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March 29, 2012

Poisoned bread at Bergen-Belsen — the story told by Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr

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After I read the horror story of the Stanislawow Squeezing Massacre on this blog, I was prepared to award the prize for the best Holocaust lie to Robert Geminder who survived the massacre.  (3,000 Jews were allegedly killed when the German Gestapo surrounded them and squeezed them to death in the city cemetery of a Polish town on October 12, 1941.)

That was before I saw a video of a speech given by Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr here.  In her speech, Anita Schorr said that she was first sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto, which she called Terezin. She was sent from there to Auschwitz, and was then transferred to Hamburg, Germany to work in cleaning up the damage from the Allied bombing of the city.  She was 14 years old, but had lied about her age and said that she was 18 in order to avoid being gassed at Auschwitz.

After 7 months in Hamburg, Schorr was transferred to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  You can read about Bergen-Belsen here and about the liberation of the camp here.

At around 15:07 in the video, Schorr says that British soldiers came to liberate the Belsen camp on April 14, 1945 and the Jews “were asking for food.”  The British “looked around and found bread.”  But this was “poisoned bread,” according to Anita Schorr, who explained that “one slice of the bread had enough poison to kill a person.”  Anita said that everyone in the Belsen camp would have been killed (by the poisoned bread) if the British had arrived a day later.

Actually, the British did arrive a day later; as everyone knows, the British took over the Belsen camp on April 15, 1945 after several weeks of negotiations with the Germans.

Why am I awarding the prize for the biggest Holocaust lie to Anita Schorr instead of giving this honor to Robert Geminder? I am giving the prize to Anita Schorr because her lie is more egregious and more damaging to the German people.  Her lie promotes hatred while the amusing story told by Geminder is laughable and no intelligent person believes it.

Ignorant people might believe that the Germans poisoned the bread supply, during a typhus epidemic at Belsen, but the Jews were saved because the British arrived a day early, before the camp was voluntarily turned over to them to them by the Germans.  That’s why Anita Schorr gets the prize for the biggest Holocaust lie ever told.


  1. Well, My Grandmother who was a survivor had a different story, she told us that the Germans did distribute bread in the days just prior to the liberation. She did not eat the bread, but many who did died. My grandmother believed the bread was in fact poisoned. Her account (and to a lesser extent Schorr’s) acocunt is somewhat plausible, although some of the facts are off. Here is why its not a big lie, but more confusion:

    For one thing almost 25% of all the Prisoners who were alive at the time of the liberation died, while the conditions of the camp were horrible and likely deteriorated in the final days, this is an extraordinary number. Moreover, it is a fact (you can look it up the British noted it during the liberation) that the German’s polluted the water supply, something the British had to fix in the days following the liberation. So while you may have found an inconsistency in Schorr’s account, given the survivors were starved and diseased, its not a stretch to see certain facts that may not work.

    I will say this my Grandmother did not know of Schorr’s account when she told us about the poison bread. Her account is different. My grandmother credits her survival on getting enough nutrition form sucking on a bone, specifically the bone marrow. My grandmother, a mother of two (who were murdered) weighed 25KG at the time.

    I find your zeal for the truth to be a bit defensive and to feed the deniers.

    As for the other deniers who have commented, your a bunch of morons (and that’s putting it lightly). The Allies did recover documentation at the Wansee conference, the final solutions documents were quite detailed and accurate regarding the number of Jews living in Europe. After the war about 6 million of them were missing. Where did they go, Disneyland. Sorry that didn’t open till 1955 and FDR closed the immigration routes so no USA. Sorry but China was a little far.

    Sure your find a nit here or there, bottom line there were real bodies and they were murdered by Germans. Sorry you don’t ever forget, and its hard to forgive, especially when morons like you who likely were not even alive during the war are out there spilling this junk.

    As a grandchild of a survivor, I don’t have much problem with the German people today (that is except people like you). I think the nation has handled itself well post WWII, given the barbarism it engaged in only 70 years ago. I also think Germany is getting completely hosed by the EU today. German workers did their part in absorbing East Germany, and now they are being told to absorb the debts of Italy, Greece, Cypruss, Ireland and Portugal. There are barely 50,000 Jews living in all those countries combined, yet people like you will probably blame the Jews for all that too, as the people in Greece Cypruss etc… will blame the Jews for not getting enough.

    History repeats itself once again. Thankfully most Jews have left the European continent, and helped America become a powerhouse. In the mean time you have a massive influxation of Islamists who have no interest in assimilated what so ever, rather they want you to assimilate to Sharia Law…so while you have 1.5 kids per couple, while your natural populations continue to shrink as you abort your own, good luck….one day one of you might ask yourself, if it might have been better if we kept our Jews. As we say you lay in the bed you make!

    Comment by NeverAGAIN! — May 9, 2013 @ 1:27 pm

    • You wrote: “it is a fact (you can look it up the British noted it during the liberation) that the German’s polluted the water supply, something the British had to fix in the days following the liberation.”

      That is not correct. You can read the true story on this website:

      Begin Quote:
      The next day, April 12, 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt died and Himmler had renewed hopes of negotiating a surrender to the Americans and British. It was within this context that Himmler began negotiations to voluntarily turn the Bergen-Belsen camp over to the British in early April of 1945.

      Two German officers were sent to a British outpost to explain that there were 9,000 sick prisoners in the camp and there was no water after the electric pump had been hit by an Allied bomb. The German’s proposed that the British Army should occupy the camp immediately to keep the epidemics in the camp from spreading to the troops on both sides. In Return, the German’s offered to surrender the bridges over the river Aller. At first the British rejected the German proposals, saying it was necessary that the British should occupy an area of 10 kilometers around the camp to be sure of keeping their troops away from the epidemics, but eventually a compromise was reached and the British agreed. On April 15, 1945, Bergen-Belsen was surrendered to British Army officer Derrick Sington, who later wrote about it in a small book called “Belsen Uncovered” which was published by Duckworth, London in 1946.
      End Quote

      You wrote: “The Allies did recover documentation at the Wansee conference, the final solutions documents were quite detailed and accurate regarding the number of Jews living in Europe. After the war about 6 million of them were missing.”

      The Allies did NOT recover documentation on the Wansee conference. In 1947, the minutes of a conference held on January 20, 1942 at Wannsee were found. This was an unsigned copy which might have been a forgery.

      This quote is from the copy that was found in 1947:
      Begin Quote:
      The following quote is from Article III of the minutes of the Wannsee conference:

      Another possible solution of the problem has now taken the place of emigration, i.e. the evacuation of the Jews to the East, provided that the Führer gives the appropriate approval in advance.

      These actions are, however, only to be considered provisional, but practical experience is already being collected which is of the greatest importance in relation to the future final solution of the Jewish question.

      Approximately 11 million Jews will be involved in the final solution of the European Jewish question, distributed as follows among the individual countries:

      Country – Number

      A. Germany proper 131,800
      Austria 43,700
      Eastern territories 420,000
      General Government 2,284,000
      Bialystok 400,000
      Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia 74,200
      Estonia – free of Jews –
      Latvia 3,500
      Lithuania 34,000
      Belgium 43,000
      Denmark 5,600
      France / occupied territory 165,000
      unoccupied territory 700,000
      Greece 69,600
      Netherlands 160,800
      Norway 1,300

      B. Bulgaria 48,000
      England 330,000
      Finland 2,300
      Ireland 4,000
      Italy including Sardinia 58,000
      Albania 200
      Croatia 40,000
      Portugal 3,000
      Rumania including Bessarabia 342,000
      Sweden 8,000
      Switzerland 18,000
      Serbia 10,000
      Slovakia 88,000
      Spain 6,000
      Turkey (European portion) 55,500
      Hungary 742,800
      USSR 5,000,00

      Ukraine 2,994,684
      White Russia
      excluding Bialystok 446,484

      Total over 11,000,000
      End Quote

      As for 6 million Jews being missing, the Census records do not show this.
      This quote is from

      Begin Quote:
      World Jew Population per World Almanac
      1938 pg 510 – 15,748,091
      1939 American Jewish Committee – 15,600,000
      1940 pg 129 – 15,319,359
      1947 pg 748 – 15,690,000
      1949 pg 289 – 15,713,638
      End Quote

      Note that 5 million of the 11 million Jews in Europe were in the USSR (Russia) where the Germans could not get at them. That leaves only 6 million Jews in Europe available for killing. That means that there could not have been any survivors if 6 million Jews died.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 9, 2013 @ 4:54 pm

      • I don’t have time to respond to every point. You are selectively referencing one version of the Bergen-Belsen liberation, and representing such as fact. The Story about the bread, checks out because my grandmother relayed a similar story, my grandmother during her life was not a public figure, she did not do interviews or speak in public… having lost two sons and scores of her family, somethings are too hard to talk about. In fact when we signed her up to receive the German Pension for survivors, she didn’t want it she wanted nothing to do with anything (we later convinced her as she and my grandfather were far from wealthy; that happens when after the Holocaust you are imprisoned by Communists, whereby leaving the prison meant leaving with only the clothing on your back).

        While we can tit-for-tat on many things, you cannot deny what is documented (there are plenty of pictures 14,000 bodies were burried, 14,000 more died after the liberation) the other thing you cannot deny is how math works and basic population changes. You cited, and I have not verified, that a Jewish organization represented that in 38′ and 39′ there were approximately 15.9 Million Jews and in 47′ roughly the same amount.

        I understand Jew hating can unhinge many people, but you cannot deny the rules of simple arithmetic…. well actually…. Let me go on a tangent, did you know Einstein’s science (you that whole theory of Relativity stuff) was considered to be “Jewish Science” routed in Talmudic study… Imagine where Hitler could have been if he wasn’t so hung up on his Master Race Dreams….I mean this Jewish patent clerk out thinking his master race scientists….Of course in Hitler’s last words he blamed WWII on the Jews. Sadly I would not doubt that 1/3 of Germany probably believed him.

        So Let me get to my point. Using your (not verified by me) Jewish population data you represent a Jewish Population of 15.7 million. Currently the world population grows at 1.2% overall (Its hard to splice this up as I would have to dig for more data, but considering this is a modern rate I thought it was a good start). However, I am going to shrink that number a lot, while there is support that in some corner Jewish population grow faster than the average (certainly the religious). On the other hand, in the United States, Jews are in general prosperous (e.g. our mother’s want us to be educated) and thus we have populated slower (typical for more prosperous people; not just a Jewish thing). Also in the US there have been a significant number of mixed marriage (particularly in the US), which over time can reduce the number of people considering themselves Jewish…So I am going to use a population growth of .008 or 8/10 of 1%, 2/3 of the world’s current population growth.

        Now I don’t know your level of math, and based on the information you regurgitated, I can only assume you are willfully blind, mathematically challenged or both. So let me apply math equations, which I can assure you pre-date Einstein’s Jewish Science (don’t want you questioning me here).

        If there were 15.75 million Jews in 1938, in 2011 there would be 37.3 million Jews on the Planet. Here is the formula…now pay attention: 15,750,000 * (1.008) ^73 = 28,177,302

        Now If we assume there were mild atrocities and a reduced birth rate during the war (which absent extermination camps would otherwise be a reasonable conclusion), then if we assumed 15.69 million Jews living in 1947, then in 2011 the Population would be 33.7 million Jews. 15,690,000 * (1.008) ^64 = 26,127,448

        So I ask where did all those 12 million Jews go? Did they take a trip to Mars, colonize the moon. Perhaps they are living in jungles in South America. Perhaps they fled to the North Pole, and Santa Clause’s Elves needed some helps making those toys, I mean there is a high demand for toys on Christmas, maybe they also were used to hide those Easter Eggs…. OR PERHAPS THEY WERE MURDERED!

        Lets take your 15.6 million number, lets assume that in 1947 number lets assume that this was actually published…now if you had a fully functional critical brain you would think… ok, lets check this out; highly suspect!. Is it possible that these numbers were just computations based on pre-war statistics?

        This reminds me of the Global Warming so called scientists at NASA who published a report that in 2008 Siberia had the “warmest October” in the history. Unfortunately these committed know-nothings never bothered to look at a current whether reports, nor scutinize (or scrub) the data; ….well as it turned out the weather station data was reporting identical data from September. Sadly because no one at NASA ever bothered to do a sanity check with the data, they embarassed themselves. Why…becauase they got the result they wanted! Let me assure you if this situation was reversed (e.g. colder temperatures because April was being reported using March readings) they would have caught it in three seconds.

        Kind of like you!

        So lets finish our math exercise lets assume the 15,690,000 number you provided, lets assume the World Almanac and the Jewish organization you sited had not yet fully evaluated the effects of the Holocaust yet and was just using population growth statistics available during the war (without any regard to a census). Now lets take their number and subtract 6 million. So in 1947, there would be 9,690,000, assuming the 0.8% population growth that brings us to 16.1 million.

        Now lets assume the 1949 data number of 15,713,638, using the same factors we get 15.9 million in 2011.

        Wow this is amazing the numbers work out pretty closely to the actual population of Jews today 16 million versus 14-16 million).

        To assume your numbers are right…. Jewish population growth would have to be -.0002 0r -.2% SINCE 1947!. Considering Jews live in western countries this is, well not likely as the life expectancy of Jewish people have been consistent with other people living. ….And if that doesn’t convince you, just take a walk in Boro Park.

        Now I realize nothing I wrote will likely make much difference to you. You are lost in your hate. You will want to deny this, because this is what you are taught. You are going to look up something about this, hopefully find it, regurgitate it and it will be sily regardless of how ridiculous.

        Hopefully this will be more convincing, and thus help you better evaluate your authorities, or how you choose to use them (very easy to take something that is perfectly legitimate to further an overall argument that isn’t; politicians and media hacks do it all the time)…. Never-the-less once you come to grips with the math, its pretty easy to determine who ever is feeding you this nonsense has no grasp of reality.


        Comment by NeverAGAIN! — May 10, 2013 @ 7:44 am

        • Note one edit, there was a mistake where I used 1.2% growth originally e.g. where I wrote 37.3 million Jews vs. the formula which indicated 28.1 million. Not material to the point.

          Comment by NeverAGAIN! — May 10, 2013 @ 7:47 am

  2. The lies that have been told in the past about how the Germans tortured the Jews during the holocaust have contributed to some negative consequences. These lies not only promote hatred but they also slow down the healing process for the Jews.

    Comment by Bergen — March 30, 2012 @ 2:10 pm

    • What healing process for the Jews? The Jewish slogan is “Never forget, never forgive.” They see this as necessary for their other slogan “Never Again.” The Jewish leadership doesn’t want any healing process to take place in Jews, and I don’t see even a single effort made in that direction. They just want the Germans and others to keep paying. Beyond that, they want to continue to extort and blackmail the entire world through their financial stranglehold. (And just think, the U.S. government supports them in this because the U.S. government is also Jewish!)

      Jews have throughout their entire history seen every non-Jew as “the enemy” or at least as “the outsider.” That’s why the European world (which the Jews invaded) see them that way … it begins in the Jew, not in the European Christian. Look at Herb Stolpmann who comments here: He is a Jew who runs a website that continues to harp on the “holocaust of Jews”, spreads false stories about what happened, and has no interest in any healing of the sick Jewish mind. Yes, it is the Jews who are sick, you are right about that. But until they recognize it, they cannot be healed.

      Comment by Sceptic — March 31, 2012 @ 7:52 am

  3. Could you give me some more information about your blog? I have read through a few posts and have been unable to tell if you are denying that the Holocaust happened at all, or if you are merely exposing untruths and misinformation.

    Comment by sas103 — March 29, 2012 @ 11:31 pm

    • I am not denying that the Holocaust happened. I am exposing untruths and misinformation. For example, the bread for the prisoners at Bergen-Belsen was baked in the kitchens of the SS garrison that was next door to the camp. The prisoners were eating the same bread as the SS soldiers, but in the last days of the war, the amount of bread given to the prisoners was decreased because supplies were running low and the SS was given priority over the prisoners. The Belsen camp was voluntarily turned over to the British and they arrived on April 15, 1945, as thousands of witnesses could testify. The SS garrison was also turned over to the British and as of 200l, the last time I was there, the British were still occupying the SS garrison.

      I am not denying that there was a camp at Bergen-Belsen, nor that Jews were sent there, nor that Jews died there.

      Comment by furtherglory — March 30, 2012 @ 7:00 am

      • Okay, very interesting! I continued reading a few more posts after I wrote this that made your mission a little more clear, but thanks for taking the time to respond. Definitely a thought provoking blog! 🙂

        Comment by sas103 — March 30, 2012 @ 9:47 am

        • My blog post today is about a Holocaust survivor giving a talk and apparently leaving out the important information that his family was sent to an “exchange camp” to be exchanged for German POWs and for German civilians being held in “internment camps” and prisons in America and Great Britain. The reporter who wrote this story referred to Bergen-Belsen as a “death camp,” without explaining that the prisoners died in a typhus epidemic. The reporter did not tell about the “horror” experienced by the German people in the last days of the war when they were forced to abandon their homes to escape the Russians. No, all we ever hear or read about is the suffering of the Jews. Enough already!

          Comment by furtherglory — March 30, 2012 @ 10:57 am

  4. Rat woman.

    “The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing.”
    – Goebbels, 1934

    1946: 1,900 German POWs held near Nuremberg poisoned with arsenic laced bread

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — March 29, 2012 @ 4:52 pm

    • I wrote about the poisoned bread at Nuremberg on my blog at

      Here is a quote from that blog post:

      “The reason that the name of Anton Schmidt came up during the Eichmann trial was that Abba Kovner had first heard the name Eichmann from Schmidt, who told him that it was Eichmann who “arranges everything.”

      The reason that I know the name Abba Kovner so well is because he is the Jew who hatched the plot to get revenge on the Germans by poisoning the water supply of the city of Nuremberg. Plan A, the plan to poison the water supply could not be carried out because the Jews could not acquire enough poison without causing suspicion. So Plan B was put into effect. Plan B was the plan to poison the bread of the German SS men who were imprisoned in Stalag 13 in the city of Nuremberg, and in four other cities. That plan succeeded in Nuremberg and thousands of Germans are believed to have died from eating the poisoned bread at Stalag 13.

      The New York Times reported on April 24, 1946 that 2,238 men had been poisoned but that none of them had died from the arsenic that was put into their bread. The American Army kept the number of deaths secret, just as they kept the Dachau massacre a secret for years.

      This happened while the Nuremberg IMT was in progress. It became known that this crime had been committed by the Jewish organization known as Nokmim (Avengers). Were any of them ever put on trial for poisoning German POWs? Of course not! Only the Germans are war criminals. The Avengers are heroes. The only German heroes are men like Anton Schmidt, a soldier who was a traitor to his country.”

      Comment by furtherglory — March 29, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

        Anton Schmid was a German sergeant (feldwebel) who, during World War II in Vilnius, Lithuania, was executed by his superiors for helping 250 Jewish men, women, and children escape from extermination by the SS. He did this by hiding them, supplying them with false ID papers and helping them escape. Drafted into the German army after the Anschluss of 1938, Schmid found himself stationed near Vilnius in the autumn of 1941. The Germans had entered Lithuania shortly before. As a sergeant of the Wehrmacht, he witnessed the herding of Jews into two ghettos and the shooting of thousands of them in nearby Ponary. In a letter to his wife, Stefi, Schmid described his horror at the sight of mass murder and of children being beaten on the way. He went on: “You know how it is with my soft heart. I could not think and had to help them.”
        His last words in a letter to his family:
        „Ich habe nur als Mensch gehandelt und wollte ja niemandem weh tun.“
        (“I have only acted as a human and I did not want to hurt anyone.”)
        When his conviction became known in Vienna, several neighbours talked snidely to Mrs Schmid about the „Landesverräter“ (Traitor of his Country). Someone smashed one of her house’s window panes.
        The post-war Federal Republic of Germany renamed a military base in Rendsburg “Feldwebel-Schmid-Kaserne” in honor for his courage. In Haifa, Israel, the entry to town from the southern freeway is named “Anton Schmid Circus” in his honour.

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — March 30, 2012 @ 12:23 am

        • Thanks for that story of courage and humanity in the midst of evil. I am glad his acts were commemorated. And the real traitors to their country, as well as to God, were the Nazis.

          Comment by Christoph DeHaven — January 16, 2014 @ 5:21 am

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