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January 15, 2011

History professor Glenn Beck and Bernaise sauce

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On Thursday night I was watching the Glenn Beck TV show with some young family members; Glenn started off by mentioning “the big Lie.”  Glenn Beck is a self-taught historian and I expected him to get “the big Lie” story wrong.  As everybody knows, the term “big Lie” is associated with Hitler and this expression has been twisted to mean that Hitler advocated big lies.

I soon learned that Beck was not going to educate us about Hitler, but rather he was going to tell us about a man named Edward Bernays. The name Bernays was very familiar to me, and for a moment I thought that he was going to talk about the man named Bernays who came up with the “common plan” charge that was used against the Germans by the Nuremberg IMT.  I thought I should prepare my young family members for what was coming next, so I began by asking: “Do you know who Edward Bernays was?”  One family member spoke up and said, “Was he the guy who invented Bernaise sauce?”   (more…)