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July 5, 2011

You can’t trust a Swedish reporter, as Bishop Williamson learned to his dismay

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Richard Williamson, a Catholic Bishop, who is now known the world over as “Holocaust-denying Bishop Williamson,” gave an interview to a Swedish television journalist in 2008; the interview was filmed in Regensburg, Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime.

After the interview was shown on the Internet, Bishop Williamson was convicted of Holocaust denial by a German court in 2009 and fined 10,000 euro for his crime.  Williamson appealed the verdict and his appeal trial started yesterday. The appeal is being handled by his attorney, Benjamin Weller.  The Bishop, who now lives in the UK, did not attend the proceedings.

According to Williamson’s attorney, Bishop Williamson was asked “leading questions” by the Swedish journalist. Williamson specifically asked that the interview not be shown in Germany where he knew that his opinion about the Holocaust was a crime.

The Swedish journalist broke his promise and an excerpt from the Bishop’s interview was put on the Internet.  (more…)