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August 17, 2011

The diaries of Dr. Josef Mengele will be displayed at Yad Vashem

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I have been reading in the news about the diaries of Dr. Josef Mengele, one of the Nazi doctors who worked at Auschwitz from May 1943 to Jan. 1945. His writings, in 31 notebooks, were sold at auction to “an ultra Orthodox Jew,” according to a news article which you can read here.  You can also read about it here and here.  Dr. Josef Mengele worked on the “ramp” at Auschwitz-Birkenau, waving the Jews to the left or the right as they got off the transport trains.  He volunteered to work on the ramp even when it was the turn of one of the other 29 SS doctors because he wanted to find Jews with hereditary defects and twins for his research into hereditary conditions.  You can read more about Dr. Josef Mengle on my web site here.

Dr. Mengele at home on leave after 5 months at Auschwitz-Birkenau

In all of these news articles about what Dr. Mengele wrote, I did not see the words “incriminating” or “proof” in describing Dr. Mengele’s alleged crimes.  The article here has many accusations about the “twisted mind” of Dr. Mengele, but no proof that any of the stories about him are true. Apparently Dr. Mengele was a prolific writer but he never wrote anything that would incriminate himself. 

One news article points out that “While his diaries show how Mengele found plenty of time to pontificate on life, there is no mention of his stomach-churning experiments.”  (Note that Dr. Mengele has been stripped of his title of Doctor in all the news stories.)

The news article then lists some of Dr. Mengele’s alleged crimes: the stories of how he tried to make brown eyes blue and how he sewed children together back to back.  He allegedly killed twins in order to study their bodies, but the news article includes this statement: “Bizarrely, many of the camp survivors recall Mengele as a gentle, affable man who befriends them as children and gave them chocolates.”  Although not mentioned in the news article, one of the children that Dr. Mengele “befriended” said that he also brought “beautiful clothes and hair ribbons” to the little girls in his experiments.  In other words, the real Dr. Mengele was the opposite of the way he is depicted in Holocaust literature.

The writing of Dr. Mengele will be on display at Yad Vashem, but only for one month, after which his diaries will go into the Jewish archives at Yad Vashem.  One news article points out that 95% of his writing, which is in German, has never been translated into any other language.  Now that his writing is safely in the hands of the Jews in Israel, the story of Dr. Mengele as an evil man who sent thousands of Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz can be told to future generations forever. You can read more about the selections for the Auschwitz gas chamber on my web site here.


  1. I realize these articles are a bit old, but I find them very interesting and I also agree that it seems as though they are trying to hide anything about Mengele that does not fit into the “monster” category. I am a history buff myself and always found it very sobering, in reading about the holocaust and WW2 in general, as it seems this period of time was the ultimate peak of human destruction and murder.

    One thing I kept noticing though, were the paradoxical inconsistencies regarding Josef Mengele. One thing is for sure – He was a cold blooded murderer. But was he a sadist or did he “torture” people? I have never found ANY solid evidence of that. It appears that all of his murderous acts were simply a result of his following orders given to him. He was basically working for Von Verscheur (sp?) (and the SS of course) and only went to Aushwitz because VV asked him to go there and carry out his twins research (it was Verscheur that was mainly interested in twins and it is he who got Mengele involved in the study of them). Verschuer was well aware of the death camp situation and felt there was a great waste of human subjects in which to carry out experiments. In my mind Verscheur is just as guilty, if not even moreso than Mengele, because everything Mengele did was a result of VV’s studies. It was VV who was also funding the studies done with the twins at Aushwitz.

    Funny thing is, Von Verschuer only got a small fine and never even did any time in prison. Not only that, but he became the head of the Institution he was at AFTER that.

    Not sure why Mengele was used as a fall guy for people who were much more brutal and sadistic than he was. He became one of the poster children of the worst of the evil Nazis, while Verschuer just gets a slap on the wrist. What gives there and why weren’t the Jewish people going after VV as well after the war?

    I guess there is just something about Mengele, that makes him a much more interesting person than anyone else. Who else better to use as the “ultimate evil”, regardless of whether it’s really true or not? I honestly believe that is why..

    Comment by Carla — September 10, 2014 @ 10:43 am

  2. The 3,300 pages of Mengele’s journals contain “denial of the conditions at the camps” according to this news agency:

    I captured the auction catalogue, which gives very brief descriptions of what each one contained plus a page of Mengele’s doodles.

    These journals have only ever been studied by two kosher scholars Gerald Posner and John Ware, and they barely use them in their book Mengele: The Complete Story. Insisting on paraphrasing quotes from Mengele’s journals.

    Only one conclusion can be reached by the fact the contents of Mengele’s journals have been kept secret and will remain secret: They’re brim-full of denial of the kosher holocaust story.

    Comment by Black Rabbit — August 18, 2011 @ 7:02 pm

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