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May 20, 2011

Glenn Beck mentions the Balfour Agreement

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I was watching the Glenn Beck show yesterday, along with some young college students who were gathering at my house for an event that was set to begin later.  When Beck mentioned the Balfour Agreement, I asked the students at the next commercial if they knew what Beck was talking about.  What?  The Balfour Agreement?  Never heard of it!  Is the text of the letter online somewhere?  Yes, of course.  Everything is online.  You can read the Balfour letter here.

The Balfour letter mentions what the British are going to do for the Jews, but what did the Jews agree to do for the British?

As I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, the Jews promised to lend money to the British to continue fighting in World War I.  In 1916, America was not yet involved in World War I and Germany was winning.  The Jews also promised to get America into the war.

The significance of the Balfour agreement is that it contributed greatly to Germany losing World War I, which really pissed off young Adolf Hitler who was lying in a hospital bed, blind from a mustard gas attack, when he heard that Germany had surrendered.  But that wasn’t the worst of it.

At Versailles, Woodrow Wilson brought along 17 Jews who made sure that the 5 million dollar loan was paid back. Germany had to pay back the money loaned to the British by the Jewish bankers in New York. And the bankers demanded the money in gold, not paper money backed by gold.  Eventually all the gold in Germany wound up in the hands of the Jewish bankers.  This really pissed off Hitler and when he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he had no love for the Jews.  Hitler was forced to print paper money, not backed by gold, which started something new, that is now considered to be acceptable.

After I explained all this to the students, I saw light bulbs over their heads as they began to realize why Hitler hated the Jews.  They had always thought that Hitler was just an evil man who wanted to kill all the Jews for no reason at all.  Or because they were a different race.  No, it was because Hitler blamed the Jews for causing Germany to lose World War I.

Why doesn’t Glenn Beck tell you these things?  And why don’t the students learn this in their college classes?

Another thing that Glenn Beck didn’t explain on his program yesterday was why President Roosevelt didn’t persuade Congress to change America’s immigration laws to allow all the Jews in Europe to come to America after Hitler came to power in 1933.  He mentioned a ship full of Jews that was turned away from America, not allowing the Jews to enter.  Beck didn’t mention the name of the ship, but he was obviously talking about the ship called the St. Louis.  He made it sound like Roosevelt was against the Jews. But how could this be?  Hitler believed that Roosevelt himself was a Jew.

Since Beck didn’t provide an explanation, I am going to jump in and give my opinion on why America didn’t allow all the Jews to come here before the Holocaust got started.  Beginning in 1921, the immigration laws in America limited the number of German immigrants, which included German Jews.  However, during World War II, German Jews were allowed to come here under the limited quota.  Those who were allowed in were mainly young men who then returned to Germany during and after the war, as American soldiers, and helped with the roundup and  prosecution of the German war criminals.

If America had saved all the Jews of Europe by allowing them to come here, there would have been no Holocaust, but there would also be no Israel today. Most of the Jews would have stayed in America and would not have gone to Palestine.  I think that Roosevelt did not bring all the Jews here because he wanted to encourage the Jews to go to Palestine and set up the Jewish homeland of Israel.  The survivors of the Holocaust were forced to go to Palestine because America did not change its immigration laws until 1948.  Why wait until 1948?  Because it was in 1948 that Israel became a country.