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January 10, 2012

“Courage to Remember” or courage to put up a disengenuous exhibit?

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The traveling exhibit called Courage to Remember is now being shown in Vermont, according to the Manchester Journal.

I’m confused about the title of this exhibit: Why does it take courage to remember the Holocaust?  A person can go to prison for 5 years or more for denying the Holocaust, but will anything bad happen to a person who remembers the Holocaust?

I previously blogged about the Courage to Remember Holocaust exhibit here.  The photo below was included in my previous post.

A poster in the Courage to Remember traveling exhibit

The headline on the poster above is “The Jewish Question.”  The text on this poster does not explain the meaning of the term “Jewish Question.”  I wrote about “The Jewish Question” in a previous post which you can read here.  It would have taken some courage to put the real meaning of “The Jewish Question” on a poster in this exhibit, and to put the full version of the photo below in the exhibit.

Photo in the exhibit which has been cropped

The iconic photo below is included in the Courage to Remember exhibit with a caption which says that the people in the photo are “on the way to the gas chamber.”

Photo from Auschwitz-Birkenau in the exhibit

How does this photo show that the people in the photo are “on their way to the gas chamber?” Did the SS men at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp really allow women and children to walk to the gas chamber with only a photographer as an escort?  It takes courage to remember that most of the survivors, who are out on the lecture circuit today, were children under the age of 15 when they were sent to Auschwitz, but for some reason, they were not sent to the gas chamber.


  1. what? please explain… “their were no gas chambers PERIOD” are you serious? are you 14 yrs old?

    Comment by Alan — January 13, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

    • When you write a comment, click on the Reply link, so that your comment will be under the comment to which your are answering. You are obviously replying to Robert Schmidt, but your comment is not properly placed below his. No one knows whom you are insinuating is 14 years old.

      I doubt that anyone who is 14 years old thinks that there were no gas chambers, since all 14-year-old Americans have had Holocaust education since they were in the 5th grade. They have heard at least one Holocaust survivor speak at their school, so they know about the gas chambers from an eye-witness who saw every member of their family taken to the gas chambers, while they somehow miraculously escaped.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 14, 2012 @ 2:15 pm

      • seriously, this is the contradiction blog. You say there was a Shoah, but it wasn’t as bad as the survivors made out so that can make money off their stories? Are you serious? I’m very disappointed in all this…

        Comment by Alan — January 15, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

        • I’m sorry that you are disappointed in my blog. In a country where free speech is still allowed, you have to expect that not everyone will believe every story told by the people who are trying to make money off their books and lectures. I’m very disappointed in the Holocau$t. I have written about other subjects on my blog, but it is the blog posts about the Holocaust that get all the hits. I have some photos of English gardens. Maybe I will blog about English gardens. NOT!!!

          Comment by furtherglory — January 18, 2012 @ 1:19 pm

  2. geee, I wonder why they called it “Himmelstrasse”… you guys are noobs…

    Comment by Alan — January 12, 2012 @ 5:38 pm

    • OH please ! ..HATE ! i dont think so ! ….their were no gas chambers PERIOD …this anti semetic hate DIATRIBE does not gel with me , Take some time and face the FACTS theres no hate here only FACTS …prove US wrong !!..?????????

      Comment by Robert Schmidt — January 12, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

  3. ALLAN ! …how does this photo “PROVE ” clearly that they are on their way to GAS CHAMBERS …. PLEASE TELL ME

    Comment by Robert Schmidt — January 10, 2012 @ 3:53 pm

    • Notice that the people in the photo are “carrying their bundles.” This is a quote from the short stories of Tadeusz Borowski who famously wrote about how he played soccer while 3,000 Jews were gassed. I previously blogged about “the people who walked on.”

      “The People Who Walked On” is the title of a short story, written by Polish writer Tadeusz Borowski, which is included in a collection of short stories in a book entitled “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.” In my previous post, I included a map of the Birkenau camp which shows the roads in the camp. I also included more photos of the prisoners who got off the trains and walked down the various roads in the camp. The only thing we know about the women and children in the photo is that they are walking north on a road that goes through the camp. Krema V was blown up several days after the Germans abandoned the Birkeanau camp, and almost nothing remains of it.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 11, 2012 @ 6:38 am

    • ROBERT! It does NOT “PROVE” anything clearly, nor does it suggest they were spared. YOU GUYS are SO FULL of HATE, its kid of sad.

      Comment by Alan — January 12, 2012 @ 5:33 pm

  4. The “Courage to Remember” mentality is Jewish in regarding Jewish lives as more valuable than non-Jewish lives, including, presumably, the viewers’ own life. People reserve their deepest horror for the deaths of those who are closest to them. It is worse to lose a friend or family member than a stranger, more horrible to lose a countryman than a foreigner, but Jewish suffering has taken center stage in the history of WWII and so we are asked to forget our fathers died by the hundreds of thousands fighting a war in Europe and muster the courage to remember only what happened to the Jews. It 2012 now and we are suffering from Holocaust fatigue here in the America, but there is nobody we can turn to for relief from this relentless remembrance because there’s a precision placed Jew at every choke point in the culture pushing for more propaganda.

    Comment by who+dares+wings — January 10, 2012 @ 2:05 pm

    • Well said!

      I previously blogged about Anna Levin-Ware, a Holocaust survivor, who attended the opening of the exhibit in Fresno.

      This quote is from that blog post:

      “Levin-Ware shared how she was placed in a gas chamber, doors locked, ready to die. Then, suddenly, guards suddenly opened the doors and announced that any Hungarians were to leave, including her by marriage. To her surprise, they removed her from the chamber.

      But to her horror, they left her father, mother, brother and baby sister in the gas chamber and she could only listen as the sounds of panic slowly became silent, marking their deaths. Along with other parts of her story, she showed the audience a picture of her assembled before the Nazis of her camp when she was in her 20s.”

      It took a lot of courage to tell that story. Anna was saved because she was “Hungarian by marriage.” Yet there were 400,000 Hungarians who were gassed in only ten weeks at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 11, 2012 @ 7:21 am

      • I have always noted the preference for those who survived the great flames and Nazinging flame grilling, and their spawn, to look down upon us from their Mercedes Benzs. Just like before the great fry off. If my family had been wiped out and I had by some miracle survived, then I would use a polar bear constructed bicycle to troop around my lawful business. However those who live Walter Mitty psycho lies cannot see their ridiculous contradictions and so kill their internal contradictions by culling the living.Living out their sacred criminal dealings, imagining their killer god.

        These clowns were ordered to kill everyone in sight as victims until the money god told them to go gambling again in the timeless casinos of hell.

        Nice one w+d+w

        Comment by thestoker — January 21, 2012 @ 5:53 pm

  5. they’re on their way to Crema V. It’s quite clear in the context of the Auschwitz album what their fate is. You are adding fuel to the dilution of the memory of the Shoah.

    Comment by Alan — January 10, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    • They are walking north on the road that bisects the Birkenau camp from north to south. This is the road that Elie Wiesel and his father walked down when they barely escaped being thrown into a flaming pit. Halfway down this road is an intersection with another road that goes west to the road at the western end of the camp where the Sauna is located. Krema IV and Krema V have gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. They could be on their way to be gassed in a gas chamber disguised as a shower room or they could be headed to the Sauna to take a shower.

      The memory of the Shoah will remain until the end of the world. It is clear from the context of the Auschwitz Album that the SS liked to take photos of everything, including photos of the SS men and women on their days off. There is nothing in this photo that indicates the fate of the people in the photo.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 11, 2012 @ 6:21 am

      • I have walked up this road on a few occasions myself and I know the layout of Birkenau very well, and yes, this road leads towards the Sauna (and also Mexico and also to the SS buildings depending which way they turned), if they went to the Sauna, they may have had a shower and some food, perhaps delousing by inhalation?… and then sent off to a reservation to work for the Reich, with friendly Nazis who just want peace from the militant Jews of Europa. However, it more likely that they were gassed and burned. Your question about the fate of these people make me very sad and people like David Irving very elated. The Auschwitz album is clearly recording a PART of the extermination process (for personal candid records- not official documentation), would you only be satisfied the people were murdered if the photos also showed inside the gas chambers/crematoria? The actual gassing operation? the bodies inside the pit. Come on…I thought you were more logical/intelligent than this, I’m all for your skepticism, in fact I’m intrigued and motivated by it….but this is low. You attack the semantics, but forget about the overwhelming evidence. You are impassioned and not objective at all…thank you for your replies though.

        Comment by Alan — January 11, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

        • I have met David Irving and I have heard him speak. I did not get the impression that he was “elated” by the death of anyone.

          I have seen lots of photos of the inside of the gas chambers and I have taken photos of the gas chambers myself. I have seen one photo of people inside a gas chamber — as I recall, this photo was taken inside a gas van. I have not forgotten the “overwhelming evidence.” I have written about the evidence given at the trials many times. For example, this blog post about the evidence presented at the Nuremberg IMT which proved that there was a gas chamber at Dachau:

          As for me being “not objective at all,” I had to look up the meaning of objective in the online dictionary. I found that the word has several meanings including meaning #3 a. which I have copied and pasted below.

          a. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic.

          According to this definition, I consider myself to be “objective” because I am “uninfluenced by emotions and personal prejudices.”

          Check out this blog post about the Auschwitz gas chambers and tell me where you see any “emotions and personal prejudices.”

          Also check out the comments section. I don’t see how I could possibly have been more objective in discussing this subject.

          Comment by furtherglory — January 12, 2012 @ 6:49 am

          • I respectfully disagree, you ARE indeed completely influenced by emotions and personal prejudices…it is clear in many of your ramblings…the way, for instance, you claim that the movie Schindler’s list is a LIE LIE LIE…we’ll it’s a collage of dramatized events based on very true historical personal account and documented events, and yes, some events are fictionalized, but over-all the story is not a LIE LIE LIE….is it? This is but one example where YOU ARE NOT OBJECTIVE but passionately enraged. Another instance, you are upset that “Germans/Germany” are now made out to be an evil empire…and you don’t want modern day Germany to pay for the sins of their fathers. I have German friends, and work colleagues who are German. I have traveled to Germany and I invest in German companies and industry. And I am Jewish and had family that were destroyed in the Shoah. I’m impressed that modern Germany is now a symbol of freedom and democracy, completely reborn, but I hold Germany (and their collaborators) responsible for the Shoah and responsible for making reparations to the Jewish people until such time that the Jewish people are no longer demonized. The Nazis and more importantly the German people who voted for Hitler ARE responsible for his crimes by their silence and should be vilified and exposed for their complicity in his crimes. Modern day Germany does have a role to play in supporting the Jews, THEIR country helped to nearly completely destroy. Their legacy is to pay for the crimes by reversing the prejudices and discrimination. You agree that there were gas chambers, you agree that Muller was a Sonderkommando or that Nyiszli was their “doctor” at Birkanau and that people were forced, thousands at a time into homicidal gas chambers and their property looted… but because you can see people holding cans or small packages, that they were not about to be gassed? Think about it, of course the ramp staff would let packages filter through with the people. If the people were under the impression they were about to be killed they would resist. Your argument is invalid and inflammatory and again, your historical perspective is being tainted by your focus on minute and incomplete data and this is leading you question the story of the Shoah and provide ammunition to deniers. It’s so obvious. Stick to history. Stick to facts. Don’t discount the history because of inconsistency. By all means question the dogma and open discussion based on evidence, but be careful, you are undermining your own position and illegitimatizing your stance. I’m very disappointed because I used information from Scapbooks as part of my own education, something we should now question.

            Comment by Alan — January 12, 2012 @ 1:51 pm

            • sorry I meant “FICTION FICTION FICTION”….but the tone is the same and the context still says “emotional”

              your title should read, “SL; historical events, with some elements fictionalized for movie format”

              Comment by Alan — January 12, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

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