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October 5, 2011

Hitler and “The Transfer Agreement”

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Yesterday, I wrote on my blog that if it had not been for Hitler, there would be no Israel today. One of the regular readers challenged this statement, pointing out the Balfour Declaration.  In my blog post today, I am replying to the comment made by “skeptic” on my previous blog post about Hitler and Netanyahu.

The reason that Hitler is sometimes called “the founding father of Israel” is because of “The Transfer Agreement.”  This was an agreement between Hitler and “the International Jews,” made soon after Hitler was appointed the Chancellor of Germany in January, 1933.  On August 7, 1933, Zionist leaders signed a pact with Germany in which Hitler agreed to transfer around 60,000 German Jews and $100 million dollars in Jewish assets to Jewish Palestine. In exchange, the Zionists agreed to halt their worldwide boycott of German goods, which they had declared as soon as Hitler came to power.  The Jews who were sent to Palestine in “The Transfer Agreement” were the older, educated, rich Jews who became influential in the founding of Israel. They were sneaked into Palestine, as this was a secret agreement. The money that was transferred would be around a billion dollars in today’s money.   (more…)