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June 30, 2010

Lest We Forget… the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission

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Lest We Forget... Dwight Eisenhower was a great president who is not often given the credit he deserves to receive. I am grateful for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission.  General Eisenhower realized that someday there would be those who deny the holocaust even happened, therefore he took action. Citizens were made aware of the atrocities and pictures were taken. The following was taken from the commission’s website. Reports on the massive genocide inflic … Read More

My comments regarding this post on Jlue’s Weblog which I am re-blogging:

I used to be a great admirer of Dwight D. Eisenhower; he was the first president, for whom I ever voted.  I wore my “I Like Ike” button proudly and I had not one, but two, Eisenhower jackets.

In 1993, I got a computer with a modem and accessed the Internet for the first time.  I got an AOL account and started reading the online newsgroups.  That’s when I learned  about Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “death camps” where German POWs were deliberately denied their rights  under the Geneva Convention.

For a long time, I couldn’t believe it.  Eisenhower had the highest approval rating of any president that America has ever had.  Everybody liked Ike.  As the Toby Keith song goes, “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.”

Why did Eisenhower famously predict that some day there would be people who denied what happened in World War II?  It was because Eisenhower knew that the propaganda campaign that he was planning was based on lies.

An American soldier, who was there when Eisenhower toured Ohrdruf, reported that Eisenhower was rubbing his hands together as he walked around the camp.  Apparently, Ike started planning his propaganda campaign the moment that he saw Ohrdruf.

Almost every word on the Eisenhower Memorial Commission web site, which is quoted on Jlue’s blog, is incorrect.

Jlue wrote:

…Ohrdruf was a holding facility for over 11,000 prisoners on their way to the gas chambers and crematoria at Buchenwald…

On the contrary, Ohrdruf was a forced labor camp, which was a sub-camp of the huge Buchenwald concentration camp. Ohrdruf was opened in November 1944 when prisoners were brought from Buchenwald to work on the construction of a vast underground bunker to house a new Führer headquarters for Adolf Hitler.

Ohrdruf was in the vicinity of a secret Nazi communications center and it was also near the Merkers salt mine where the Nazis had stored their gold and art treasures.

There were no gas chambers at Buchenwald; no Holocaust historian makes that claim today.

Jlue wrote:

…When General Eisenhower learned about the camp, he immediately arranged to meet Generals Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf on the morning of April 12th. By that time, Buchenwald itself had been captured. Consequently, Ike decided to extend the group’s visit to include a tour of the Buchenwald extermination camp the next day. Eisenhower also ordered every American soldier in the area who was not on the front lines to visit Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. He wanted them to see for themselves what they were fighting against…

Eisenhower did NOT make the arrangement, himself, to meet the generals at Ohrdruf and he did NOT visit Buchenwald the next day.  At that point, Eisenhower could not have cared less about the Nazi concentration camps.

On the morning of April 12, 1945, General Dwight D. Eisenhower visited the Merkers salt mine near Ohrdruf, along with General Omar Bradley, General George S. Patton, and other high-ranking American Army officers. The Nazis had hidden valuable paintings and 250 million dollars worth of gold bars inside the salt mine, all of which was confiscated by America as the “spoils of war.”  The location of the mine was in the future zone of occupation of the Soviets, and the “spoils of war” in the mine was supposed to go to the Soviets, but Eisenhower made sure that the Americans got there first.

Eisenhower examines the Nazi gold found in a salt mine on April 12, 1945

The soldier on the far left in the photo above is Benjamin B. Ferencz. In the center is General Eisenhower and behind him, wearing a helmet with four stars is General Omar Bradley. In 1945, Ferencz had been transferred from General Patton’s army to the newly created War Crimes Branch of the U.S. Army, where his job was to gather evidence for future trials of German war criminals. A Jew from Transylvania, Ferencz had moved with his family to America at the age of 10 months.

The Kaiseroda salt mine, aka the Merkers mine, shown in the photo above, was found by the 90th Infantry Division near the little town of Merkers, Germany a few days before the Buchenwald camp was discovered by American troops on April 11, 1945.

Hidden deep inside the salt mine was virtually the entire gold and currency reserves of the German Reichsbank, together with all of the priceless art treasures which had been removed from Berlin’s museums for protection against Allied bombing raids and possible capture by the Allied armies.

On the same day that the top American Generals visited the salt mine, they made a side trip to the Ohrdruf forced labor camp after lunch. Except for General Patton, who visited Buchenwald on April 15, 1945, none of the top American Army Generals ever visited another forced labor camp, nor any of the concentration camps.

Although Buchenwald was more important and had more evidence of Nazi atrocities, it was due to the efforts of Captain Alois Liethen that the generals visited Ohrdruf instead. Liethen was one of the first Americans to see Ohrdruf, a few days before the Generals arrived; he was an interpreter and an interrogator in the XX Corp, G-2 Section of the US Third Army.  There were rumors that the Nazis were building an atomic bomb in the vicinity of Ohrdruf, which may have been why Captain Liethen wanted to take the Generals there.


  1. He (British liberator of Belsen) was told some 30,000 people had died in the past few months.” ibid.

    This disproves what the other blog states, that the prisoners died mainly from ‘typhus’. The Nazis had months to get food and medicine to these camps (within Germany proper) and yet they did not.

    Typhus at Bergen-Belsen”
    One site claims that the people at Dachau and other camps died mainly of ‘typhus’. However, BBC :

    “He said typhus had caused far fewer deaths than starvation.”\­y/hi/dates/stories/april/15/ne­wsid_3557000/3557341.stm

    There were depots filled with food and medicine, that the Nazi guards withheld from the prisoners during the final days of the war . In addition, the Luftwaffe on Apr 28 1945 bombed one of the Hospitals. Now why did they do this? It was because of Himmler’s order to kill all the prisoners. Hence, they were machine-gunned (over 25,000) after they left Stutthoff on a death march.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 10, 2010 @ 10:39 pm

  2. On the 13th day after liberation of Bergen-Belsen, the Luftwaffe bombed one of the hospitals in the DP camp, injuring and killing several patient and Red Cross workers. The total number of deaths at Bergen-Belsen from 1943 to June 1945 was about 50,000.[6]

    Now why did the Luftwaffe do this, so late in the war?

    Comment by paolosilv — July 10, 2010 @ 9:36 pm

  3. Further Glory points out *with documentation* (of which you supply none) what those pictures actually represent.

    Skeptic must be mad today, or else why does he keep referring to me? Why should he care if I post articles on the Holocaust?

    No mention is made of Professor Kola’s archaelogical digs in recent years. At Belzec they have in fact discovered mass graves. In addition, there are the post war German trials of the guards and doctors at these camps. Nothing to say about all that evidence? To point to mistakes in a photo may be evidence, or it may not be, but it’s meaningless outside of a look at overall evidence.
    Would anything written here stand up in a classroom or a courtroom?

    Comment by paolosilv — July 10, 2010 @ 8:16 pm

  4. Ordinarily I wouldn’t waste my time responding to your comment, but the skeletal figures of those near death from starvation who were barely alive and the mass graves of those who died should be enough to tell you something if you really want to know the truth. I would want to acknowledge the truth whether I were an American, a Jew, a German or whatever race. It isn’t that I am trying to act “holier than thou”. I believe we owe it to those who suffered to acknowledge the tragedy and make every effort to see that this part of the history of mankind NEVER is repeated. We also should be thankful to those who went into the camps. You are the one who has been indoctrinated with lies. Open your eyes. Were you even born then?

    Comment by jlue — July 10, 2010 @ 3:45 pm

    • jlue:

      You say you want to acknowledge the truth, yet you have only seen pictures of bodies and mass graves, etc. and TOLD that they are Jews who were murdered by Germans who were Nazis.

      Further Glory points out *with documentation* (of which you supply none) what those pictures actually represent. He also points out the blatant errors given to the public by the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. You ignore all this and continue to blather about suffering, tragedy, mankind and actually say he is spreading lies, but do not refute his so-called “lies” with anything solid. You do truthfully say that you did not expect anyone to come along and refute your nonsense, so you were taken by surprise. Exactly. Do you really think you convince any intelligent person here?

      You should give up. And Paulo also. You are indeed wasting your time.

      Comment by Sceptic — July 10, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

      • P.S. It’s really cool that Further Glory surfs the internet blogs and discovers uninformed people like you, and/or downright liars and exposes them on his blog. He deserves a big round of applause for that.

        Comment by Sceptic — July 10, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

  5. Paulo, I did not intend to start this debate and then not defend my position. Actually, I never expected someone to “reblog” my “Lest We Forget” post. I just didn’t have time to waste arguing with these people. Most all Americans know that the evidence, the documentation, the scars, and the pain of the holocaust is irrefutable. (Hope I spelled that right). Our brave young men did a great job helping to liberate the Jewish people who were in the camps there. I had several uncles who fought in that war. I just do not want to give those who have nothing else to do with their time the attention they seem to be seeking. My blog isn’t really on the holocaust, but I thought the Eisenhower Memorial Commission was interesting. Drop by
    when you have time.

    Comment by jlue — July 10, 2010 @ 8:45 am

    • I love the “Holier Than Thou” attitude exhibited by jlue. “Our brave young men did a great job” in going to the camps to be indoctrinated after World War II was over — on the orders of Eisenhower. The Jews who were liberated in the camps in Germany had only been there for a few weeks; all the Jews were sent to what is now Poland, starting in February 1942.

      The proper response for jlue would be something like, “Thank you for telling me about the errors made by the Eisenhower Memorial Commission.” Instead, he or she continues to defend the mistakes made by the Eisenhower web site.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 10, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

  6. “Also, I think you found someone else to do your little rebuttal for you. Not that it is any good, but it doesn’t really sound like you. You have a uniqueness to your ignorance.”

    Skeptic, you can think what you like.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 9, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

  7. I don’t try to represent myself as two different people. But for some reason I was signed up to read this blog as Paul, and then reverted to my blog name.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 9, 2010 @ 9:16 pm


    Early October 1944
    Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler met secretly near Vienna with Dr. Jean-Marie Musy, President of the Swiss Altbund, to discuss the fate of the remaining Jews held in Nazi concentration and death camps. At the meeting, Himmler declared that he was ready to release all Jews held in German custody and allow them to travel to Switzerland. Following the meeting, Himmler dictated a memorandum to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the chief of the RSHA, Sipo and SD, to spare the lives of all Jews being held in concentration camps. According to SS-Standartenfuehrer Kurt Becher, the message read: “I forbid any extermination of Jews and order that on the contrary care should be given to weak and sick persons.” (Hoehne 642)

    Mid-October 1944
    Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler sent an order to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Oswald Pohl, head of the SS Economic Administration of the concentration camps, and to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, head of the Reich Central Security Office, ordering them to stop killing the Jews. (Holo Levin 700)

    October 30 1944
    The “selection” of Jews to be killed in concentration camps was ordered stopped by Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. (Holo Levin 700)

    November 2-17 1944
    Eight thousand Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz-Birkenau before the guards received Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler’s order to stop the executions. After inmates had cleaned up at the death camp, removing 18-inch deposits of human fat from the crematorium chimneys, Crematoriums II and III at Auschwitz were dismantled and the buildings blown up by the SS. (Holo Atlas 210; Hilberg 632)

    Comment by paolosilv — July 8, 2010 @ 3:03 am

    • Why do you try to present yourself as two separate people – Paulo and paolosilv? You used to use the same symbol for both names. Why does Further Glory allow you to do this?

      Also, I think you found someone else to do your little rebuttal for you. Not that it is any good, but it doesn’t really sound like you. You have a uniqueness to your ignorance.

      Comment by Sceptic — July 8, 2010 @ 6:50 pm

  9. Since I’m in a better mood than usual I’ll analyze “sceptic’s” comment:

    “This is one of your more intelligible comments, Paulo. Maybe you will answer why you will not respond to someone you think is a ‘holocaust denier.’ [whom you think is a ‘holocaust denier.’]

    Did you get this idea from Deborah Lipstadt, Elie (“I don’t want to be in the same room with a holocaust denier”) Wiesel, and so many others who fear having to answer real questions about the nonsense they spout? [A rhetorical question is asked. However, she -he fails to note that Lipstadt did have to face a ‘denier’, namely David Irving in a British trial. So this question contains a falsehood.]

    Do you fear having to answer a question from me, rather than evade, evade, evade with one-liners? [I’m Jerry Seinfeld, that’s my technique].

    That you are ill-prepared to defend your belefs [beliefs] is all too evident to those who read this, I am sure. All you do is link to holocaustian [incorrect English, “Holocaust sites”, you mean] websites that don’t tell the truth [on what evidence do you base this claim?} , hoping others will accept them as truth, but never making the argument yourself. Yet you believe!!
    [To understand something is not ‘to believe’ in it.]

    You see what happens to “ilue” who does make her lame arguments — how easy they are to tear apart. She states “facts” that are completely wrong! S/he is braver than you, though. It’s easier and safer for you to make your excuses that you are only an interested party. That way you can be wrong all you want.

    Comment by Sceptic — July 4

    Comment by paolosilv — July 8, 2010 @ 2:43 am

  10. How lame to refer to the murder of millions as “beliefs”, Mr “Sceptic”. These matters have been written about by Van Pelt (The Case for Auschwitz), and can be researched for yourself. It is the doubters or ‘sceptics’ who cannot prove their assertions. They try to pick apart the details, while ignoring the bulk of the evidence, much of which has been proven in courts of law in post-war Germany, as well as at Nuremberg. Joshua Greene’s book “Justice at Dachau”, 2003, is what I referred to in this matter. Now the USHMM states that at least 30,000 died at Dachau and that the gas chamber may not have been used, but the gas chamber at Bernberg was used.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 8, 2010 @ 2:37 am

  11. Happy Fourth of July by the way.

    Comment by Paulo — July 3, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

  12. I am not going to respond to “Skeptic” because I believe he is a Holocaust denier. I don’t believe that you are denying the Holocaust, but rather that you are pointing out some of the inconsistencies, deliberate alteration of fact in the name of postwar propaganda. Let me state for the German and US authorities that it should not be a crime to point out a factual error, even in this subject of the Holocaust.

    I did not post my link on the ‘radiation bomb’ because I am not an Historian. I am only an amateur interested in the subject. I did provide the source to “Mission For Mussolini” , which is on Youtube, unfortunately only in Italian.

    Comment by Paulo — July 3, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    • This is one of your more intelligible comments, Paulo. Maybe you will answer why you will not respond to someone you think is a ‘holocaust denier.’

      Did you get this idea from Deborah Lipstadt, Elie (“I don’t want to be in the same room with a holocaust denier”) Wiesel, and so many others who fear having to answer real questions about the nonsense they spout?

      Do you fear having to answer a question from me, rather than evade, evade, evade with one-liners?

      That you are ill-prepared to defend your belefs is all too evident to those who read this, I am sure. All you do is link to holocaustian websites that don’t tell the truth, hoping others will accept them as truth, but never making the argument yourself. Yet you believe!!

      You see what happens to “ilue” who does make her lame arguments — how easy they are to tear apart. She states “facts” that are completely wrong! S/he is braver than you, though. It’s easier and safer for you to make your excuses that you are only an interested party. That way you can be wrong all you want.

      Comment by Sceptic — July 4, 2010 @ 9:46 am

  13. Sorry you are upset. I do not, however, think that what I say will cause you to be sent to Germany on charges of denial. Only what you do or say could do that, so you should not be upset by me. There have been many people who were more than a little upset by what happened in Nazi Germany. I am one of then. Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel are two of many holocaust deniers. The charges went beyond just denying the holocaust if I understand what little I have read and I am not sure that they were American citizens. Also, aren’t both free at this time?

    You did not answer the question of citizenship and of course you do not have to answer anything. I just wondered. It interest me that you see Germany as an occupied country today. While it is true we have military bases in Europe, which includes Germany, I do not perceive Germany as occupied and under US control. We have different perceptions of reality. Losing a war changes a region or a nation. I am from the south and many families here have only recently recovered from the devastation of the Civil War. War brings destruction, yet some wars also bring liberation.

    Comment by jlue — July 2, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

    • I am an American citizen. Here is some information about American citizens who were arrested and imprisoned in Germany; it was copied from

      “In November 1993 an American citizen, Fred Leuchter, was arrested and imprisoned in Germany solely because he had expressed an opinion based upon scientific and engineering research which contradicted the official German government line on the so called “Holocaust” of the Second World War. The American government uttered not one word of protest.

      “In August 1995 the same fate befell another American citizen, Hans Schmidt, who was arrested while visiting his 92-year-old mother and incarcerated in a German prison for more than five months because he had written things in the United States on the “Holocaust” which irritated the German government. Again the American authorities remained silent.

      “Then in August 1996 U.S. citizen Gerhard Lauck was sentenced to four years in prison by a court in Hamburg because his political activities had violated German law–even though these activities had been carried out entirely on American soil. Lauck had actually been arrested while visiting Denmark from his home in Nebraska the previous year and extradited at the request of the German authorities.

      “Not only did United States authorities take no action to protect the legal rights of its own citizens in these cases, but the evidence points to the collaboration of these authorities in helping to bring about their incarceration. This suggests a coordinated international campaign on the part of the so-called “Western democracies” to use the political and judicial system imposed upon Germany after 1945 as a basis for a system of “international law” designed specifically to serve the purposes of the New World Order by transcending existing national constitutions and curtailing nationalist activities.”

      Germany has a puppet government, not a democracy. The Germans had more freedom in Nazi Germany than they do now. If Germany were a free country, the German people would have freedom of speech. After living in Germany for 21 months, I went back there for the first time in 1995. I was expecting that the German people would speak freely, just as they did in 1957, but they refused to say anything about World War II, and they looked at me with fear in their eyes. It was the 50ieth anniversary of Germany’s defeat in World War II, but the whole country was celebrating their “liberation” from the Nazis.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 3, 2010 @ 8:01 am

  14. In what countries (other than Germany) is this a crime? I am interested in researching those laws. Why do you think Germany would enact a law to make denial a crime? When did they do this

    You do not need to answer this. I know the answers. I just want people to think about why these countries would enact these laws.

    Comment by jlue — July 2, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    • Your comments are very upsetting to me. It is obvious that you have not studied the Holocaust extensively because, if you had, you would know which countries have Holocaust denial laws and you would know that Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel were both illegally sent from America to Germany where they were put on trial for Holocaust denial because they both had web sites that were hosted in America, which could be read by people in Germany. They are not allowed back in America, after serving time in a German prison for Holocaust denial, even though they both have wives here and Germar has a child who is an American citizen. Even if America would accept them, they are not allowed to leave Germany now for fear that they will continue to write “Holocaust denial” on the Internet or in books.

      I have several pages on my website about the “Buchenwald atrocities” which you can read at

      and at

      Germany is still occupied by American and British troops. The Germans have spent the last 65 years restoring all the historic buildings and churches that were bombed in World War II. The Germans do not want all those buildings and churches destroyed again, so they have laws against Holocaust denial so as not to provoke the occupiers.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 2, 2010 @ 10:10 am

      • This “ilue” is a person who, just like Paolosilv, is hosting a blog site on the Internet about a subject she know very little about. Although, it’s probably not that ilue doesn’t know more of the truth, but that she/he is hoping to keep other people from knowing it. I and P’s interest is in promoting “holocaust belief” of the most exaggerated, fabricated type and in encouraging hatred of Germans and Germany.

        They both repeat lies and show not the slightest interest in learning what is actually true and what isn’t. They are not worth talking to.

        I was glad you wrote that her comments were upsetting to you because it is clear that she has not studied the subject of the holocaust and doesn’t know even the most basic facts that she should know. She just repeats the worst kind of false statements she can find. It is upsetting. It’s nauseating to me.

        But it’s fun to learn that ol’ Paulo/Paolosilv is a blogger. He has never shown any clear thinking in his comments here, but I guess his readers don’t want that.

        Comment by Sceptic — July 2, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

  15. I certainly apologize if I “turned you into a denier.” That was not my intention.

    Actually, I cannot do that.You have to look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

    In what countries (other than Germany) is this a crime? I am interested in researching those laws. Why do you think Germany would enact a law to make denial a crime? When did they do this?

    You have put me in danger of being sent to Germany to be tried as a criminal and imprisoned for 5 years.

    Do you live in the USA? Under what law could you be deported if you are a US citizen? Could you give me the number or name of a law that would allow you to be deported to Germany for denying the holocaust? I have never heard of anything like this happening.

    There is so much information available about Buchenwald and other camps, I am not going to get into a debate with you about what did or did not happen there. I am satisfied in my own mind that the atrocities reported actually occurred. While it is hard to understand the cruelty and the horror, denying it will not change the facts.

    As for errors on the internet, I learned some time ago that just because someone prints something on the net, that doesn’t make it true. To be believable, sources have to be given along with original documents from which the information was taken.

    Comment by jlue — July 2, 2010 @ 8:08 am

    • As you state, there is a lot of information about Buchenwald available. So why repeat the falsehood there were gas chambers there?

      Comment by Virgil Starkwell — July 2, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

  16. Do you deny the holocaust or just want to suggest that Eisenhower was evil? Please watch the video given below in its entirety if you are a denier. If you are just a liberal who wants to besmirch General Eisenhower then that is much easier to understand. That is typical of today’s far left.

    I am older and able to remember a little about the man. He was loved by both parties when he was alive, but politicians were different then.

    The video is:

    Children of the Holocaust

    Remember that this is only one small part of thousands of documents that are in existence today, not to mention living witnesses and other physical evidence.

    Comment by jlue — July 1, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

    • I watched the YouTube video; it is not a video that would convince a Holocaust denier of anything. On the contrary, this video shows several photos that are misleading. The video is a good example of how people use photos to lie about the Holocaust.

      The first photo shows a little Jewish boy who was captured at a hotel in Warsaw where he was hiding; he was taken to the exchange camp at Bergen-Belsen where he survived. This photo was included in the Stroop Report of the Warsaw Ghetto, although it was not taken in the ghetto. The second photo shows a group of Gypsies in a camp.

      The third photo has been cropped to make the viewer think that the soldier is shooting at the mother and child. The full photo, before it was cropped, shows a German soldier shooting at enemy soldiers in the distance, not at the mother and child.

      There are several photos that show Jewish children wearing Stars of David. The Jews were forced to wear some distinctive mark in many countries for centuries, not just in Nazi Germany.

      The next photos show deformed people. There were around 72,000 deformed German citizens who were killed before this program was stopped because the Pope complained about it. The deformed people were not sent to camps; they were patients in an institution. No deformed people were dragged out of their homes and killed, just the ones whose families had sent them to an institution for the government to take care of them. A photo was taken of each deformed person before they were killed in order to show the reason for killing them.

      There is the famous photo of a mother and her children walking down the road that bisects the Birkenau camp. They are headed toward the gas chambers in Krema IV and Krema V, but the showers in the Sauna building were also down this same road, so the photo doesn’t prove anything.

      There is a photo of a group of Gypsy children at Birkenau who are suffering from a disease called Noma. Another photo of Gypsy children shows skinny children who are suffering from some other disease. These photos are in the Gypsy Museum at Sachsenhausen.

      There is a photo of child survivors at Birkenau wearing adult uniforms. They were given uniforms by the Soviet liberators to wear for the photo, but the children in the camp did not wear uniforms. The children in this photo look very well fed.

      The photo of the little boy sitting on the running board of a truck was taken at Buchenwald. He was a four-year-old boy who was sneaked into the Buchenwald camp by his father, so that he could be taken care of, along with the 900 orphans at the camp.

      Near the end of the video, the text reads that there were 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust and that 2 million of them were children. The figures that are usually given are 1.5 million children.

      There are no photos in this entire video which show abuse of children. Quite the opposite; most of the children look healthy except for the Gypsies who were being treated for diseases.

      The music that is playing is “Mad World” by R.E.M. It is not appropriate and it is very distracting.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 1, 2010 @ 9:23 pm

      • You are, then, one of those who deny the holocaust.

        And so you just believe those concocted stories and deny the witness of the thousands who survived to tell their stories? That means that you have to ignore or try to explain away a volume of literature and the films showing the liberation which includes the diaries left and the first hand accounts in books written.

        Do you ignore the witness of our troops who went into the camps and liberated the Jews who were dying there? That means that you have to believe that thousands of young men are lying to their parents, wives and children.

        Do you ignore the witnesses who gave testimony in court trials under oath? This is highly unlikely.

        Do you ignore the physical evidence? The ovens? The mass graves? The tatoos that many still
        wear today? The testimony of aged men who were there? The death bed testimony of many…

        Does it really make it okay if only 1.5 million children died?

        You are persuaded that the mass graves are graves of people who died from Typhoid?

        Are you really convinced or are you saying what you want to convince others to believe?

        There really isn’t any doubt as to what happened. The only question is why there are those of you who want to cover the truth and pretend it did not happen and why?

        I am researching that topic. My only question is what is there to be gained, or what do you think you gain, by denying the suffering of the Jewish people?

        I want to know if it is political and if so what it is you hope to gain?

        Is this still purely an anti-Semitic element of our society at work? If it is anti-Semiticism at work, then perhaps it is much more than racial hatred and goes to a battle that has been raging for thousands of years between Isaac and Ishamael.

        I am truly interested in the ‘why’ of what is happening.

        Comment by jlue — July 2, 2010 @ 5:18 am

        • “Holocaust denial” is a crime punishable by 5 years in prison in 11 countries. The crime of “Holocaust denial” is defined as rejecting any, or all, of these points:

          1. Six million Jews were killed between February 1933 and May 1945 by the Nazis and their allies.

          2.The killing of six million Jews was a deliberate state-sanctioned policy of genocide by Nazi Germany.

          3. The genocide of the Jews was ordered by Adolf Hitler.

          4. The killing of the Jews was done systematically by using tools of mass murder, mainly gas chambers, but also including deliberate starvation and extermination through work.

          I re-blogged a post on your blog about the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. I pointed out errors on the Eisenhower web site, which you copied in your post. The Eisenhower web site says that Ohrdruf was a “holding facility” and that it was used for holding prisoners that were destined to be killed in a gas chamber at Buchenwald.

          The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum web site has this about Ohrdruf:

          “The Ohrdruf camp was a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp, and the first Nazi camp liberated by U.S. troops.

          Created in November 1944 near the town of Gotha, Germany, Ohrdruf supplied forced labor in the form of concentration camp prisoners for railway construction leading to a proposed communications center, which was never completed due to the rapid American advance.”

          The Buchenwald Memorial Site does not show a gas chamber to visitors and the Buchenwald guide book does not mention a gas chamber at Buchenwald. The Buchenwald Memorial Site web site does not mention a gas chamber at Buchenwald. I have written about allegations of a gas chamber at Buchenwald on this page of my web site:

          You have turned this into an accusation that I have committed the crime of “Holocaust denial.” You have put me in danger of being sent to Germany to be tried as a criminal and imprisoned for 5 years.

          Comment by furtherglory — July 2, 2010 @ 7:12 am

  17. You may ask and I will answer: I am not a member of IHR.

    Comment by furtherglory — July 1, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

  18. May I ask if you are a member of IHR, Institute for Historical Review?

    Comment by jlue — July 1, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

  19. Ohrdruf was in fact part of the labor camp system. The Nazis tested a radiation bomb there under General Hans Kammler, with Kurt Diebner, the Nazi physicist in charge.

    A show called “Mission to Mussolini” on Youtube reveals that Lt Luigi Romersa of Italy witnessed this bomb. 500 Prisoners were killed at least , on orders of Hans Kammler, SS General, by this bomb.

    Comment by paolosilv — July 1, 2010 @ 2:52 am

    • Thanks for pointing this out. You should have given a link to your own blog on this subject:

      On your blog, you mentioned that there are documents regarding the bomb that was exploded near Ohrdruf, which are sealed for 100 years. In only 35 years, we will learn why Alois Liethen arranged for the top American generals to go to Ohrdruf. It wasn’t to see the bodies of 40 prisoners who had died of typhus and the remains of other bodies that had been burned on railroad tracks.

      The first thing that visitors see at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC is a huge life-size photo of the Generals viewing the burned bodies at Ohrdruf. So immediately, visitors are told about the alleged atrocities found by the Americans at Ohrdruf, rather than the secrets of the bomb that was exploded near Ohrdruf and the gold that was found in the salt mine near Ohrdruf.

      Eisenhower immediately began his propaganda campaign to make the Nazis into the bad guys, so that no one would notice that America stole all the military secrets of the Germans, along with the Nazi gold and the German scientists.

      The Eisenhower Memorial Commission is still telling lies about a gas chamber at Buchenwald, although no one seriously believes this any more.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 1, 2010 @ 9:16 am

  20. I got an AOL account and started reading the online newsgroups.

    I would be interested in knowing your sources. You can read almost anything on the internet, but that doesn’t mean it is true. To believe something contrary to what logic and evidence from history teaches isn’t really wise. The Nazi atrocities are recorded facts. Our servicemen came home after liberating those who were imprisoned. There are still some survivors. Those who are try to deny what happened are seeking to build a case to change or erase history and they have succeeded in some cases to make believers. Those who are too young to remember may someday believe only the lies, but there will always be a thread of truth that will remain. Please read “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. There are many other first hand accounts and as I said, some of the victims are still alive, but not many.

    Comment by jlue — June 30, 2010 @ 6:09 pm

    • My “sources” include hundreds of books that I have read about the Holocaust and World War II. The book that tells about Eisenhower’s “death camps” is entitled “Other Losses.” The “Nazi atrocities” include lamp shades made out of human skin, soap made out of human fat, gas chambers at places like Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen where there were no gas chambers, and stories about Jews being fed to the bears at the Buchenwald zoo, after which birds were allowed to pick at the bones of the Jews. These are “recorded facts” that no one believes any more.

      Our service men came home after being taken from the battlefield in a truck to see bodies of prisoners who had died of typhus AFTER the camps were surrendered to the Allies. The Servicemen were not told that these prisoners had died of typhus. The Servicemen were shown gas chambers, which we are now told were never used.

      I have read “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. She was working with the Dutch Resistance, and because of this, she was sent to a concentration camp. She was hiding Jews, but if she had been in America, she would have been hiding Japanese-Americans.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 1, 2010 @ 8:49 am

      • Choose to believe what makes you please. I just wonder why you choose as you do? The evidence is overwhelming that you are wrong.

        Comment by jlue — July 1, 2010 @ 12:13 pm

        • You quoted the Eisenhower Memorial Commission as saying:

          1. Ohrdruf was a holding camp for Jews who were waiting to be gassed at Buchenwald.

          2. Eisenhower arranged to meet Generals Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf on April 12, 1945.

          3. Eisenhower extended the trip with Bradley and Patton to Buchenwald the next day.

          All three of those statements are wrong, wrong, wrong. Here is the correct version of these events:

          1. Ohrdruf was a labor camp. There was no gas chamber at Buchenwald.

          2. Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton went to visit a salt mine on April 12, 1945, then had lunch, and Eisenhower’s interpreter took them to Ohrdruf after lunch.

          3. Eisenhower and Bradley never went to Buchenwald. General Patton went to Buchenwald on April 15, 1945.

          There is no evidence whatsoever to prove the statements that you copied from the Eisenhower Memorial Commission web site. There is lots of documentation to prove the corrections that I made.

          What is your overwhelming evidence that the statements on your blog are correct?

          Comment by furtherglory — July 1, 2010 @ 3:36 pm

  21. Another excellent blog. I hope you have a back up somewhere so none of your work can be lost. It ought to be collected in a book someday. Maybe you will remain healthy enough to turn it into a book … Refutations of Holocaust Lies or something like that.

    I like the way you said outright that “Eisenhower knew that the propaganda campaign that he was planning was based on lies.” That’s why he put it the way he did, that “some day there will be people who will deny it.”

    This reminds me of George W. Bush’s line ending one of his first speeches after 9/11. Something to the effect of “don’t believe conspiracy theories” about this event. He knew they would emerge AND that the government would even be behind some of them, in order to confuse the issue as much as possible.

    So the war hero Ike is no better than the war shirker Bush — they both gave their support to the myth-makers of the time.

    Comment by Sceptic — June 30, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

    • Oh yeah, it was “Don’t believe outrageous conspiracy theories…”

      The agents of those who are responsible for this false flag operation floated some whoppers.

      Comment by Sceptic — June 30, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

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