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February 7, 2012

Why is the main stream media ignoring this news? the Nikolaus (Miklós) Grüner libel suit

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The libel suit brought by Holocaust Survivor Nikolaus Grüner against a rabbi who accused him of “falsifying history” has been rejected by a court in Budapest, Hungary.  You can read about it here and here.

It ain’t over til it’s over, as Yogi Berra famously said.  This quote from the news article tells about the next step in this controversial case:

Despite the legal setback in Hungary, Grüner plans to travel to the United States this month to demand that American authorities extradite Wiesel to Hungary and to meet a lawyer representing Holocaust survivors.

Extradite Elie Wiesel?  I don’t think so. If Holocaust survivors are not safe in America, where are they safe?

If there is anyone out there who is not familiar with this case, here is the famous photo that allegedly shows Nikolaus Grüner and Elie Wiesel in a barrack in Buchenwald.  Nikolaus Grüner claims that he is the teenager in the lower left corner of the photo, but Elie Wiesel is not in the photo. Grüner claims that Elie Wiesel was never a prisoner at Buchenwald and that Wiesel stole the identity of another prisoner.

Elie Wiesel claims to be the man in the red circle

If you need to catch up on this story, there is a whole blog here which is devoted to explaining the story in detail. Check out this blog post which shows that Grüner has an Auschwitz tattoo, but Elie Wiesel apparently does not.  (Wiesel claims that he has a tattoo but won’t show it.)