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February 12, 2012

70 years after the Wannsee Conference, “Holocaust Obfuscation” threatens to replace Holocaust denial

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A group of political leaders in Europe have signed a Seventy Years Declaration in an attempt to defend the official history of World War II and to combat a new form of Holocaust denial, known as Holocaust Obfuscation.

Holocaust Obfuscation was defined by Dovid Katz in this quote from an article which he wrote:

… the term Holocaust Obfuscation is proposed as a cover term for a newly energized European movement to confuse, recombine or equalize phenomena that are empirically and conceptually unequal, in service of the effort to obscure, relativize, minimize or delete “the Holocaust as such” from European history and consciousness.

As defined in an article about the Seventy Years Declaration, Holocaust Obfuscation means to

Deflate Nazi crimes; inflate Soviet crimes; make their “equality” into a new sacrosanct principle for naive Westerners who like the sound of  “equality”;  redefine “genocide” by law to include just about any Soviet crime….

In other words, Holocaust Obfuscation is a new form of Holocaust denial: equating the Holocaust with crimes committed by the Soviet Union during World War II.  I previously blogged about the killing of the Jews in Lithuania here.  The photo below shows a Lithuanian man standing over the bodies of Jews that have just been killed.

Lithuanian man stands over the bodies of Jews who have been killed

As everyone knows, the Holocaust was planned at the Wannsee Conference, which was held on January 20, 1942.  The problem is that the photo above was taken in Lithuania 6 months before the Holocaust was planned.  Under Holocaust Obfuscation, this man is now considered a war criminal, on par with the Nazi criminals.

This quote is from the article on Holocaust Obfuscation, which you can read here:

Seventy is the biblical lifespan for latterday humans. And the number of years since Hitler’s Wannsee Conference made the Final Solution for European Jewry in January of 1942.  During the preceding six months, starting with the June 22nd 1941 Nazi attack on the Soviet Union, the Nazis saw how easy it was to find enthusiastic local killers in the Baltic and Ukraine regions among others.  Around a million Jews perished by bullets in that half-year in Eastern Europe, many voluntarily discharged by patriots from the local populations against their own neighbors of many centuries.

So the problem with the claim that the Holocaust was planned at the Wannsee Conference is that around a million Jews had already been shot on the Eastern front by the locals.  Now some Europeans want to obfuscate by pointing out that the Nazis weren’t the only ones who killed Jews during World War II.

After the Wannsee Conference, the Nazis set up three camps that were called the Aktion Reinhard camps: Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor.  Holocaust Believers say that these camps were pure extermination camps where Jews were gassed upon arrival; Holocaust deniers say that these camps were transit camps where the Jews took a shower before being sent into the territory that had been taken by the Germans from the Soviet Union in the previous six months.

Now we have to deal with Holocaust Obfuscation in which a new breed of Holocaust deniers say that the crimes, committed before the Aktion Reinhard camps were set up, are equal to the crimes committed by the Nazis.