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December 9, 2010

Dead from cancer or Dead from cancer treatment?

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I was shocked and saddened when I read the first announcement of the death of Elizabeth Edwards on google news:  “Elizabeth Edwards, dead at 51 from cancer.” I knew that she was older than 51 so I thought that perhaps this news report was false.  Just the day before, she had been writing on Facebook.  She had given several interviews in recent months, and she never really looked sick.  How could she have taken such a sudden turn for the worse?  But was she dead from cancer or dead from cancer treatment?   

When I was a child, death from breast cancer was unheard of.  At least, I never heard of it.  People died of heart disease, stroke, or pneumonia.  That doesn’t mean that no one had cancer; there was no cure for cancer and people who had cancer eventually died from something else.

For example, I had an uncle who had a brain tumor.  Back then, an operation to remove a brain tumor could not be done.  He lived for 20 years with this inoperable brain tumor and finally died from a heart attack, like everyone else.  He was the oldest of my aunts and uncles on my father’s side, but he outlived them all and died in his eighties. No one in my family ever died from cancer. No one in my home town ever died of cancer when I lived there for the first 18 years of my life.

It takes seven years for a cancer cell to grow into the stage where the patient dies of cancer.  If a malignant tumor is removed, the patient will be free of cancer for awhile, but it takes seven years before the cancer is completely gone.  Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with cancer six years ago and the best medical treatment in the world couldn’t save her.  But what if she had not had an operation to remove the tumor in her breast?  Would she have lived longer?

The reason that a tumor starts growing is that your body is trying to put all the poison or toxins into one place.  Removing a tumor causes the toxins to spread throughout the body and eventually kill you.

Recently Dr. Oz had a show in which he mentioned 5 foods that will prevent cancer from growing during the early stages, before you have any symptoms of cancer.  The 5 foods are bok choy, cooked tomatoes, strawberries, artichokes, and flounder.  Four of these foods are on my favorite foods list, but I find flounder to be rather tasteless compared to salmon, tuna and sardines.  I hope to prove that Dr. Oz is right when I die of something besides cancer twenty years from now.

Update Dec. 10, 2010:

I’ve been reading all the news articles about the death of Elizabeth Edwards.  None of the articles addressed the issue of whether the current medical treatment for cancer is the best option. Then I came across a blog post which had these words:  “many more people are dying from the treatment of cancer than from cancer. A real cure for cancer is achievable only when the causes of excessive growth of cancer cells have been removed or stopped.”

I learned about a book written by Andreas Moritz,  entitled “Cancer is not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism.”  I haven’t read this book, but the title expresses what is basically my opinion. I am very pleased to discover that I’m not the only crazy one.

This quote explains the theory that cancer is not a disease:

A cancerous tumor is neither the cause of progressive destruction nor does it actually lead to the death of the body. There is nothing in a cancer cell that has even remotely the ability to kill anything. What eventually leads to the demise of an organ or the entire body is the wasting away of cell tissue resulting from continued deprivation of nutrients and life force. The drastic reduction or shutdown of vital nutrient supplies to the cells of an organ is not primarily a consequence of a cancerous tumor, but actually its biggest cause.

By definition, a cancer cell is a normal, healthy cell that has undergone genetic mutation to the point that it can live in an anaerobic surrounding (an environment where oxygen is not available). In other words, if you deprive a group of cells of vital oxygen (their primary source of energy), some of them will die, but others will manage to alter their genetic software program and mutate in a most ingenious way: the cells will be able to live without oxygen and derive some of their energy needs from such things as cellular metabolic waste products.

Cancer is not a disease; it is the final and most desperate survival mechanism the body has at its disposal. It only takes control of the body when all other measures of self-preservation have failed. To truly heal cancer and what it represents in a person’s life we must come to the understanding that the reason the body allows some of its cells to grow in abnormal ways is in its best interest and not an indication that it is about to destroy itself. Cancer is a healing attempt by the body for the body. Blocking this healing attempt can destroy the body. Supporting the body in its healing efforts can save it.

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  1. This is great. I’m glad you talk about alternative and natural health care. The medical profession is a monster, except for putting back together things that are broken in the body, like legs, arms and backs .l. things like that. Or healing wounds; they’re good for that too.

    Comment by Sceptic — December 12, 2010 @ 6:38 pm

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