one must be alerted to the tremendous visual display, ripe for purposes of propaganda, that masses of starved corpses presented.”

      The alleged Nazi starvation policy was just Allied war propaganda and later Holocaust propaganda. The Allied Propaganda Machine simply seized the opportunity to kill the National Socialist Ideology when their troops found all those bodies emaciated by typhus, typhoid and undeliberate starvation (due to the mass Allied bombings). Very patent when one examines the newspaper articles of that time:

      Comment by hermie — December 22, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

  6. What is your basis for saying that?


    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — June 22, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

  7. I strongly suspect the Jewish workers at Nordhausen were paid the exact same wages as the German workers at Nordhausen for the same work. Does anyone have any good evidence one way or the other?

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — June 22, 2010 @ 10:04 am

    • The Jewish workers at Nordhausen were prisoners and they got room and board in addition to wages. They were paid in camp money which could only be used in the camp canteen or the camp brothel. They didn’t give the prisoners real money because this would have helped them to escape; they could have used real money to bribe a guard or a civilian worker. The prisoners were allowed to receive money from home, but it was converted into camp money before it was given to them.

      Comment by furtherglory — June 22, 2010 @ 10:29 am

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