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July 13, 2010

Bergen-Belsen bombed by the Luftwaffe?

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From Wikipedia, I learned today that the Luftwaffe bombed a hospital at the Displaced Persons camp at Bergen Belsen on April 28, 1945, about a week before World War II was over.  The Luftwaffe was the German Airforce, and they were bombing GERMANY a week before the war was over?

Here is the quote from Wikipedia:

In spite of massive efforts to help the survivors, about another 9,000 died in April, and by the end of June 1945 another 4,000 had died (after liberation a total of 13,994 people died). On the 13th day after liberation, the Luftwaffe bombed one of the hospitals in the DP camp, injuring and killing several patient and Red Cross workers. The total number of deaths at Bergen-Belsen from 1943 to June 1945 was about 50,000.[6]

Footnote [6]: Godeke, Monika (ed) (2007). Bergen-Belsen Memorial 2007: Guide to the Exhibition. Scherrer. ISBN 978-3-9811617-3-1.