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August 15, 2011

Facebook allows Holocaust denial — Holocaust survivors protest

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Despite protests from Holocaust survivors, Facebook has refused to remove Holocaust denial pages, releasing this statement: “We think it’s important to maintain consistency in our policies, which don’t generally prohibit people from making statements about historical events. No matter how ignorant the statement or how awful the event.”

This quote is from a newspaper article which you can read here:

A few weeks ago, 21 survivors of the death camps who witnessed the murder of their families by the Nazis wrote to Facebook asking the organisation (sic) to take down pages that promote Holocaust denial.

These survivors witnessed the murder of their families? Did the Nazis really allow witnesses when they murdered the Jews?  Did they have peepholes in the doors of the gas chambers for one member of each family to watch as the victims died?  How did the Nazis ensure that the witnesses would survive?  Did they march them out of the death camps in the East and take them to Germany where the witnesses were kept alive and in good health so that there would be witnesses 65 years later?

One of the required beliefs of the Holocaust is that Hitler, or one of his henchmen, ordered the genocide of the Jews.  This order has never been found, but it must have included instructions to leave behind witnesses.  This suggests that the order was not for genocide, which means to kill EVERYONE in a specific group of people.  Otherwise, how do you explain the survival of the witnesses?  Unfortunately, the 21 survivors who are protesting are deniers themselves because they are denying the genocidal aspect of the Holocaust.

The names of the protesters are not given, so we don’t know their individual stories of how they survived.  They should each have a Facebook page in which they tell their story.  Was the gas chamber too full on the day that they were selected for death?  Did they lie about their age, telling Dr. Mengele that they were 17 years old when they were really eleven?  Did they turn cartwheels to distract the men who were herding them to the gas chamber?  Or did they escape certain death, like Elie Wiesel, by being ordered to turn away from a burning ditch in the nick of time?