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November 29, 2010

Nov. 29, 1945 — fake evidence day at the Nuremberg IMT

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Today is the 65th anniversary of the day that the American prosecution team presented a film about the fake gas chamber which the American liberators had constructed at Dachau.  I previously blogged about this here.   This would be a good time for America to come clean and admit that the shower room at Dachau was converted into a fake gas chamber between April 30, 1945 and May 3, 1945, the day that the “gas chamber” was filmed as evidence to be shown at Nuremberg.

I’m not saying that the Nuremberg IMT was all bad.  The present-day International Criminal Court in The Hague would never have been set up if it had not been for the precedent set by the Nuremberg IMT. There was no  international law before the Nuremberg IMT.   I’m not even saying that creating a fake gas chamber at Dachau was wrong.  There were no real gas chambers that could have been easily filmed by the American prosecutors.

The real gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau had all been blown up, and all the other gas chambers were in Soviet occupied territory.  So America built a  fake gas chamber.  So what?  Most people today would say that this was justified, just as convicting the Germans of crimes that were not yet crimes was justified, in the opinion of most people.

We must think of the greater good.  It’s been 65 years now and no country has done any mass gassing, except maybe in Iraq where the Kurds were allegedly gassed, giving America a good reason to start a war.

On December 20, 1945, an affidavit, allegedly given by Alfred Naujocks, was read at the Nuremberg IMT to prove that Germany started World War II on September 1, 1939. The affidavit was allegedly signed by Naujocks on November 20, 1945, the day before testimony started at the Nuremberg IMT.   You can read my previous blog post about Naujocks here.