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March 28, 2011

Anthony Lawson and his excellent video about the Holocaust

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I just finished watching the mind-blowing video, called Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? produced by Anthony Lawson.   This is a fantastic video, with a wealth of little-known information, which you can see here. There is almost too much in the video for the mind to process; I had to watch the whole thing twice to take it all in.  I really enjoyed listening to Lawson’s beautiful voice and his perfect English.

Update July 30, 2013:  The YouTube video is back up.  I watched it here this morning.

Update March 29, 2011 7 a.m. I have just learned that You Tube has taken the video down, due to a copyright complaint.  When I viewed the video, I noticed that two of the photos that I took are in the video.  Since I approve of the video, I did not make a complaint, but this is something that Lawson should have anticipated.  I get lots of e-mails from people who want to use one of my photos in a book or video.  I am surprised that Lawson did not know that you need permission to use material that is not in the public domain.  You can read all about the copyright controversy here.

Continue reading my original post:   

I have some comments to add to what is told in the video.

The video starts off with the moral question of “telling lies.”  Lawson says that Rudolf Hoess signed a confession in order to save the lives of his wife and children.  I agree that Rudof Hoess undoubtedly signed a confession, written by the British, because he had been threatened with the prospect of his family being turned over to the Russians if he didn’t co-operate.  The confession contains so many glaring errors that it is doubtful that Hoess wrote it himself. Yet this confession is still used today to prove the Holocaust.  You can read more about Hoess and his confession here.

Then the video moves on to a long discussion about the unfair Nuremberg trial and the role that the Jews played in the trial.  Finally, the video gets to the question: Were the Germans so stupid  that they would leave it to Prison-camp commanders to devise their own methods for carrying out the greatest mass murder in history?

This part of the video is so compelling that, in my humble opinion, it should have been shown at the start.  I think it would be better to start off with something that would really grab the attention of the viewer because young people today all have some degree of Attention Deficit and older people like myself have some degree of Holocaust Fatigue.

The answer to the question posed in the video is: Yes, the Germans were so stupid that they didn’t use their world-renowned engineers to design their gas chambers. They should have asked Werner von Braun to take time out from his work on the V2 rockets, for just one day, to design the world’s best gas chamber.  Instead, it was left up to the Commandants of the camps to design the gas chambers.

Not mentioned in the video is that the Commandant of Sachsenhausen testified at his trial that he was the one who made the decision to use a gas chamber.  Of course, there were virtually no Jews at Sachsenhausen at that time, but that didn’t matter; every concentration camp had to have a gas chamber.

Here is a quote from my own web site about the Berlin trial of the Commandant of Sachsenhausen, which you can read here:

Public Prosecutor: Was it your own decision?

Kaindl: Partially yes. Because the existing installations were too small and not sufficient for the exterminations, I decided to have a meeting with some SS officers, including the SS Chief Doctor Baumkötter. During this meeting, he told me that poisoning of prisoners by prussic acid in special chambers would cause an immediate death. After this meeting, I decided to install gas chambers in the camp for mass extermination because it was a more efficient and more humane way to exterminate prisoners.

Public Prosecutor: Who was responsible for the extermination?

Kaindl: The commandant of the camp.

Public Prosecutor: So, it was you?

Kaindl: Yes.

Note that Anton Kaindl, the Commandant of Sachsenhausen, made the decision himself to build a gas chamber at Sachsenhausen.  And you thought that the order came from Hitler!  David Irving got into trouble for writing that Hitler didn’t know about the Holocaust until 1943.  Maybe Irving was right.  How was Hitler supposed to know what the Commandant of Sachsenhausen was doing on his own?

Re-enactment of pouring gas into the Majdanek gas chamber

The photo above is shown in Lawson’s video with the caption that it is a re-enactment. This photo was taken by the Russians at the Majdanek “death cmap.”  The photo is used on an official Holocaust history web site in an article which explains how the gas was poured into the 4 underground gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Here is a quote about the photo from the web site which you can read in full here:

A rare photograph of a similar introduction vent from Majdanek, not Auschwitz, has been preserved. Majdanek was also a camp where mass gassings were performed.

When the Red Army arrived in July 1944 the soldiers found huge warehouses spilling over with goods. They discovered dead bodies and further evidence of a full range of atrocities, which they publicized immediately to the world presses.

(Feig, Konnilyn, Hitler’s Death Camps, 1979, p. 330.)

A Soviet army man posed for this photograph, holding the device’s cover, standing next to the device itself. It was published in the London press in October 1944. It is unknown how similar this actually looked to the “little chimneys” of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Majdanek introduction vent

Source: The Illustrated London News, October 14, 1944, p. 442.

Note that this photo was published by the LONDON NEWS in October 1944 shortly after the Majdanek camp was liberated by Soviet soldiers in July 1944.  When Soviet soldiers arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the gas chambers had allegedly been blown up already and no photo of the “little chimneys” could be taken.

The crematorium at the Majdanek camp had allegedly been burned down by the Germans, and it had to be reconstructed by the Soviets.  The “little chimney” in the photo is a reconstruction.  The problem is that the real gas chambers at Majdanek were not in the crematorium, but in another building at the other end of the camp.  When the Soviets reconstructed the gas chamber in the crematorium, they made it look like a shower room and the hole in the roof was directly over the drain for the shower.  The reconstruction was allegedly done from the original blueprints.  If the Nazis had used real engineers to design their gas chambers, they wouldn’t have made a mistake like that.

I blogged about the lack of engineers being involved in the construction of the Mauthausen gas chamber in a previous post which you can read here.

Lawson’s video mainly talks about the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp, which is shown to tourists today.  For years, the staff at Auschwitz claimed that this gas chamber was original, but now it is called a reconstruction.  The “little chimneys” on the roof, where the gas pellets were poured in, are reconstructions.

“little chimneys” on the roof of the Auschwitz gas chamber

I climbed up on the roof of the Auschwitz gas chamber in 1998 and took the photo above.  There are four wooden chimneys with covers that are a reconstruction of the ones that were allegedly used to pour in the gas pellets. The three other chimneys were for something else.  Today, there are millions of visitors to Auschwitz and no one is allowed to climb up onto the roof.

P.S. In case you didn’t get to see the video before it was taken down, I can assure you that it is perfectly innocuous.  There is no “hate speech” unless you define hate speech as telling the truth. Lawson speaks in a neutral voice with no hatred.  I did not notice any factual errors and I did not spot any misidentified photos, nor any use of photos to twist the facts.  The video is very educational and could be used in history classes in America, that is, if telling the truth is ever allowed.

This video could be used to teach others how to make a proper video about history.  I especially liked the fact that no background music is used, except for one dramatic chord at the very end.  I find the music that is used in typical Holocaust videos to be very irritating and distracting.  I hope that the video will be put on DVD and made available to everyone.


  1. Mother Fucken bastard hitler is! Im so glad that bastard is dead.

    Comment by Fuckyou.Hitler — November 8, 2011 @ 5:19 pm

  2. Is this dude for real? Where did he see any signs of my “desperation”. He needs to feel sorry for himself, first and foremost.
    “He feels that quoting select parts of the Black Book proves a hoax. What a crock! ” .
    Well, select your favorite parts of that book, written, by the way, in the language, you have no command of, and prove me wrong. There got to be the pages, which would prove your point. Go and find them and good luck!
    “The book was actually banned and destroyed in the Soviet Union immediately after its completion, but a copy was snuck out to Israel (hence Yad Vashem’s role).”
    Very poor researching skills! The book was actually never “banned and destroyed”; it was just never signed into print and for a good reason: those testimonies discredit official story of six million.

    “He (that would be me) continues by quoting musician Gilad Atzmon, saying a “growing number” of scholars and people think the Holocaust should be freely discussed (he lists artists separately, which is a rather pointless distinction from ordinary people as they have no training in social sciences).”
    So, we need some training in social sciences to do historical research or even just read the book of bogus testimonies? And were could we get such training? Maybe from Deborah Lipstadt, or yourself, or even better, your handlers from Mossad?

    “As for how much I am paid, not nearly enough to put up with his drivel thats for sure.”
    You are not paid nearly enough? Then you should ask for a raise. Putting up with “his” (I assume he refers to me) drivel could be costly. Ask them for a raise and I will sign your timecard. You have my word!

    Comment by Gasan — April 1, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

  3. In a way, I feel sorry for Gasan. His desperation grows with every passing day, realizing how pathetic and ineffective the impact his denial is having upon the real world and the general public. Let Gasan speak many of his thoughts to a room full of serious people and see how many remain to hear his whole speech. This is why he was demanding non-deniers to be banned from this site. And he has audacity to complain about free speech for deniers. Hypocritical much?

    He feels that quoting select parts of the Black Book proves a hoax. What a crock! The book was actually banned and destroyed in the Soviet Union immediately after its completion, but a copy was snuck out to Israel (hence Yad Vashem’s role). Notice how Gasan dodges really answering the question, as a ‘hoax’ requires actions of Soviet, American, British, and French governments. Just a ‘Jew’ thing I guess.

    He continues by quoting musician Gilad Atzmon, saying a “growing number” of scholars and people think the Holocaust should be freely discussed (he lists artists seperately, which is a rather pointless distinction from ordinary people as they have no training in social sciences). Atzmon uses a nice talking point here, as it tells deniers what they want to hear (so they are not so alone in the world) but there is no evidence to back up such an assertion. No public polls, no academic institutions organized for denial, etc…Indeed, if anything, denial has shrunk in the past 2-3 decades, after reaching its pinnacle in the 1980s. Heck David Irving has abandoned the denier crowd!

    As for how much I am paid, not nearly enough to put up with his drivel thats for sure.

    Comment by Wahrheit — March 31, 2011 @ 7:16 pm

  4. Es war selbstverständlich, daß “Wahrheit” noch einmal einen blöde Unsinn geschrieben hatte.
    “I find it more likely that revisionism will continue its descent into obscurity, ever more relegated to the dustbin of failed, ideologically based conspiracy theories.”
    This is from Gilad Atzmon, an Israel-born world-class jazz musician and publicist. Would you call him an “antisemite” and “denier” as well?
    Quote from Gilad:
    “Seemingly, Lipstdat is not happy with it all. She wants the chapter known as the holocaust to become a meta-historical impenetrable narrative. It is not clear to me and to a growing number of academics, artists and ordinary people, why Jewish academics and institutions are so afraid of this particular chapter in history being looked-at and discussed freely”.
    Could you read it aloud for us, Wahrheit? GROWING NUMBER OF ACADEMICS, ARTISTS AND ORDINARY PEOPLE.
    Who is being relegated to the dustbin? It is you and your friends, who are already inside of it and writing your idiotic comments from there.

    Comment by Gasan — March 30, 2011 @ 8:12 pm

  5. Elaborating on the Nuremberg film comment posted above…

    This was a film of the Nurenberg trial made by the OSS/Signal Corps to be shown to Germans only. American audiences have never been exposed to it until now because it was shelved due to Cold War
    sensibilities. It was shot by Stuart Schulberg the brother of Bud Schulberg who went on to direct On the Waterfront and other Hollywood classics. The film, which was languishing in the National Archives, has been re-made by the director’s daughter who traveled to Seattle to screen it recently. The “money shot” here is some purportedly captured film footage of an actual gassing in Poland. Foley artists have added the sound of a car motor revving up to pump carbon monoxide into a bunker. The shadowy outline of a German officer is seen against the outer wall of the bunker from which a hose hooked up the car’s exhaust pipe protrudes. It’s a brief nocturnal scene that is pure Hitchcock.

    Ms Schulberg told us this snippet of film, made by the Germans themselves, was discovered via a tip given to her father during the course of his filming the trial. Aside from the theatrical gassing scene, the film failed to mention anything about the simultaneous invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union. It’s one long litany of Nazi depredations without any socio-political-historical nuance. She was such an earnest promoter of her father’s film that neither myself or the well read revisionist friend I attended the screening with could bring ourselves to challenge anything in it during the Q. and A. afterwards. We just slunk out while Ms. Schulberg was receiving kudos for delivering this “Lesson for Today.”
    I recommend viewing it for it’s propaganda value, as an example of how Hollywood was used in the de-Nazification of post-war Germany.

    Comment by who+dares+wings — March 29, 2011 @ 10:01 am

  6. Anti-Semitism: Where Does Hate Originate?

    March 28, 2011
    jews-purim.jpgEditor’s Note: The Spring festival of Purim is a pagan holiday in Jerusalem characterized by “bacchanalian scenes of drunken cavorting, Halloween style clothing and masks, Talmudic men cross-dressed as women and a general topsy-turvy, ‘Lord of Misrule’ ambiance.” (Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered, p.824)

    The festival commemorates Queen Esther’s convincing the King of Persia, Ahaseurus, to slaughter anti-Semites who “planned to exterminate Jews.” These anti-Semites led by the Prime Minister Haman were killed by the thousands. At Purim, Jews innocently bake and eat cookies called “Hamantaschem” (shaped like Haman’s ear) as part of the celebration. This sense of imminent extermination is ingrained in the Jewish psyche and is used to manipulate them and justify any behavior.

    Jews never consider that anti-Semitism might be a response to their own leaders’ secret plans for world tyranny, now coming to fruition in the New World Order (aka “globalism.”)

    Humanity is now under constant terrorist attack — financial (credit meltdown), military (9-11), wars, accidental (Gulf spill) and “natural” (earthquakes, radiation) — from a Cabalist Jewish cult, the Illuminati, which controls most governments (through credit/debt) with the aid of Freemasonry, the mass media and secret services.

    Mankind’s tragic experience is largely a result of the hatred of this small Satanist cabal who have been only too willing to sacrifice non-Illuminati Jews in the Holocaust to advance their goal. Their stated plan is to wear us down until we accept their “super government.”

    Let’s note the words of a suppressed Christian historian, Olivia Marie O’Grady, in her 1959 book The Beasts of the Apocalypse. I have not witnessed this “hate” from my fellow assimilated Jews, but I think it does characterize the Illuminati Jewish/Zionist leadership:

    “The celebration of the feast of Purim became a symbolic orgy of hatred against the Christians…What the Jews did to Haman, the Jews would do to Christians. Every time the hated name of Haman was uttered, the Jews beat the benches of the synagogue with stones and mallets, screaming and yelling with frenzied zeal…the synagogue rang with cries of the crudest and most profane denunciations. The Christians, having no doubt as to the real meaning of the performances, were shocked and understandably indignant. Theodosius II [Byzantine Emperor 408-450] put an end to these indecent scenes by the enactment of a law prohibiting the festival.” (p.43)

    “There is no single fact in history more clearly obvious than the peculiar animosity of the Jews for all peoples other than their own. It is only to be understood on the basis of the almost incredible obsession of race superiority — the myth of the chosen people.The general antagonism against all Gentiles in general is surpassed only by the Jewish hatred of Christianity in particular.

    If Christ was the Son of God and brought salvation to all the races of the world, then, of course, the Covenant with Abraham was misinterpreted by the Jews in the first place, or it was superseded by Christ’s mission. The Jew — as long as he is hedged in by the mental ghetto of his race — can never accept this doctrine. The Messiah he expected was to be an invincible warrior who would conquer the Gentiles, rebuild the Temple, and rule the nations of the world from the ancient seat of power in Jerusalem.
    The Jehovah of Judaism is a jealous God, and glory and power is only for the seed of Abraham who wear the scar of the Covenant.

    Organized Jewry will never abandon its inborn conviction that it is the Chosen People. The passing of the centuries has neither dulled nor modified this ingrained faith. Only the interpretation of the means of accomplishment have been altered; new methods for old, and a concerted plan of action under modern and scientific planning….

    Perhaps the Messiah expected so long is merely a symbol of their own genius; the tempered weapon of their own ingenuity. What might not be accomplished by the sword, may more easily be achieved by the mind.

    There is much more power in the intrigues of the cloakroom than is to be purchased in the halls of oratory; and it is better to own the king than to sit on the throne. There is more destructive power in the counting room than may be found in a hundred atom bombs, and it is more profitable to finance your enemies to fight each other than it is to fight both of them yourself.

    It is easier to infiltrate a government than to take it by assault; and what can be done with a single government may be done with a government of all nations.” (p. 44)

    How Jews See Purim

    Comment by Adolf — March 29, 2011 @ 4:18 am

  7. The video got taken down!

    Anthony Lawson mentioned he has a transcript of the video so I’m hoping he releases that to the public. I usually prefer text in most cases anyways.

    Comment by Kageki — March 29, 2011 @ 12:20 am

  8. This is an excellent video. It is concise and straight to the dot. That would be interesting to see how the usual trolls of this blog would respond to it. Their claim was debunked in 30 minutes. I don’t think this hoax will survive another year, providing the rapidly developing current political events.

    Comment by Gasan — March 28, 2011 @ 8:31 pm

    • The value that deniers place in videos is really quite amusing, as they enjoy a ‘shortcut’ education reinforcing their ideological views, as opposed to actually spending time and effort in actually reading the history they so quickly deny and distort (too lazy).

      As for your deluded hope that the ‘hoax’ (inquiring minds would still like to know who is behind this hoax, and how it was perpetuated) will not survive another year, I find it more likely that revisionism will continue its descent into obscurity, ever more relegated to the dustbin of failed, ideologically based conspiracy theories.

      Comment by Wahrheit — March 29, 2011 @ 11:44 am

      • Oh, I read history a lot!
        Here is one of my primary sources:
        “Unknown Black Book”, “The Witnesses Testimonies of Catastrophe of Soviet Jews”
        Published: 1993 Yad Va-Shem, Jerusalem. Language: Russian.
        An except from this “masterpiece”: Page 424.
        The Red Army private Aleksandr Shapiro testifies: “After Germans captured me, I have refused to dig out the trench. They have beaten me up, began to shoot me (sic!) and then grabbed my arms and legs and threw me into the ditch”. (How do you “begin” to shoot someone? You other shoot or you don’t ). …”On that night about 100 people escaped”…I came to the neighboring village…”. So what happened with that shooting part, he is still walking. Did Germans miss? Apparently, so.
        “I was walking through occupied cities and villages and have seen humiliations, violence against our brethren, the gallows and the brothels (exactly in this order, huh!), as well as other plundering buy the Germans, Italians, Romanians and Hungarians”.
        Signed 11/14/1942.
        Another witness, M. Y. Kofman: page 415.
        “One of the SS officer asked me in his flawless Russian: “Are you telling us the truth that you are ethnic Russian?” I answered: “I am not lying, ask my comrades.” The SS officer said: “It is not good, if you lie to us”. Dr. Nezhbitsky interfered and told them that my father is a Tartar and the mother is an Italian, but I were raised by a Russian family. The SS officer translated this answer to his fellow officers; they had laughed and left.” (I would be laughing too).
        Witness A.M. Karmayan, page 165.
        “Dear comrade Ehrenburg! (Ilya Ehrenburg, a Soviet “writer” with the connection to American Jews. He was the published of this book along with Vasily Grossman. born Iosif Solomonovich Grossman)
        “I would like to tell you the story related to me by my father: All Jews in Medvedino, District Kiev, were killed by a local Petlura-men”. (Symon Petlura, Ukranian nationalist leader was killed in Paris in 1926, who has never displayed any anti-semitism).” There were no Symon Petlura’s ideology followers in the Ukraine during the WWII.
        The keyword in this testimony is “RELATED”. The witness has no PERSONAL knowledge of the events.
        And almost 500 more pages of this.. eh, don’t know what to call it.
        Ehrenburg and Grossman were given the orders from New York to collect as much evidence of German “crimes” as possible. They were appealing to all jews of USSR to send the testimonies and the jews felt obliged. Those were just a few examples. One should have an IQ way below the room temperature to believe any of those stories.
        Hey Wahrheit,
        Do you have the “Holocaust Deniers” working at Yad Va-Shem”, the main holocaust center in Jerusalem? There got to be some of them, otherwise this book would never been released. In any case: this book was published and it is my possession as well as in the possession of other people. As soon as this book is translated and made available to the American People, your holocaust story will belong to Comedy Central channel. Do you get it?
        How much do they pay you for your trolling engagements?

        Comment by Gasan — March 29, 2011 @ 9:43 pm

  9. Whew!

    re Jürgen Graf

    Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:27:03 -0800 (PST)
    From: ….
    Subject: Post Nuremberg screening questions

    Hello Sandra,

    I was at your Seattle screening last night. I enjoyed it and I have three more questions to ask you.

    1. Have you read Lawrence Douglas’ book, with an excellent chapter on film evidence at Nuremberg, entitled THE MEMORY OF JUDGEMENT: Making Law and History in the Trials of the Holocaust?

    2. Have you seen the anonymous 2hr long deconstruction of the OSS psychological warfare dept. film of the liberation of Buchewnwald posted here:

    3. In your remake of your father Stuart Schulberg’s film I noticed the name Jurgen Graf roll by during the ending credits. Is this the same Swiss revisionist?!!


    Dear ….,

    Thanks so much for your interest in NUREMBERG, and for the useful citations you sent me. Please also send your mailing address so I can inform you when the DVD edition becomes available. We plan to send a letter to all who requested one.

    To answer your question about Jürgen Graf, he was the first postwar Berlin radio news correspondent for RIAS (the democratic radio station created by the allies in the Western Zone), who came to be known as “Mister RIAS” — a dear friend of our family and a mentor to me when I moved to Berlin.

    Very best,

    PS: If you’re interested, here’s an awfully good CBC News story about the film:

    More info on the website:

    Sandra Schulberg
    Schulberg Productions
    200 Park Ave So
    Suite 1109
    New York, NY 10003
    917 667 6077

    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    Comment by who+dares+wings — March 28, 2011 @ 2:47 pm

  10. “The problem is that the real gas chambers at Majdanek were not in the crematorium, but in another building at the other end of the camp.”

    The real gas chambers? Do you know something that
    Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno don’t know?

    Comment by who+dares+wings — March 28, 2011 @ 1:38 pm

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