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May 9, 2011

Rancho Seco nuclear power plant is now nothing but two empty towers

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Empty towers at former Rancho Seco nuclear power plant

Update, May 10, 2011:  Japan has announced that they are not going to build any more nuclear power plants; you can read it here.

With all the news about the nuclear power plants in Japan being damaged by an earthquake, I am very glad that the Rancho Seco power plant in Herald, California is now nothing but two empty towers; the power plant was closed on June 7, 1989.  The Rancho Seco power plant was in operation between April 1975 and June 1989.  The Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania in 1979 caused protests in California about Rancho Seco, which finally resulted in it’s closure.  

Old sign on the barbed wire fence is still there

Fence around the Rancho Seco property

Empty towers of Rancho Seco power plant near Herald, CA

I took the photos above on May 8, 2011.  E-mail me at for more information.  Note that the towers look just like the Three Mile Island Towers in the photo below.

Three Mile Island Nuclear power plant

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