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January 3, 2012

John Edwards medical issue: heart attack or panic attack

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Years ago, I got hooked on the National Enquirer and have been unable to quit.  This year I made a New Year’s  resolution to quit, but I just had to buy one last issue on December 31st.  On the cover was the headline “John Edwards Heart Attack Drama.”  I don’t know how old Edwards is, but he looks too young to be having a heart attack. I had to read the story.

When I read the article inside the Enquirer, I noticed this statement from a friend of John Edwards:  “Although John was told that it was just a panic attack and not heart-related, the incident shook him and he requested trial postponement. He’s still afraid he’s going to die from a heart attack.”

As a survivor of a panic attack, I can tell you that there is a big difference between a panic attack and a heart attack.   (more…)