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September 5, 2010

Hitler’s proposed “Museum of an Extinct Race”

Hitler’s proposed “Museum of an Extinct Race” was mentioned in an article here about British school teachers visiting Auschwitz to learn how to teach the Holocaust.

This quote from the article caught my attention:

This was extermination on an industrial scale and it involved huge numbers of people. Neighbours and employers reported Jews to the Gestapo. Bureaucrats processed notices of deportation. Postmen served them. Railway staff marshalled their departure. Others drove the trains and manned the signals. It was all logically and legally planned in an inversion of all the values on which human civilisation had been built.

So perverse was it that Hitler ordered the collection of 200,000 Jewish artefacts (sic), which were photographed and catalogued  to be displayed at the end of the war as a trophy case of archaeological remains. It was to be called The Museum of an Extinct Race.   (more…)