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March 4, 2012

Obama grovels before the Jews at AIPAC conference, but it wasn’t enough

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This morning, I listened to President’s Obama’s speech at the annual AIPAC conference.  He started off by mentioning that Dan Shapiro, our ambassador to Israel, is learning Hebrew, and lauding Shimon Peres, who was born in a shetetl in Poland.  Then he rattled off a list of things that “destroy freedom” including gas chambers.  Obama said “we share human values with Israel.”  He got a round of applause after he said that “our support for Israel is bi-partisan and that is the way it should stay.”

Then he spent about half of his speech defending his record of support for Israel.  He specifically said “I have kept my commitment to Israel.”  and “Israel’s security is sacrosanct.”  And finally, his best line:  “There should be no doubt that I have Israel’s back.”

Towards the end of his speech, Obama mentioned his “great uncle who liberated Buchenwald.”  That is not quite correct:  On my scrapbookpages website, I wrote here about Obama’s great uncle, Charles T. Payne, who was a member of Company K, 355th Infantry Regiment, 89th Infantry Division.  He was taken to see Ohrdruf, a sub-camp of Buchenwald, on June 6, 1945, two days after the first American soldiers arrived at the abandoned camp, so technically he cannot claim the honor of being a “liberator” of Ohrdruf, and certainly not a liberator of Buchenwald.  As anyone, who knows anything about the Holocaust knows, Buchenwald was “liberated” by the prisoners themselves at 3 p.m. on April 11, 1945, a couple of hours before any American soldiers arrived.   But I digress.

Shortly after Obama finished his speech, Naftali Bennet was interviewed on Fox News.  Bennet was not happy with Obama’s speech.  He wants Obama to take “decisive action” against Iran.  He wants “immediate paralyzing sanctions against Iran, not in June — now!”  Bennet pointed out that Israel bombed the nuclear facility in Syria several years ago and it has not been re-built.  Bennet wants a “plausible threat to Iran.”  He wants “sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank now!”

Obama said, in his speech: “I firmly believe in the opportunity for diplomacy.”  What the Jews want is military action against Iran, not diplomacy, as Naftali Bennet pointed out. This speech could cost Obama his re-election.  All of the Republican candidates for the nomination are “sabre rattling” except for Ron Paul, who has no chance of being the Republican candidate.