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November 11, 2011

Sidney Glucksman was a witness to the atrocities at Gross-Rosen and Dachau concentration camps

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Someone who is doing research on 11 men, who were possibly sent to the Gross-Rosen concentration camp as Nacht und Nebel prisoners, e-mailed me with a request to find an eye-witness who was at Gross-Rosen.  I don’t know much about Gross-Rosen so I had to do a google search; my search turned up the name of a witness (Sidney Glucksman) on my own website  Sidney Glucksman was 12 years old in 1940 when he was sent to the Gross Rosen camp; he was later transferred to Dachau where he was liberated by American soldiers on April 29, 1945.

This quote is from a page on my website. Scroll down, it is at the bottom of the page. You can read the page in full here:

Sidney Glucksman was a prisoner at Dachau working in a factory, located just outside the concentration camp, which made German uniforms. When he was liberated from Dachau by American troops, Glucksman told Jewish American soldier Jerome Klein that he had not had a shower for six years. Klein gave him a bar of soap and a clean American uniform to wear.

Contrary to Nerin E. Gun’s discription of babies being gassed along with their mothers at Dachau, Glucksman told Kim Martineau, a reporter for The Hartford, CT Courant, that he remembers mothers separated from babies, walking naked to the “showers” to be gassed, their babies thrown into sacks and beaten or tossed in the air for target practice.

Strangely, Glucksman was not gassed at Gross-Rosen, even though he was only 12 years old when he was sent there. He was allowed to live, even though he was a witness to the gassing of prisoners at two different camps and the killing of babies in sacks.

Glucksman was a concentration camp prisoner for six years (1940 – 1945), but he never took a shower the whole time.  Apparently, that’s how Glucksman managed to survive: he was smart enough not to enter a shower room, so he was not gassed like the rest of the prisoners.

Gross-Rosen is now in Poland, but it was in the Greater German Reich when a concentration camp was located there.  On the map below, Gross-Rosen is shown on the far left side.

Map shows location of Gross-Rosen camp