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August 27, 2010

Experiments done by Nazi doctors during World War II

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There seems to be a popular belief that it was proven at the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg in 1947 that experiments were done on the gassing of human beings at Dachau.  Allegedly this information can be found in the book entitled The Nazi Doctors: medical killing and the psychology of genocide by Robert Jay Lifton.  (His name is sometimes incorrectly spelled Lipton.)

You can read all about the Doctors Trial here.  The charges against the doctors are listed, but there were no charges against any of the doctors for doing experiments involving gassing human beings with Zyklon-B poison gas.

I have read on other blogs about alleged experiments done in the gas chamber at Dachau. For example, this quote from a blog:

Although never used for mass killings, one of the chambers was used for human medical research as well as the murders of select prisoners.

Lifton did not mention any gassing experiments in his book. There was no evidence presented at the Doctors Trial that “the Nazi doctors sent people to gas chambers,” as another blogger wrote.  Nor were there any courts that “convicted Nazis after reviewing the evidence of gassing in numerous camps.”  None of the SS men at Dachau were ever prosecuted on a charge of killing prisoners in the gas chamber at Dachau.

The book The Nazi Doctors is online and anyone can search the book for the words Dachau or gas chambers and learn that this book does not say anything about prisoners being gassed at Dachau.  Nevertheless, tour guides at Dachau tell visitors that the gas chamber at Dachau was used a few times for gassing experiments.

You can watch a video about the Doctors Trial here.