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August 11, 2010

10,000 shoes at Majdanek death camp were burned

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I was shocked to learn last night that an old wooden barrack at the former Majdanek death camp in Poland had burned and 10,000 shoes of the prisoners were lost. You can read about the fire here.  There have been no claims that this was arson.

2006 photo  of the 800,000 shoes found at Majdanek  camp    Photo Credit: Simon Robertson

Over ten years ago, some of the shoes found at the Majdanek camp were brought to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC where they are currently on display.  The rest of the shoes are on display in three barrack buildings at Majdanek. The barracks that burned had once housed the camp kitchen, and was not accessible to visitors, according to some of the news reports. (more…)