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November 24, 2010

Anton Schmidt — two minutes of silence in his honor at Eichmann’s trial

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Today as I was organizing the books in my house, I came across an old book, The Borzoi College Reader.  My copy of the book is the third edition, published in 1976; the first edition was published in 1966, so this is not one of my old college books.  It must have been assigned reading for one of my children in college.

I decided to look through the book before throwing it out.  I opened the book in the middle and immediately saw the name Hannah Arendt at the top of the page.  I knew that she was the famous author who wrote about the Eichmann Trial.  The Borzoi College Reader had an excerpt from her book and the title of the excerpt was “Anton Schmidt.”   

I started to read: “On the stand was Abba Kovner…”  This is a name that I know well, but I will get to him later.  Continuing on, I read: “…the witness happened to mention the name of Anton Schmidt, a Feldwebel, or sergeant, in the German army…”  I didn’t remember ever reading about him, but later, I got out my copy of The Avengers by Rich Cohen and his story is included in that book.

After a few more paragraphs, Hannah Arendt wrote this:

During the few minutes it took Kovner to tell of the help that had come from a German sergeant, a hush settled over the courtroom; it was as though the crowd had spontaneously decided to observe the usual two minutes of silence in honor of the man named Anton Schmidt.

The usual two minutes of silence?  Why would the Jews honor a German with two minutes of silence every time his name was mentioned?

As Arendt explained it, Anton Schmidt

had helped the Jewish partisans by supplying them with forged papers and military trucks. Most important of all: “He did not do it for money.”

The reason that the name of Anton Schmidt came up during the Eichmann trial was that Abba Kovner had first heard the name Eichmann from Schmidt, who told him that it was Eichmann who “arranges everything.”

The reason that I know the name Abba Kovner so well is because he is the Jew who hatched the plot to get revenge on the Germans by poisoning the water supply of the city of Nuremberg.  Plan A, the plan to poison the water supply could not be carried out because the Jews could not acquire enough poison without causing suspicion. So Plan B was put into effect.  Plan B was the plan to poison the bread of the German SS men who were imprisoned in Stalag 13 in the city of Nuremberg, and in four other cities.  That plan succeeded in Nuremberg and thousands of Germans are believed to have died from eating the poisoned bread at Stalag 13.

The New York Times reported on April 24, 1946 that 2,238 men had been poisoned but that none of them had died from the arsenic that was put into their bread.  The American Army kept the number of deaths secret, just as they kept the Dachau massacre a secret for over 40 years.

This happened while the Nuremberg IMT was in progress.  It became known that this crime had been committed by the Jewish organization known as Nokmim (Avengers).  Were any of them ever put on trial for poisoning German POWs?  Of course not!  Only the Germans are war criminals.  The Avengers are heroes.  The only German heroes are men like Anton Schmidt, a soldier who was a traitor to his country.

Two minutes of silence please for Anton Schmidt, a German hero!

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