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October 25, 2011

Forsythia mentioned in new movie “Contagion”

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I went to see the new movie “Contagion” today.  It was a bit boring until I heard the word Forsythia, which caused me to perk up and pay attention. Unless you are an avid gardener, you have probably never heard of Forsythia which is a tall bush which blooms with yellow flowers in the early spring.  You see a lot of it along the roadside in Germany.

In the movie, the word Forsythia is used in connection with homeopathic medicine.  What was not mentioned in the movie is that Forsythia is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here is a quote about the medicinal use of Forsythia from this website:

Uses of Forsythia
Forsythia has been used for treatment of bacterial infections and upper respiratory tract infections, although the clinical evidence supporting its use is limited.

Forsythia fruits are widely used in Chinese traditional medicine for antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity in the treatment of bacterial infections and upper respiratory ailments. They are commonly combined with honeysuckle flower  (Lonicera ) and other ingredients. Forsythia fruits are also reputedly used as a diuretic and as a cardiovascular tonic.

Prisoner who was tattooed at Dachau

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Max Kaufmann shows his Dachau tattoo --- Palm Beach Daily News photo by Chris Salata

I know that some tour guides tell visitors to the Dachau Memorial Site that Jews were tattooed at Dachau, but I always thought that they were mistaken. I have checked with Wikipedia here and verified that prisoners were tattooed at Auschwitz, but Dachau is not mentioned.

Then I saw the photo above in today’s Palm Beach Daily News online, which you can read here.

The caption under the photo reads:

Max Kaufmann shows his numerical tattoo given to him at Dachau. He had been shot in the right arm toward the end of the war by a soldier who was aiming for his back and carries part of that bullet in a chain around his neck.