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September 16, 2010

Maria Mandel signed orders for 500,00 women and children to be gassed at Auschwitz

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A couple of years ago, I was at Barnes & Noble, standing in the history section, trying to find an interesting book to buy. Standing next to me was a young woman who was also looking for a book, and she seemed to be perplexed.  I offered to help her find a book.  She told me that she was a college student and she had been assigned to write a paper on an important woman in the history of Nazi Germany.

For a split second, I thought to myself: there were no important women in Nazi Germany.  The Nazis were all “male chauvinist pigs” who thought that a woman’s role in life was to be a  wife and the mother of six children.  Then it came to me: Leni Riefenstahl, the film maker who did documentaries for Hitler.  Her films are still in circulation and she pioneered some film techniques that are still being used.

At that time, I did not yet know about Maria Mandel, who had signed orders to gas women and children at Birkenau.  (more…)

“Holding pen for the gas chamber” at Auschwitz

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I have been to Auschwitz twice, as a tourist, but I have never seen the “holding pen for the gas chamber.” Then today, I learned about it from an AP news article by Vanessa Miller, which you can read here. The news article is about a Holocaust survivor, Walter Plywaski, whose home was burned up in the recent fire in Colorado.  (more…)