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December 20, 2010

Why do the numbers for Auschwitz-Birkenau keep changing?

The number of deaths at Auschwitz has changed drastically over the past 75  years. The Nazis were famous for keeping detailed records, so why are the number of deaths at Auschwitz an estimate that keeps changing?

At the Nuremberg IMT, the German war criminals were charged with killing 4 million prisoners at the three camps known as Auschwitz I (the main camp), Auschwitz II (Birkenau) and Auschwitz III (Monowitz).  What was this figure based upon?

The charge against the Germans at Nuremberg was based on a document written on May 6, 1945 by the Soviet Union that was accepted into evidence by the Nuremberg IMT although there was no proof whatsoever given in this document that 4 million people had been killed. The Soviet figure of 4 million was based on the estimated capacity of the ovens at Auschwitz and Birkenau.  The ovens at Birkenau had been removed by the Germans two months before they abandoned the camp, but the Soviets were still able to somehow estimate their capacity.

The Soviets also charged the German war criminals with killing 1.5 million prisoners at Majdanek. That figure has now been reduced to 78,000 by the Majdanek Museum.  Out of this number, 59,000 were Jews.

In 1990, the plaques with the figure of 4 million at the International Monument at Birkenau were removed. It was not until 1995 that new plaques were placed at the International Monument with 20 metal plates inscribed in Yiddish, English and all the major languages of Europe; the plaques were set on granite slabs on the steps of the International Monument. The number of deaths at Auschwitz, according to each of the 20 metal plates, is 1.5 million.

Original plaque at Birkenau had 4 million deaths

New plaque with 1.5 million deaths

It is very hard to read the words on the plaque in my photo.  Sorry about that.

The words on the English plaque are:


But 1.5 million is not the official number of deaths at Auschwitz.  The official estimate, currently given by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, is 1.1 million deaths.

In 1980, Franciszek Piper, the former director of the Auschwitz Museum, began a study of all the available documents at Auschwitz; he calculated that 1,077,180 prisoners, of which 90% were Jews, had died at Auschwitz, based on his ESTIMATE of the number of ARRIVALS minus the number of liberated prisoners and the number of transferred, escaped and released prisoners. This number includes the Jews, not registered in the camp, who are assumed to have been gassed immediately upon arrival.

Franciszek Piper wrote the following in an article on the official Auschwitz web site:

After an overall analysis of the original sources and findings on deportation to Auschwitz, I CONCLUDED that a total of at least 1,300,000 people were deported there, and that 1,100,000 of them perished. Approximately 200,000 people were deported from Auschwitz to other camps as part of the redistribution of labor resources and the final liquidation of the camp.

According to the Auschwitz Museum, no records of the number of prisoners who died at Auschwitz-Birkenau have ever been found. In an article on the official Auschwitz website, the former director, Franciszek Piper, wrote the following:

When the Soviet army entered the camp on January 27, 1945, they did not find any German documents there giving the number of victims, or any that could be used as a basis for calculating this number. Such documents (transport lists, notifications of the arrival of transports, reports about the outcome of selection) had been destroyed before liberation. For this reason, the Soviet commission investigating the crimes committed in Auschwitz Concentration Camp had to make estimates.


The absence of the most important of the statistical sources that the Germans kept in Auschwitz made it practically impossible for historians to research the issue of the number of victims. The reluctance to research this issue also resulted from a conviction of the impossibility of drawing up a full list of transports reflecting the total number of deportees, and above all of the people who were consumed by the gas chambers and crematoria with no registration or records.

Strangely, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians released some of the records, that had allegedly been destroyed, and turned them over to the Red Cross.  The records were incomplete, but the numbers are embarrassingly low. I can’t even tell you the numbers for fear of being charged with being a criminal the next time I go to Germany, so you will just have to look it up yourself.

Rudolf Hoess, the former Commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau, was put on trial in Poland in 1946.  He was charged with the murder of “around 300,000 people held at the camp as prisoners and entered into the camp’s records and around 4,000,000 people, mainly Jews, who were brought to the camp in transports from other European countries for immediate extermination and thus not listed in the camp’s records.”

Photo that hangs in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

The caption underneath the photo that hangs in the USHMM reads:

On May 14, 1946, Rudolf Hoess, the former commandant of Auschwitz, signed a declaration stating that during his tenure in office, 2 million Jews had been gassed at Auschwitz and another 500,000 killed in other ways. Hoess overestimated the number of Jews gassed by about 1 million.

During his trial in Poland, Hoess changed the figure in his confession to a total of 1,130,000 Jews that were gassed but declared “During my tenure at Auschwitz, millions of people died, whose exact number I cannot determine.”

Hoess was the Commandant.  Why couldn’t he determine the number of people that were gassed?  When asked about this, Hoess claimed that, after each action (gassing), the records were destroyed.  The only person who knew, according to Hoess, was Adolf Eichmann.

At the Nuremberg IMT, a quote, allegedly made by Eichmann in 1945, was introduced into evidence:

“I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction.”


  1. WHO invented, engaged in, and BRAGS about committing GENOCIDE? OH YEAH!
    So they are really just mad that someone read THEIR play book ……… and did to them what THEY had done to others.
    These passages are some examples of the foundation of Israel’s self written “deed” to the land of Palestine.
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    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
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    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

    Comment by Wilbur — May 14, 2016 @ 12:52 pm

  2. They were NOT gassed most of those Jews went to Israel or the usa,not gas chambers .

    Comment by adolf hitler — January 4, 2016 @ 1:23 pm

  3. nothing more retarded than to deny Holocaust after ITS opened archives with 17,500,000 names of murdered by nazirats.

    Comment by No BS allowed — January 2, 2016 @ 10:17 am

  4. Just browsing the net outta curiosity. Can’t rely on the mass media to tell any truth, especially after 911, so here I am trying to get a true estimate. I think that given that at the out break of WWII that half of Germany’s Jews left meant that there were about 250,000 Jew left. It appears that if you add Polish Jews and others from countries annexed by Germany it seems likely you would get a figure of about 1 million dead. I like the figures calculated by Franciszek Piper which also estimated 1 million. Looking up the ‘Red cross documents it seems the numbers were 271,000. It included all undesirables, being, homosexuals, gypsies, Jews and paedophiles. Was that a total total, or as it appears to me, a yearly total? Details were vague as it was a soviet document dated 1973 and 1978 with what appeared to be totals from other original documents.I’d say that given that it is a hate crime to search the truth, the official figure of 6 million (which is physically impossible given that 9 million Jews resided in Europe in total, that not all countries were annexed to the point of ethnic cleansing and that half of the Jews left Europe anyway before the shit was going to hit the fan) the official figures are no more valid than Kim Jong Il’s golf score of a stunning 38-under par, 34. We’ll never know, perhaps 1 million is a reasonable guess. If the red cross figures were incomplete perhaps it was a year figure and given that 4 years would be required to do this then 1 million is also feasible again. All we know is that Jews are living up to their reputation and have been capitalising on the bodies of their brothers and sisters like maggots to receive commercial and political advantage in modern times. My grandmother was a Polish-Ukrainian slave labourer in WWII, Stalin was going to shoot her for not dying on the front and working for Nazis like he did all POWs but she managed to skip out and landed as a refugee in Australia but you don’t see me marching up and down some radioactive potato field in the Ukraine demanding land rights and a tax payer funded lifestyle. And this time we are talking 6 million plus.

    Comment by Matthew — December 23, 2015 @ 3:07 pm

  5. What crap, losers

    Comment by Roscoe — June 10, 2015 @ 9:16 pm

  6. I agree, the whole thing is a lie. Germans were meticulous with records, yet not one record was ever found to verify the big lie. Germany pays to Pissreal tons of money for this big lie. Didn’t you ever wonder where is the industry in Pissreal, where do they get their money? That’s why the big lie is so protected and you get punished for asking too many questions…but people are waking up. David Irving a British author was severely destroyed because his books speak the truth and he refused to fabricate anything about the holohoax.

    Comment by Kelly — June 10, 2014 @ 6:59 pm

  7. If the Germans weren’t so humane, they’d have placed the jews inside German cities, then dared the allies to bomb them. The allies wouldn’t have of course, and hundreds of thousands of innocent German women, children, and elderly would not have died horrible deaths.

    But an even more compelling proof that the holocaust is a lie, is the fact that occupied Germany, on orders from Israel and the U.S., has made it a criminal offense for any German to publicly ask questions about the “holocaust”, much less actually deny the “holocaust”. How the hell can any sane person believe anything that’s against the law to deny ? Think about it, stupid !!!

    Comment by Glenn Miller — May 10, 2013 @ 3:14 pm

  8. […] the fact the six million figure has not been reduced to reflect this reduction are ever given.…keep-changing/ […]

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  9. […] several million dead at Auschwitz became changed by the curators of the now Auschwitz museum itself by millions, with no corresponding change in the total reported dead, which I read that, by some estimations, […]

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  10. This “current” number of 1.1 million “exterminated” at Auschwitz-Birkenau is just as false as the number of 4 million. There is NO EVIDENCE for either. One has to believe that a million Jews were transported to Auschwitz at a time of severe rail shortages for transporting top-priority military supplies and troops when Germany was fighting for its life and knew it.

    One has to believe that the Germans, including all the rational military generals and field-marshalls, were so filled with hatred of Jews that they allowed themselves to lose the war and lose their country on that account. This is something that only Jews, pumped up with the conviction of their own importance in world history, would believe.

    If others believe it, it’s because they don’t even stop to think it through, but accept without thinking, because, as you’ve written, it has been given legal sanction. To believe otherwise is to break the law.

    One has to believe that the Germans put a million [previously it was 4 to 10 million] individuals into unseen, unproven “gas chambers” without keeping any record of these people at all. What is used for proof? A Jew says “I lost my family; I never saw them again” and 10 more people are chalked up as having been exterminated at Auschwitz. No one saw it being done. No bodies have ever been found. No ashes have been produced. It is a LEGEND.

    The Soviet NKVD had the crematories at Birkenau blown up and then claimed they had gas chambers in them. These were simply rooms that could have been used for anything, and were actually marked on blueprints as morgues for storing the dead until they could be cremated. Nothing is there at these sites that proves otherwise. This is the only case in the world where evidence is not required for a charge of murder. It is purely political, and all the “trials” from then to now are purely political show trials.

    Many investigators, including Arthur Butz in The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, have written about the almost 1 million Jews that were deported into the East, into Russia/Soviet Union. There were camps, ghettos and settlements created at Lodz, Warsaw, Bialystok, Lwow and Grodno in Poland; Vilna and Kovno in Lithuania; Riga in Latvia. Hundreds of thousands more went deeper into the Soviet Union, espeically Polish Jews – that started in 1939.

    The number of 400,000 Hungarian Jews shipped to Auschwitz in Spring/Summer 1944 is a highly inflated number not supported by any solid evidence; in fact, many of these Hungarian Jews stayed right where they were; many scattered into surrounding areas.

    These figures are meaningless because the intention of the ruling powers since 1943 has been to LIE about it for political purposes. It’s all politically motivated – that’s the bottom line.

    Comment by Skeptic — December 23, 2010 @ 7:49 am

  11. FRG stands for Federal Republic of Germany
    BRD stand for Bundesrepublik Deutschland
    same thing different pile
    No more respect for those entities

    Comment by Gasan — December 20, 2010 @ 10:31 pm

  12. Is this what FRG/BRD came to? “Verunglimpfung des Andenkens Toter und Verbreitung jugendgefährdender Schriften”? I just love these “nahtsee” expressions. Hold on… it is not from the Hitler’s speech? My bad.
    FRG/BRD is digging it’s own grave with the laws like that.

    Comment by Gasan — December 20, 2010 @ 8:11 pm

    • I think the translation of what you wrote is “insulting the memory of the dead and dissemination of materials that endanger the young.” Is that correct? What is FRG/BRD?

      Comment by furtherglory — December 20, 2010 @ 10:16 pm

  13. Facts, even those confirmed by officially accepted historians like Franciszek Piper, are not simply irrelevant in a German court if a person is accused of “incitement of the people” (Volksverhetzung), “insulting the memory of the dead” (Verunglimpfung des Andenkens Toter), or “spreading materials that are endangering the youth” (Verbreitung jugendgefährdender Schriften).

    Facts can be very dangerous when combined with an attitude; people get convicted if they demonstrate independent thinking, dare contradict, or provide proper evidence for their statements.

    A judge might well agree with every word the defendant says, and then reply, “Well, what you said is true, but it is still suitable to insult the memory of the dead/endanger the youth/incite the people/glorify the crimes of the national socialists” etc., and convict him for that. These laws are designed to be interpreted as loosely as possible, and if somebody pisses off the wrong people, they will be punished, and possibly their lawyers as well.

    Defendants with right wing political affiliations are very likely to be convincted, as are famous people, especially if they are German, and publish anything in German.

    If you are relatively safe, it’s not because you avoid mentioning certain figures, it is because you stay away from publishing in German, are not endorsing certain political views, and you don’t piss off people by being arrogant.

    Comment by Rachel — December 20, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

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