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February 14, 2012

Holocaust survivor admits to “killing Nazis” at Dachau

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I was planning to take a day off from posting on my blog today, maybe going to the movies, taking a drive into the foothills, or going to the railroad museum.  But then I read in the news that Albert Rosa, a Greek Holocaust Survivor, will be speaking on Thursday to college students at Cal Poly, telling them about how he was the only one of his 70 family members to survive Auschwitz and a “death march” to Dachau where he was liberated by American troops in the last days of World War II.

This quote from the online San Luis Obispo Tribune made me very angry:

The Soviet Army moved into Poland. The retreating Germans forced the survivors at Auschwitz on a “death march” to Dachau in Bavaria. When Dachau was liberated by the Americans, Rosa joined them in “killing Nazis.” By then, he weighed only 80 pounds.

According to the article in the Tribune, Rosa kept silent for 55 years before he started to speak on the lecture circuit and brag about killing the German soldiers who were sent to Dachau to keep order while the camp was surrendered to the Americans.   (more…)