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October 12, 2010

Oprah’s interview with Mark Fuhrman, the detective in the O.J. Simpson case

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Yesterday Oprah did one of her best interviews when she talked with Mark Fuhrman, one of the detectives in the O.J. Simpson murder case.  This was Oprah’s second interview of Fuhrman.

The most astonishing thing that Mark Fuhrman said in his interview with Oprah was that O.J. “didn’t go there to kill two people.”  He went on to explain that O.J. “had a history of stalking” Nicole and spying on her. He said that Nicole “saw him hiding in the bushes,” and this was what led to the murder of her and Ron Goldman. He said that O.J. “knew of her relationship with Ron Goldman.”

Since O.J. didn’t go to Nicole’s condo with the intent to kill her, according to Fuhrman, this means that it was not first degree murder.  

So if O.J. didn’t go to Nicole’s condo with the intention of killing her, why was he carrying a knife, and why did he have a shovel and a tarp in his vehicle?  Why did he set up an alibi before going there?

For people who didn’t follow the case 15 years ago, the most important thing that Fuhrman revealed was that his partner, Brad Roberts, was the one who found lots of important evidence at the crime scene, but Detective Phillip Vannatter testified that he was the one who had found the evidence. Detective Brad Roberts was never put on the witness stand.

In Fuhrman’s opinion, Marcia Clark “did not put the story together” properly.  According to Fuhrman, Brad Roberts was the one who led Marcia Clark around the O.J. Simpson estate, pointing out the evidence. Fuhrman said that Detective Vannatter “didn’t take any of the evidence” and that Vannatter “effectively eliminated” Brad Roberts from the case.

Regarding Marcia Clark, Fuhrman said:

“She knew. She knew all about Vannatter, she knew all about Roberts. She knew that Vannatter didn’t find that evidence. She covered it up because she didn’t want Roberts on the stand.”

Fuhrman told Oprah:  “Roberts and I could have stopped the trial.”  Then he added that they should have stopped the trial when Vannatter took over the case.

Fuhrman also revealed that it was Chris Darden, one of the prosecutors, who wanted O.J. to try on the glove.  Fuhrman believes this was a big mistake.

Another thing that Fuhrman said in the interview was that the O.J. case was the beginning of reality TV.  He got that right!

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