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March 16, 2012

Netanyahu equates America’s refusal to bomb Auschwitz with Obama’s reluctance to stop Iran’s nuclear program

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You can read the full text of Netanyahu’s speech before AIPAC on March 5, 2012 here.  My blog post today is about this part of his speech:

Some commentators would have you believe that stopping Iran from getting the bomb is more dangerous than letting Iran have the bomb.  They say that a military confrontation with Iran would undermine the efforts already underway; that it would be ineffective; and that it would provoke an even more vindictive response by Iran.

I’ve heard these arguments before.  In fact, I’ve read them before — In my desk, I have copies of an exchange of letters between the World Jewish Congress and the United States War Department.

Here are the letters:

The year was 1944.  The World Jewish Congress implored the American government to bomb Auschwitz.  The reply came five days later.  I want to read it to you.

Such an operation could be executed only by diverting considerable air support essential to the success of our forces elsewhere…

and in any case, it  would be of such doubtful efficacy that it would not warrant the use of our resources…

And, my friends, here’s the most remarkable sentence of all, and I quote:

Such an effort might provoke even more vindictive action by the Germans.

Think about that – “even more vindictive action” — than the Holocaust.

O.K. I have thought about it.  The Holocaust was a vindictive action?  I thought the Jews were completely innocent and the evil Nazis just killed them for no reason.  What did the Jews do to cause the Germans to be vindictive?

But I digress.  Let’s get to the part about bombing Auschwitz.  Bombing Auschwitz would not have stopped the killing of the Jews.  The gassing operation would have been diverted to other places that had gas chambers:  Dachau, Mauthausen, Sachsenhausen, Majdanek, Chelmno, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Natzweiler, Stutthof, Hartheim Castle, and (according to some survivors) Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen.

If all the gas chambers had been bombed, the Jews would have been killed by other means, such as shooting.  Auschwitz would have closed down and the Jews would have been shot in the countries where they lived, instead of transporting them to Auschwitz.  This would have been a more efficient way of killing the Jews and would have resulted in more deaths.

Bombing the Auschwitz gas chambers would have resulted in more deaths because, with only one bomb, America could have killed 2,000 Jews who were inside the gas chamber at the time that the bomb hit it. Besides that, there would have been other Jews, working in the nearby kitchen, that would have been killed if Krema II, the main gas chamber, had been bombed.  The Krema V gas chamber was near the clothing warehouses and a bomb would have killed the Jews who were sorting the clothes.


  1. Well, you have Barack Obama.

    And then, you have a Leader.

    Comment by Eager for Answers — March 18, 2012 @ 5:39 am

  2. Germany was bombed back to the Stone Age. The whole place was left a stinking corpse littered charnel ground and that ungrateful balding ex-furniture salesman Benjamin Netanyahu has the unmitigated gall to come here and wag his pudgy finger at America of not doing enough for Israel? Give me a break! There wouldn’t be an Israel if the United States wasn’t footing the bill for his exclusive ethnostate. Citizens are waking up slowly to the hooey they’ve been handed about our expensive little “friend” in the Middle East as they find their jobs, homes and savings evaporating into thin air. “Bibi” and his congressional bully boys better tone it down, or I’ll personally punch him in his outsized proboscis the next time he sets foot on American soil!

    Comment by who dares wings — March 16, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

  3. For that small proportion of Americans who do have a conscience, holocaust-belief is necessary for their own survival. How else can they possibly live with themselves? How else can they resist the moral urge to suicide that drives so many guilt-ridden Anmerican veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan today? The “greatest generation” can never morally excuse their own crimes any other way. They can only rationalize the mass murders that they committed, either directly or indirectly—by insisting that the Germans, or Japs, or other Axis allies were even worse than they were. For such pious and delusional creatures, holocaust-belief is anecessary for their own survival. Americans need the “holocaust.” And of course, the Jews are more than willing to give Americans all the holocaust-therapy possible because it also serves Jews and Israel. It is also so fabulously profitable as well. Anglo-American guilt is excused by holocaust propaganda and expiated with total commitment to support Israel, forever and ever. After meeting with President Obama in March 2012, Israel’s Prime minister Netanyahu displayed two historic documents from mid-1944—a Jewish organization’s letter asking the US to bomb Auschwitz, and a response from the US War Department explaining why it was opposed to that idea. The not so subtle message was that the US should have done so much more back then —which is all the more reason to attack Iran today. America’s guilt—including its “guilt for indifference to Jewish suffering”— is being carefully managed to bring on a new war with new atrocities. When will this madness end and how?

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — March 16, 2012 @ 1:18 pm

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