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August 9, 2010

Dr. Hans Eisele, an infamous convicted German war criminal

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Dr. Hans Eisele was a German doctor who was prosecuted as a war criminal twice by an American Miulitary Tribunal after World War II.  In the proceedings of the AMT, all of the accused were charged witth participating in a “common plan” to violate the rules of the Geneva Convention of 1929 and the Hague Convention of 1907.  The accused in the American Military Tribunal proceedings were chosen in order to represent each of the positions in the concentrations camps, to show that anyone who had any association  with a concentration camp was automatically a war criminal, regardless of his personal behavior.  According to the Allies, all the Nazi concentration camps had a “common plan” to abuse and murder the prisoners so anyone who worked in a concentration camp was automatically a war criminal.  Dr. Eisele was convicted twice and sentenced to death twice. He had no defense: he had actually worked in several concentration camps.


Dachau — in the news today…

This morning I read an article about Dachau on the web site of the Daily Pilot newspaper, which was published on August 7, 2010.  It’s been 65 years since there was a concentration camp at Dachau, so how could there be any news about the Dachau camp today?

Here is a quote from the article in the Daily Pilot:

Dachau was one of the first extermination camps established by Adolf Hitler. It was where thousands of Jews, gypsies and other “undesirables” (in Hitler’s mind) were gassed to death, and then cremated en masse.

This really is news.  It has finally been revealed that Dachau was established by Adolf Hitler, not Heinrich Himmler, and that Dachau was one of the “extermination camps.”  Not just Jews but “gypsies” and other “undesirables” were gassed to death at Dachau, according to this article which you can also read here.

The article includes information from a friend of the author who visited Dachau in 1960 and wrote this:

When we arrived at the (Dachau) camp, we found that we were in the area where the gas chambers, the cremation ovens, and a mound with pansies in the form of the Star of David were located. The mound, a circle of some 25 feet across and four feet high, contained the ashes of 6,000 Jews who had been cremated. We were the only people visiting at that time. It was very emotional to enter the area where so many had died. You could see the barn-like building where families undressed, hung up their clothing, and prepared for a “shower,” during which they were gassed to death.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  “Families” were gassed together at Dachau.  Who knew?  The interesting thing is that the “families” were gassed during a “shower.”  This took place in a barn-like building which could only be the brick building called Baracke X.

Baracke X at Dachau where the gas chamber is located

The “families” who were gassed at Dachau “hung up their clothes” before being gassed.  Notice all the women’s clothes and baby clothes in the photo below.  (Sarcasm)

Clothes hung up at Dachau in front of the disinfection gas chambers

Today visitors to Dachau are told that the gas was in the form of pellets that “could be put into the gas chamber” through holes in the wall. (After all but one of the shower heads were stolen as souvenirs, visitors could then see that the shower heads were not hooked up to any pipes.)  Did the author’s friend not see these holes in the wall in 1960?  This really IS news.

Zyklon-B pellets could put into the Dachau gas chamber through these bins on the outside wall of the gas chamber

The mound of ashes that the friend saw in 1960 is no longer a mound and it is not covered with pansies any more, as the photo below shows.

The ashes of the prisoners who died at Dachau are buried here

Ashes at Dachau marked with a Christian cross

The author of the article on the Daily Pilot web site visited Dachau in 1965.  In 1965, the ethnic German “expellees” from Czechoslovakia had just been kicked out of the former Dachau camp so that it could be turned into  a memorial site. In 1960, when the author’s friend visited, ethnic Germans, who were homeless refugees, were still living at Dachau in the old barracks.  How come the friend didn’t mention this?

The article, as published by the Daily Pilot and on this blog, includes this information written by the author’s friend:

After the shower (in the gas chamber), doors on each end of the barn (Baracke X) were opened and bulldozers were used to push the bodies out of the chamber to the crematoriums a short distance away. There were two of these crematoriums with ovens that would accommodate about 12 people at a time, with four in one and eight in the other.

Wow! How did the Germans get a bulldozer into the gas chamber building and drive it through several rooms to the gas chamber, which is in the middle of the building?  Did the bulldozer push the bodies through the gas chamber into the morgue room and then through the oven room to two crematoria a short distance away?  There are actually two crematoria at Dachau, one inside the Baracke X building and one inside a small building nearby.  The Baracke X crematorium has four ovens and the one in the small building has one oven with two openings.