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August 1, 2010

Anton Pacholegg: Another obvious liar from Dachau (via Little Grey Rabbit’s Historical Skepticism Blog)

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I am re-blogging this post because it has some interesting information from an affidavit given by Anton Pacholegg, which was taken by Col. David Chavez Jr. with J.A.G.D. on May 13, 1945, about two weeks after Dachau was liberated. In his testimony, Pacholegg said: “I was kept as a prisoner under suspicion of having been in connection with English secret service organization. The Gestapo could not produce any evidence for this accusation.”  So he was suspected of being with the British secret service, along with Captain Sigismund Payne Best, whom I suspect of arranging for the execution of Dr. Sigmund Rascher shortly before Dachau was liberated.

Pacholegg confirmed that the prisoners who were used by Dr. Rascher for his experiments had already been condemned to death when he said:

“Dr. Sigmund RASCHER actually picked the physical subjects and sent the name to Berlin. He chose those persons from the group in camp within the punishment company, which group was made up of political prisoners who had already been marked for extermination. A few convicts were among these political prisoners, having been placed there merely to depress the morals of the political prisoners and, so, a few convicts were killed along with the others.”

Proof that Pacholegg was a liar is contained in this part of his testimony:

“The most disgusting part was that when the prisoners lined up, RASCHER would go along and make what he called a leather inspection. He would grab a man by the buttocks and/or thighs and say “good.” After the group had been killed, the skin from these bodies would be removed from these thighs and buttocks. I was in the office many times when human skin with blood still on it was brought into RASCHER. After the bodies had been carted away, RASCHER would inspect them carefully, holding them up to the light for flaws, and would pass on them before they were tanned. They were always stretched over small wooden frames when they came to RASCHER. I saw the finished leather later made into a handbag that Mrs. RASCHER was carrying. Most of it went for driving gloves for the SS officers of the camp.”

Where are the photos of the human leather goods made at Dachau? Where is the forensic report that proves it was human skin? Why wasn’t this human skin introduced into the proceedings of the American Military Tribunal that prosecuted the staff at Dachau?

Pacholegg also said:

“I have been told that RASCHER was killed by the SS before the Americans got here but I have no proof of that.”

He has no proof of it because Dr. Rascher was not killed by the SS, but by the British. I have written at length about Dr. Rascher here.

via Little Grey Rabbit’s Historical Skepticism Blog

Anton Pacholegg is another witness who gave testimony at Dachau shortly after liberation.  His testimony is particularly interesting as not only does it give very weak and unconvincing details regarding human skin leather, hypothermia experiments and air pressure experiments, but he gives a radically different description over the fall of Rascher.  This he attributes as resulting from “negligience” and poor science results presented to the Luftwa … Read More