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March 27, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro dead at 75 from blood cancer (multiple myeloma)

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Yesterday, I was reading a book about Macrobiotics and watching the news on TV at the same time, when I heard that Geraldine Ferraro had died of “blood cancer” or multiple myeloma. Just at that moment, by some strange coincidence, I had been reading about blood in the human body in the Macrobiotics book.  I dropped everything and rushed to the Internet to look up multiple myeloma.

I learned that cancerous plasma cells in the blood can form a tumor in the bone marrow, called myeloma; tumors in several sites is termed multiple myeloma. I also learned that multiple myeloma seems to start in people between the ages of 65 and 70. Oh, oh, sounds like a problem caused by failing kidneys.  The kidneys are always to blame, according to the wisdom of my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.   

Then I learned that blood cancer represents only 1% of all cancers, and 2% of all cancer deaths. African-Americans and Native Pacific Islanders have the highest rates of the disease, and Asians the lowest.  Why would Asians have the lowest rate of blood cancer?  I would go with green tea, as the answer.

I had been reading in the Macrobiotics book that one should drink no more than 2 cups of liquid per day.  That is a little extreme in my opinion.  My Chinese doctor recommends no more than 4 cups of water per day in addition to a cup of green tea at each meal.

The reason for cutting down on fluid is that it causes a higher volume of blood in the body. The amount of oxygen, glucose, sodium and other factors in the blood should remain the same.  The concentration of these factors, per unit of blood, is lowered when the volume of blood increases. Oxygen, glucose and sodium in the blood is necessary for the cells to function normally.  Besides that, drinking too much fluid causes the kidneys to work overtime and when the kidneys start to fail after the age of 65, this causes a problem.  Also, the heart has to beat stronger in order to pump the increased volume of blood.  So drinking too much water puts a strain on the kidneys and the heart.

After reading in my book about the danger of drinking too much fluid and hearing on TV about Geraldine Ferraro at the same time, I decided to cut down on water and green tea.  Guess what?  I slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling great!  I  am now trying to get along with only one cup of green tea and one glass of water this morning.

I also read on the Internet that, in 1998, cancer researchers started looking at antiangiogenesis, which means preventing the growth of tumors by cutting off the growth of the blood vessels that feed the tumor. The doctors found that the drug Thalidomide could be used for this.  Ferraro had been taking Thalidomide as a treatment for her rare cancer.

Back in the 1950s and early 1960s, Thalidomide was given to pregnant women and this caused thousands of babies to be born with no arms.  Now Thalidomide is back as a cancer treatment.  It helped Ferraro to have a few more years of life.

Since Geraldine Ferraro was willing to take dangerous drugs, prescribed by Western doctors, this makes me wonder what other dangerous drugs she was using before she came down with a rare form of cancer.  What if she had gone to an Asian doctor, at the first sign of ill health, and taken some harmless herbs instead?  Would she have been like the Asians who rarely get blood cancer?


  1. I’m a 33yrs old and was dig with Multiple Myaloma a year ago and i don’t know what caused it bt i have it and it formed a tuor on my vertabra and in my left arm above my shoulder i wished i knew what i could have done different to get the cancer i would have done it i went threw chemo and a stem cell transplant now i’m in remmission i hope my life and my yyears are many.

    Comment by Julie McDaniel — March 27, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

    • If I were you, I would do everything in my power to strengthen my kidneys. The kidneys control blood pressure and the heart and many other functions in the body. There are foods which can improve the kidneys, such as apples, celery seed, parsley, and pineapple. You can buy pills in a health food store which contain the active ingredient in these foods and also herbs that help the kidneys. You can also buy kidney pills online. Pao d’Arco is an herb that is supposed to shrink a tumor. You can buy it in pills or in tea bags. Pao d’Arco is highly touted to cure many diseases. The tea tastes good and has no caffeine.

      Comment by furtherglory — March 28, 2011 @ 7:37 am

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