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August 5, 2011

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help people with Type I diabetes?

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Yesterday, I went to my TCM doctor to have acupuncture and get a refill on herb pills for the kidneys.  I was very pleased to learn that my “kidney pulse” is now very strong and all the damage done by a stroke that I had just over a year ago has now been reversed. The doctor told me that the “window of opportunity” for reversing stroke damage is 6 months; thank God I made use of that 6-month “window of opportunity.”

I took my daughter, who is 30 years younger, along with me for her first acupuncture treatment and a diagnosis of the condition of her heart and kidneys.  She was shocked to hear that I have a better heart and better kidneys than she does.

This time I questioned my doctor on the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I asked him if TCM could do anything for a 23-year-old friend of mine who has had Type I diabetes since she was 3 years old and has now been told by her Western doctor that she has “failing kidneys.”  The first thing that my TCM doctor said was “Is she on dialysis yet?”  When I told him that she was not that far gone yet, the doctor said that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can positively help “kidney deficiency” in Type I diabetes patients.  (more…)