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January 15, 2011

History professor Glenn Beck and Bernaise sauce

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On Thursday night I was watching the Glenn Beck TV show with some young family members; Glenn started off by mentioning “the big Lie.”  Glenn Beck is a self-taught historian and I expected him to get “the big Lie” story wrong.  As everybody knows, the term “big Lie” is associated with Hitler and this expression has been twisted to mean that Hitler advocated big lies.

I soon learned that Beck was not going to educate us about Hitler, but rather he was going to tell us about a man named Edward Bernays. The name Bernays was very familiar to me, and for a moment I thought that he was going to talk about the man named Bernays who came up with the “common plan” charge that was used against the Germans by the Nuremberg IMT.  I thought I should prepare my young family members for what was coming next, so I began by asking: “Do you know who Edward Bernays was?”  One family member spoke up and said, “Was he the guy who invented Bernaise sauce?”  

During the first commercial, I quickly checked the name Bernays and learned that the man who originated the “common plan” theory of guilt for the German war criminals in World War II was Lt. Col. Murray C. Bernays.  I learned that Murry C. had been married to the sister of Edward Bernays and his original last name was Cohen before he legally changed it to his wife’s name.  Edward Bernays and his sister were the nephew and niece of Sigmund Freud, which Beck mentioned on his show.

I learned that Edward Bernays had written a book with the title “Propaganda.”  Beck correctly pointed out that propaganda was not a bad word until Edward Bernays coined the term “Public Relations.”  Bernays was “the father of spin.”  According to Glenn Beck, Bernays said that “people are animals” and that there is “an intelligent minority” that must “regiment and guide the masses.”  Oh, oh, I thought — Beck is going to get into trouble for that.  Then Beck continued on, digging himself into a deeper hole, as he explained the “philosophy of the progressives” which is that “people are animals” and animals “are not good, not smart.”  The progressive philosophy is that “the elite need to move the herd — the masses.”

I was scribbling notes as fast as I could; I hope I am quoting Beck correctly.  Throughout the show, I was imagining what the Jews in the viewing audience would think of this show with its thinly veiled references and euphemisms. I did a quick check on google news this morning and this review of his Thursday show was at the top of the list.

Glenn Beck should realize that he is talking over the heads of most young people today, but the Jews in his viewing audience catch the slightest nuance and label him anti-Semitic.

P.S. I had always wondered why my paternal grandparents had a piano in their “front room,” even though no one in the family played the piano. In fact, everyone in the family was completely tone deaf and they couldn’t even pronounce the word piano.  They called it a “pie-anna.”  Now, thanks to Glenn Beck, I know that it was Edward Bernays who promoted the idea that people should have a piano, whether or not they actually played it, so that they could make themselves look better than they were.

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  1. re Murray C. Bernays. What did this guy do after using Raphael Lempkin’s newly minted word “genocide” to concoct the “common cause” charge of “crimes against humanity” at Nuremberg? His trail is cold. Guess who else was behind the scenes at Nuremberg in US Army officers uniforms working for William Donovan? Frankfurt School heavy hitters Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kircheimer. Theodore Adorno was in charge of the cultural de-Nazification of occupied Germany. These men were committed Marxists. At one point Neumann was put in charge of collecting and vetting the evidence of the Nazi persecution of churches. Prosecutors Thomas “Shrunken Polish Heads” Dodd, Charles F. Wennerstrum and Hungarian journalist Louis Marschalko all wrote about the inordinate number of freshly minted German speaking Jewish-American immigrants in US Army uniforms they noticed all around them at the IMT working as clerks, translators, media personnel, interrogators, jailers, doctors, psychiatrists, bootleggers and black marketeers. Numemberg after hours was an extended cocktail party for the roistering judiciary complete with sexual divertissments bought on the street with food and cigarettes or supplied in house by the secretary pool.

    Comment by who+dares+wings — March 24, 2011 @ 7:42 am

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