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March 14, 2011

A house with big old shade trees — one of the things I never had

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A song recorded by Kay Star back in 1956 has been on my mind lately. The lyrics had the lines “a house with big old shade trees” and “the things I never had.”

Governor's mansion in Sacramento, CA

I took the photo above in February, 2011.  It shows the east side of the old Governor’s mansion, which is now a Museum, in Sacramento, CA.  The huge tree with pink flowers in the side yard is a tulip magnolia which has grown almost as tall as the three-story house.

The photo above shows the steps up to the side entrance, and the photo below shows the north side of the house where the front door is located.

Tulip magnolia tree at the Governor's mansion in Sacramento

On the right side of the photo is what appears to be a small tree, but it is actually a huge Camelia bush.  The Camelia is the state flower of California. This particular Camelia bush starts blooming in January and by February, there are only a few flowers left.

Read more about the Governor’s mansion and see a photo taken when the tree was much smaller on one of my previous blog posts here.

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