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September 22, 2011

Sacramento Empty Shoe memorial for 9/11

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There were 100 cities across America which had their own local memorial ceremony for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, September 11, 2011.  The 9/11 Memorial day in Sacramento, CA featured a field of Empty Shoes precisely arranged on the grounds of the State Fair Grounds. The empty shoes were in honor of the 2,977 people who died ten years ago on 9/11, including 2,349 civilians.  The field of empty shoes consisted of  new shoes, of all kinds, which were donated by people in the Sacramento area. The shoes were given to the Salvation Army when the Memorial was taken down.

Empty Shoe memorial at Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA

Young girl walks through the field of shoes in Sacramento

As part of the Empty Shoes ceremony in Sacramento, a guy parachuted over the site, carrying an unfurled American flag which flew behind him.  I did not arrive in time to see this, but I saw it later on TV.

New shoes were placed in a field at Cal Expo in Sacramento

In Sacramento, local fire fighters gathered downtown on 09.11.11 to participate in a ceremony in which they climbed up 110 steps, carrying their heavy gear.  This was done to commemorate the climb that New York City fire fighters made that day, carrying 100 pounds of gear.  The Sacramento fire fighters climbed up the 26 floors of the Renaissance Tower in Sacramento four times in order to duplicate the 110-step climb.  This memorial climb was in honor of the 393 fire fighters who died on 9/11 in New York City.

In several cities, including Sacramento, there was a 5K run to commemorate the run that day, made by Steven Siller, a New York city fire fighter, who ran through a tunnel from Brooklyn to the World Trade Center, carrying 60 pounds of gear.  The 5K run in Sacramento started downtown after a speech by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

The 5K run is traditionally done each year in New York to honor the brave fire fighter who was off duty when the planes hit and did not have to risk his life to save others, but he did it anyway.  This year, there were 25,000 people who made the 5K run in New York, although none of them carried 60 pounds of gear.

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