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May 8, 2011

The War on Terror: What caused it and how did it start?

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I have been in shock (literally) since President Obama announced on TV a week ago that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  It has been 10 years since 9/11 and I have forgotten a lot of the details about what caused Osama to attack America and our subsequent War on Terror.  I had to look it up on the Internet and I found this explanation for the attack on America on Wiki Answers:

…. is it surprising that Bin Laden started a 10 year terror campaign to get US troops out of Saudi Arabia as a result of Saudi dissidents being tortured for opposing the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia following the carnage of the gulf war in which the US government was accused of not only massacring fleeing Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait but also air strikes that collaterally killed Iraqi children and babies in the gulf war where US bombs killed 200,000 Iraqis, destroyed 20,000 Iraqi homes, leveled schools and hospitals.

This is what Bin Laden saw :

Iraqis, before the gulf war, had not killed any American intentionally and had not taken any military action against the US anywhere in the world and yet the US government decided to launch a war that collaterally killed Iraqi children and massacre fleeing Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait for the purposes of installing a hedonistic and cruel Kuwaiti dictatorship

In one US air strike : three hundred Iraqi children were killed by “smart” bombs in a Baghdad bomb shelter on February 16, 1991. The blast caused a fire so intense that it flash-burned outlines of those children and their mothers on the walls; you can still peel strips of blackened skin-from the stones.

And in 1994, religious scholars safar al-hawali and salman al-awdah were tortured by the Saudi government which escalated the conflict between Osama bin laden and the fact that his friends were tortured due to the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia.

(1) Osama Bin Laden read about the US government in the 50s overthrowing a democratically elected Mossadegh of Iran and eventually the Shah terrorized his own people in Iran, thanks to the military support given by the US government
(2) He read about the US government in the 60s, arming the Israeli government that used those very US weapons to collaterally kill Palestinian children and babies

(3) He saw the US government in the 70s using napalm, agent orange and carpet bombing Vietnam and Cambodia, collaterally killing hundreds of thousands or even millions.

(4) He saw the US government in the 80s siding with the “christian” militias in Lebanon, the very christian militias that massacred Muslims

(5) He saw the US government in the 80s supporting cruel dictators like Saddam Hussein

(6) He saw the US government in the 90s imposing cruel sanctions on Iraq resulting in UN reports stating that half a million Iraqi children died prematurely due to the sanctions

(7) He saw that the cruel Saudi dictatorship was being supported by the US government , the very dictatorship that tortured dissidents who opposed the stationing of US troops in Saudi Arabia

(8) He saw that the US government never left any country in which it had troops in ( example; US troops still present in Germany and Japan, even after the war had ended decades ago)

(9) He saw that warnings to the US government to withdraw its troops from Saudi Arabia were ignored

(10) He saw that the only way to get US troops out of Saudi Arabia was to launch a terror campaign

(11) He saw that his terror campaign against the US had failed and US troops still remained in Saudi Arabia 9 years after the gulf war had ended

(12) He saw that the only way to get the US government to withdraw its troops from Saudi Arabia was to launch an attack on the US homeland on 9/11/01

(13) He saw that the US government finally gave into his demands to withdraw troops, only after the 9/11 attacks, and US troops finally left Saudi Arabia in 2003, almost 13 years after the gulf war had ended

In Closing :

Mar 24,1991 : US General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the American commander of Operation Desert Storm, told reporters in Saudi Arabia the United States was closer to establishing a permanent military headquarters on Arab soil.
(AP, 3/24/01)

I suspect what eventually motivated Bin Laden to launch a terror campaign against US troops stationed in Saudi Arabia was for personal reasons : one of the dissidents tortured by the Saudi dictatorship might have been a close friend of Bin Laden and that must have been the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” and that torture was directly related to dissidence against the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia.

If your close friends were tortured, what would you do if the torturers were not brought to justice and you had the resources to retaliate.


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  2. I don’t agree with with you wiki answers can be changed to anything soo I don’t agree with you sorry maybe you should do more research

    Comment by Karmyn — April 3, 2013 @ 8:30 am

  3. Just some simple-to-understand examples:

    — “An American airliner passenger plane hit Pentagon” – every adult normal intelligent equipped KNOW that after a plane crash one can see thousands of pieces of passengers chairs/belts/life west’s/suitcases/clothes/body parts/(indestructible!) plane landing gear/(indestructible!) plane engine parts/etc, spread over a large area: There was not one, I repeat — NOT ONE — single part of any of these things on the premises!! No way – it is a physical impossibility!

    — The two WTC-towers is supposed to have collapsed due to the pancake-theorie! So where were the high stack of all them floors? And where were all them very very very solid robust over-sized columns/pillars of high quality steel that was holding the building together!?!!??!!!???
    They should all still have been standing there (nearly 500 meter high), with all them floors stacked around their “feet” or base. If not, they should have fallen to either of the sides….

    —- The so called W-T-C-Building-7 just “collapsed” some hours after the WTC-1+2 hade “collapsed” – that was one of the strongest built buildings in the world, and it collapsed for no reason at all….!?!? Some small fires and very black/dark smoke (=very cold fires, burning without ‘enough’ oxygen) is told to have caused the havoc….!??! No way – it is a physical impossibility!

    You can just forget about Osama Bin Laden, Al-Quaida or anything connected with The Muslim World.
    This 9-11-hoax was ALL orchestrated from within Jew-S-A. Nothing in this world can convince me that it is anything near the Main Stream Media version. The 9-11 is just another hoax and lie from the kosher establishment!

    Comment by Königsberg — May 9, 2011 @ 11:03 am

    • I started watching the 9/11 attack on TV at a few minutes past 9 a.m. (West Coast time). I tuned in just in time to see the instant re-play of the plane hitting the second tower. At around 12 noon, I heard the TV reporter say that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attack. At around the same time, he reported that there were 3,000 Jews working for an Israeli company in one of the towers and they couldn’t get out because they were on one of the floors above where the planes hit. The next day I read in the news that these Jews had not gone to work that day. Lucky for them, they had somehow figured out that there might be an attack on the twin towers that day.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 10, 2011 @ 6:40 am

  4. There is absolute zero proof that Osama or any other Muslims/Arabs were involved in 9/11 attacks. It is not my intention to start a “government conspiracy” discussion on this blog, but “the facts are stubborn things”.
    In short:
    Osama has never officially charged with conspiracy to commit 9/11 according to FBI “MOST WANTED LIST”. Seven out of nineteen highjackers reported themselves to be alive, after their names and photos were released few days later. The best example is Ahmed Al-Nami, 33, from Riyadh, an administrative supervisor with Saudi Arabian Airlines, who supposedly was on Flight 93, declared himself alive and confirmed that it was his picture posted all over the media. He is still considered as a terrorist who died on 9/11, while he is still probably working for his airline company. There were no apologies or excuses made for mistaken identity and the media went silent.
    I should also mention, that there were no Arab sounding names on any of the flight manifests and no videos showing them passing them to through security areas,
    However there were five Israelis arrested in Bergen County, NJ for suspicious behavior while they were shooting a video of WTC collapse.
    Here is the video.

    Watch how at 0:55 East Rutherford PD, NJ officer Scott DeCarlo describes his encounter with those who came to “just document the event” How did they know, that there will be “an event”?
    The names of those who were “documenting the event”:
    Paul Kurzberg, Sivan Kurzberg Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari.

    Comment by Gasan — May 8, 2011 @ 9:06 pm

  5. After the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death in Pakistan I revisited some of his history trying to find photographs of the Tora Bora cave bunker that Donald Rumsfeld described as the headquarters of his terror war on the West. There were schematic drawings of a sophisticated looking multi-leveled bunker system, but no photographs of the command post itself ever surfaced after Tora Bora was “taken” in 2008. It’s interesting to note how quickly Donald Rumsfeld was back in the news walking us through the capture of Osama Bin Laden. His expert analysis and commentary on this historical event was like his insider’s tour of Binny’s bunker in Tora Bora:

    God uses men like Barak Obama and Donald Rumsfeld to overcome evil and make America a safer place for future generations. No matter what religious or political persuasion we are He needs every citizen’s support for this fight!

    Comment by who+dares+wings — May 8, 2011 @ 12:58 pm

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