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March 23, 2011

the Brausebad sign over the door to the Dachau gas chamber

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One of the readers of this blog made a comment recently, saying that the word Brausebad, over the door into the Dachau gas chamber, was stenciled on later by the American liberators.

Door into the gas chamber at Dachau

Door into the gas chamber at Dachau

The photo above was taken on my last trip to Dachau in 2007.  I composed this picture so as to show the wiring above the door.  The ceiling of the Dachau gas chamber is now 7.6 feet high, but the wiring on the wall outside the door shows that the original ceiling in the room was actually much higher.  The electrical wiring is for the light fixtures in the room.

In all my research on the Dachau concentration camp, I have never read anywhere that the sign over the door into the gas chamber was added by the American liberators.

It never occurred to me that the word Brausebad above the door is not original, so I didn’t take a close-up of it.  I borrowed a close-up photo from this blog and posted it below.

Sign over the door to the gas chamber at Dachau

I don’t think that “stenciled” is the right word to describe how the word was put on the wall.  Maybe someone reading this can think of a better word. I would describe this as a sticker on a piece of tape; the tape is now so old that it is turning yellow the way Scotch tape appears after many years.  Now I understand what the reader meant when he said in his comment that when he ran his fingers over the paint, it felt different from the rest of the paint in this building.

In any case, when you see a close-up of the word, it looks a bit sloppy; it is what the Nazis would have called “unGerman.”  In fact, everything about the Dachau gas chamber looks suspicious because it is so “unGerman.”

Sign over the entrance to the shower room at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Sign over the entrance to the shower room at Auschwitz-Birkenau says “Brausen”

Strangely, the sign over the entrance to the shower room in the “Sauna” at Auschwitz-Birkenau says “Brausen”, not Brausebad.  When I took a class in German, in an American school, several years ago, I was told that the word Brausebad is no longer used in Germany because of it’s association with the Holocaust.  Did the American liberators of Dachau make a mistake when they put a sign over the door into the alleged gas chamber at Dachau?

This photo was taken in 1950 by Hitler's photographer

This photo was taken in 1950 by Hitler’s photographer

I have photo shopped the photo above, in an attempt to make the light switch and the wiring a lighter color.  In my version of this photo, you can see the inside of the “gas chamber” and the morgue room, in the background, which is right next to the “gas chamber.”

Notice what looks like mold on the wall of the undressing room, just below the light switch.  Was this mold caused by the gas used in the alleged “gas chamber”, or by dampness from the water used in the shower room.  My photo of the same door shows that the mold has been removed.