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September 27, 2011

An ignominious end to Denis Avey’s fake story?

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In a comment on my blog, a reader provided a link to an April 2011 article on the Mail Online about the book written by Denis Avey.  I noticed this sentence near the end of the article:

Professor Kenneth Waltzer, the director of the Jewish Studies Program at Michigan State University and a world authority on the Nazi concentration camps, is sceptical: ‘The pattern of sustained silence, despite interviews, and then the tumbling out of the story does indeed raise suspicions.”

Ken Waltzer is on the case?  I predict that the end is near. The Denis Avey book will soon be categorized as a novel, like another fake Holocaust story that Professor Waltzer exposed: the one about the little girl throwing apples over the fence of a concentration camp.

The Mail Online article ends with this sentence:

As none other than the late Ernst Lobethal wrote to the New York Times in February 1994: ‘I think it is important to point out inaccuracies, lest Holocaust revisionists do it for us.’

I was one of the first to “point out inaccuracies” in the Denis Avey story.  Does that make me a “revisionist”?  There should be a new term for people who call attention to Holocaust lies.  Revisionist is a pejorative term when used by Holocaustians.

I blogged about Avey’s book several times, both before and after I read the book.  I wrote a review of the book here.