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November 5, 2011

Gardelegen massacre photos on e-bay

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I received an e-mail message today from a friend who alerted me to an e-bay auction where you can bid on a Scrapbook of 150 photos of the Gardelegen massacre.  I have a whole section on my website about the Gardelegen massacre here.  You can read about the man who ordered the massacre here.

This quote is from the description of the Scrapbook on e-bay:

The history in this album is incredible, especially the many photos of the horrendous treatment of the soldiers in Gardelegen, Germany by the bloodthirsty Waffen S.S. the lowest of the Nazi beasts ( as described in the letter included).

Several years ago, I went to the town of Gardelegen and visited the place where the massacre occurred.   I purchased a booklet in Gardelegen, entitled “Die Todesmärche and das Massaker von Gardelegen” by Diana Gring.  She wrote that the man who gave the order to burn the prisoners, Gerhard Thiele, escaped by disguising himself in the uniform of a German soldier and traveling with false papers. He lived in the Western zone of occupation and later in West Germany under a false name. He was never brought to justice.

However, at least one of the SS men involved in the Gardelegen massacre was put on trial in 1947, according to Gring. She states on page 34 of the booklet that SS-Untersturmführer Erhart Brauny was sentenced to life in prison. According to Gring, Brauny had been assigned to the Rottleberode sub-camp in 1944 and he was the transport leader for the prisoners evacuated from the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp who subsequently wound up in Gardelegen and were herded into the barn which was set on fire.

On my website, I have a page on the trial of Erhart Brauny who had nothing to do with the massacre, but he was put on trial by the American Military Tribunal under the “common design” theory of guilt.

I have a section about the town of Gardelegen on my website here.