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October 13, 2011

Block 10, where Dr. Mengele did his sadistic experiments at Auschwitz

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Block 10 on the left, Block 11 on the right, Black wall in the center at Auschwitz main camp

Dr. Josef Mengele was the doctor for the Gypsy camp at Auschwitz II, aka Birkeanu, and later the doctor for the women’s camp at Birkenau.  Today, I read this here:  “Block 10 in Auschwitz I, which is currently closed to the public, is where Dr Josef Mengele – or Dr Death – carried out sadistic human experiments.”

There was a hospital at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but apparently it wasn’t good enough for Dr. Death who traveled to the main camp to do his sadistic experiments.

Windows of Block 10 at Auschwitz are blocked out

Strangely, Block 10 is closed to the public and the windows are blocked so that no one can see inside.  I will probably never return to see Auschwitz again because of the huge crowds of tourists, but if they ever open up Block 10, I will make it a point to get there ASAP.  I want to see the instruments of torture used by “the surgeon of Birkenau,” as Dr. Josef Mengele is called.

After World War II ended, the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex was in the hands of the Soviet Union; the Soviets released DOCUMENT 008-USSR, Report by the Soviet War Crimes Commission, 6 May 1945.  The quote below is from this document:

Sterilization experiments were performed on women in the camp hospital division of Auschwitz camp. 400 women prisoners were housed in Block 10 of the camp, and simultaneously subjected to sterilization experiments with x-rays, and then by removal of the ovaries; the neck of the uterus was infected with cancer, experiments were performed to induce premature birth artificially and to test contrast substances, as well as to test x-ray exposure of the uterus. In Block 28, doctors tested methods of artificially wounding the skin with kerosine oil, various salts, pastes, and powders. They also used Arichink to study artificially induced jaundice. These experiments were led by the German, Dr. Emil KOSCHUB.

Dr. Josef Mengele is not mentioned at all in the document about the war crimes committed at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The quote below is also from the Soviet Document:

The former inmate M. HAUSER (Paris, Citemilion 9), testified:

“In Auschwitz, we were housed in Block 10. The reason why we were housed in this block was unknown to us. It contained a hospital division, although we were all entirely healthy women. In Block 10, they took a syringe full of blood from me, I don’t know for what purpose. At the end of August 1943, I was taken to the operating room, received an anaesthetic, and an operation was performed on my sexual organs. The operation was performed by a prisoner, Dr. SAMUEL, under the leadership and instruction of the German, Dr. WIRTZ. After the operation, I was sick for 11 months in Block 10. Among those who were subjected to the sterilization operation was a Jewish woman named Bella, from Greece, whose last name I can no longer remember. After she was x-rayed, she was operated on. She received an abdominal incision. After the operation, she got well and her abdomen healed. The German doctor Dr. SCHUMANN came to Block 10 to examine her, and took Bella away to Block 28. There he made a second incision, this time in a sideways direction. I myself saw the criss-cross incision. Within a few days of the second operation, Bella died.”

Entrance to Block 10 is closed to tourists

For over 50 years, tourists at Auschwitz were told that the gas chamber was original, not a reconstruction by the Soviet Union.  Now visitors are told the truth, that the gas chamber is a reconstruction.

For years, tourists were not allowed inside the Sauna building at Birkenau.  In 2005, it was finally opened to the public.

Will Block 10 ever be opened to the public?  What is so horrible inside this building that tourists are not allowed to see it?  I suspect that Block 10 was a modern hospital with the latest in medical equipment, used for the purpose of saving lives, and that is why it must be kept hidden from the public.

See if you can spot the mistakes in this quote from the Soviet document:

1) the Germans exterminated over four million citizens of the Soviet Union, Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Roumania, Hungary, and other countries by shooting and monstrous tortures in Auschwitz camp.

2) Germany professors and doctors performed so-called medical experiments on living men. women, and children in the camp. Auschwitz camp by far exceeded all hitherto known death camps in the refinement of its methods — in technical organization, in the number of victims, and in the cruelty of the means with which the people were killed. Auschwitz camp contained gas chambers and crematoria, and surgical stations and laboratories, all aimed at the extermination of human beings. The Germans called the gas chambers “Baths for Special Purposes”. The entrance to the “baths” bore the sign “To the Disinfection”; the exit “entry to the bathhouse”. Thus, the people intended for death went unsuspectingly into the room “for disinfection”, and undressed; they were then driven into the “Bath for Special Purposes”, and killed with “Zyklon” poison. Special hospitals, surgical blocks, laboratories, and other installations were erected in the camp — not to heal men, but to kill them. German professors and doctors performed mass experiments on completely healthy women and children: sterilization of women and castration of men (mass experiments on artificial excitement (sic) of cancer, typhus and malaria, experiments on the effects of poisons on living people.